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Guild 01's Aero Porter Is Landing On The 3DS eShop This Month

Posted by Orla Madden

Ever wanted to run your own airport?

Following on from the interview snippets from Level-5 earlier today, the company has announced that the next Guild 01 title - Aero Porter - will being flying west onto the 3DS eShop this month - November 29th, to be precise. Better yet, North America and Europe will be getting it on the exact same day, priced at $4.99 USD and €4.99 / ₤4.49 respectively.

Aero Porter is the brainchild of famed game designer Yoot Saito, whose previous works include Seaman and Odama. The game sees players managing the busy day-to-day operations of a bustling airport through gameplay that includes clever puzzle elements and simulation challenges.

Let us know if this is on your list of eShop games to buy this year!

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photofool83 said:

Great news!! I plan on buying this day one. (This is the one I was most excited for.)



Freelance said:

Too bad most people probably wouldn't buy this, so the SP feature won't be put to much use. I'd like to get custom planes from people.

I'll get ASAP.



DrKarl said:

Yoot Saito also did Sim Tower.

I really liked Seaman, though I didn't take good enough care of him, and he died. So sad. I will never forget when Seaman asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said yes. He then asked me if she was in the room. I answered honestly that yes she was. He then said something to the effect of "Nevermind then". Boy did that ever get my girlfriend going. She kept asking me what he meant, and why didn't I lie. All I could say was "How should I know," and "The instructions said never to lie to Seaman." Good times.

I have Odama, but never got very good at it. I will have to fire it up again one of these days. What a crazy concept!



daznsaz said:

i might get it,but will get crimson shroud as soon as it comes out next month.



Squashie said:

Was a big fan of Liberation Maiden. Will most certainly be picking this one up!



Freelance said:

I never liked SimTower. I mean I liked the concept and all that (basically SimCity in a tower), but I could -never- understand how the elevators worked. I always ended up with angry patrons all the time so I gave up. Love SimCity though.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Aero Porter is the brainchild of famed game designer Yoot Saito, whose previous works include Seaman

Seaman is great. In fact I have Seaman in my pocket right now.



HaastMK7 said:

Well as long as the game is
~And has good visuals

I am all up for it

(Liberation maiden was a excellent game, and i am sure this will be no different)



wuuds said:

Day one for me too. Yoot Saito is quirky, awesome and unpredictable as a designer so I'll support him



RR529 said:

Not a big puzzle fan (I'll even be skipping Crashmo), but I suppose a glowing review could possibly change my mind



LittleIrves said:

The price is right! Will give this a shot, then. Especially since one time, Mr. Saito replied directly to a tweet where I mentioned him. You have my five dollars, sir. (Or your 2.70, or whatever the cut is.)



Tsuchinoko said:

Two things to say about this game. It doesn't use the 3D feature of the 3DS, and it is frustratingly hard. I rage-quit so many times...



Tsuchinoko said:

@Orla Actually, you don't manage an airport. While the designing airplane thing is an extra that is mainly used as the spotpass feature of the game, the actual game itself is a puzzle where you control the luggage conveyer belts and direct different colors of luggage to different planes.



wuuds said:

@Tsuchinoko You've played it. So let me ask. Is it fun? I mean it's not really a sim is it? More like an 'airport-themed puzzler.'
Same way Tetris would only be a 'Star Wars-themed puzzler' if you stacked Ewoks on top of each other and not blocks. At its core it would still be a puzzler.. not a sim



Tsuchinoko said:

@wuuds I have the retail release of Guild01. No, its not a sim at all, very far from it. The entire game takes place on a single screen, in the winding bowels of the airport luggage conveyer belts. You use the shoulder buttons to drop or raise the luggage that is being dropped from above and release the bags of different colors onto the matching airplanes. That's all the game is. Its actually very simple, but by the 3rd or 4th level, it gets quite chaotic and at certain points nearly unbeatable. One thing about the game I find frustrating is that you also have to fight against the draining power gauge, and if the power goes out the belts move really slow since I guess they're then running on a generator, or back-up power or something. You have to keep playing the level over again hoping that the right things happen so that you can finish the level in the time limit (you have to raise enough money to move on, which I guess is from getting their luggage on the right plane). Other than that, if you keep failing the level (which will happen, a lot) you have to hope that a power cell drops on to the conveyer belt (which I don't understand the logic of) so that you can direct it to the right area so that the system can run at full power. The game just throws so many things out at the player it stops being realistic very quickly. There's even these huge boulder shaped bags that can block the entire system. I highly doubt that happens in a real airport.

Yeah, its a "puzzler" game. Not sure who gave info that this was an airport sim.



wuuds said:

@Tsuchinoko Thanks for the detailed info!
Now I want to play this even more. Puzzlers are fun and suck you in for some reason and to be honest the absurdity of it all being in an airport somehow appeals to me.
The way you use the shoulder buttons makes it sound almost like pinball in a way.
It'd be cool if there really was a guy sitting in a little room who had to control all the luggage like this

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