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Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule Warriors, or is Local Multiplayer Enough?

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not all Dynasty Warrior features make it in the Zelda crossover

There's a lot of buzz around Hyrule Warriors right now, which is only being emphasized with Koei Tecmo and Nintendo's efforts to hype up the Japanese gaming public into a frenzy ahead of its 14th August release in the country. It's working out nicely for both companies, as much of that Japanese marketing material has been localised for a lengthy build-up ahead of the September releases in the West, while a special Nintendo Direct from NoA is rapidly approaching. It's absolutely everywhere, through consistent official updates and some captured footage emerging of the Japanese version.

While much has been revealed, in terms of characters and the usual rapidly expanding range of DLC in the form of outfits — which are likely to feature in the upcoming Direct broadcast — some aspects have been less clear. This week a bit of negative news emerged that Hyrule Warriors will only support local co-op, not online; we'd already known about the local option, in that it was shown off that one players uses the TV while another utilises the GamePad screen. It's a neat feature, though time will tell whether the already modest framerate — at least from our experience with the game to date — suffers in this mode. Online content is expected through Miiverse and possibly some special battle options, but there's some consternation that friends can't hook up online and play through the campaign together.

It's only fair to Koei Tecmo and Nintendo to state at this point that, as far as we're aware, online co-op was never promised, or directly suggested. There may have been some optimistic speculation and guesswork that made it seem like it would be included, though, and the main kicker is that Dynasty Warriors 8 — including the original last-gen version in 2013 — did have online co-op. It's only natural that fans don't like to see a feature like that taken away; it's a step back.

The question is, will online co-op be missed in Hyrule Warriors? One perspective is that it won't, as the frantic battlefield fighting won't work well in a small team without guaranteed communication — along the lines of "you get that enemy Captain by Hyrule Castle, I'll get the other one" — which, naturally, is there in local play. The other perspective is that it will be missed, and that the Wii U has a perfect communication system right in the box; as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate aficionados know, the GamePad is a perfectly competent option for voice chat in online co-op. We don't know whether online co-op was left out as a design choice or, far more likely, to save time and money, but we can determine whether it bothers us, as Wii U owners.

It's a bit of a norm for Wii U gamers to miss out on some online features in multi-platform ports, whether it's entire online modes or DLC. This is a Nintendo-published game, though, so it begs the question of whether we should be receiving a title that actually takes a step back in its franchise, albeit this is a crossover release.

We want to know what you think and also gauge which sort of multiplayer you would prefer, if you could choose, in games like Hyrule Warriors — let us know in the polls below and sound off in the comments.

Are you disappointed by the absence of online co-op in Hyrule Warriors? (568 votes)

Not at all, I was never interested in it anyway


Only a little, but I'm not that bothered by it


I'm not sure yet


I'm quite disappointed, but still want the game


I'm very disappointed, and it spoils the game for me


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Given one choice which would you prefer, local co-op or online co-op in Hyrule Warriors? (553 votes)

Local co-op all the way


I'd like both, but I'd lean towards local-co-op


I can't choose


Both in a perfect world, but I'd opt for online-co-op


Online co-op every time


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Has the absence of online co-op in the campaign affected your purchase choice for Hyrule Warriors? (556 votes)

Absolutely not!


I'm a bit disappointed but no, I'm still getting the game


I haven't decided yet


Potentially, but I think I'll still get it


Absolutely, it was a deal breaker for me - no sale from me now


I was never going to buy Hyrule Warriors anyway


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Kewlan said:

I was at ultimate hype before online was "announced", so it doesn't matter to me.



DefHalan said:

I don't think I would take advantage of the online Co-op anyways. If I was going to play online with friends it would be Smash lol



sinalefa said:

I am one of those freaks who has friends to play offline co op, so I am not bothered. For this one it should be easier since it is Zelda.



Tsurii said:

Everyone, who is "very disappointed and won't get the game" should read the 3rd question again > abscence of coop in the campaign. We don't know anything about the other modes yet and I'm certain, that there will be online coop in one of them. In the end it's just different missions you will play with a friend



BigH88 said:

The only games I care about for online is Mario Kart and Smash. So no, not a major miss.



Dark-Luigi said:

I'm pretty bummed that it happened. But it's not the end if the world, I suppose. I'll just get it anyway.



Daruncic said:

With the Wii and DS online servers going offline recently, I realize just how bat it will be for online only games a decade down the road. Local couch coop is forever, however.



TheMentalNomad said:

Online co-op is a huge miss for ANYTHING that has multiplayer like this, but we should all be pretty used to Nintendo neglecting this stuff, for the post part. Maybe some day.



IxC said:

It does have an online mode though. Might not be coop but it has something. Maybe it's versus.

I hope they announce loads of villians playable in the Direct, then the online mode could be heroes vs villians.

Plus, there were stories circulating recently that said it did have online coop. Nobody seems to know. This is the Bayonetta/Bayonetta 2 fiasco all over again.



Yurikun said:

I have only played Dynasty Warriors local Co-op I never knew it was online ever.



Phantom_R said:

Nintendo has definitely gotten carried away with local-only co-op. Most people can't do local, and have distant friends they want to spend time with--what about all of them?



sinalefa said:

So should we add here another big disclaimer: Nintendo is not to blame for this, as the game is being made by third parties, and Nintendo lets them work to do their game however they want?



Gen0neD said:

It must have been a miss. You guys had to write up another article based solely upon the backlash of the original article. And for me, yes. It was a miss. A BIG ONE.



Yoshi said:

Not a miss at all! Local multiplayer is far more superior and lasts longer as well! I'm happy the priority was placed on local instead of online unlike other developers. However, it has been hinted that there will be some form of online functionality. I wonder what it is.



JSaario said:

Really... Online co-op was such an incredible dire thing for people that its now ruined the hole game for them? Ok that tears it you people are absolute morons This past year has been complete hell having to put up with you lot. From Idiotic not justified hate and complaints to Absolute whinny and fighting it at every turn you seriously have ruined this incredible crossover celebration game for Me and im sure for many other people.



JSaario said:

@Savino why don't you actually look at all the content that has been showed before thinking you can judge and run your mouth off!?



0utburst said:

I will get this game for half the price or if Nintendo offer to give WWHD for free if you purchase it within a month at launch. I'm hoping the Direct will change my mind and convince me to buy it regardless.

While it is really a missed opportunity of not including online coop on Hyrule Warriors, you have to understand that it will take more time to develop such feature for a game designed to be a local co-op in the first place. It could have been delayed until next year. Anyway, I facepalmed on those people who thought Super Mario 3D World would have worked with online coop (lengthy explanation so don't ask).



ikki5 said:

Yeah it is a Major miss, as is many of Nintendos Decisions to not have games not online multiplayer. I remember when they first announced the WIi U and they talked about the online capabilities that the Wii U could have and yet... Nintendo just doesn't do anything for on line. Like come on. There were many titles that could have been great with online such as Wii U party, Nintendo Land, Pikmin and yet, they went local multiplayer only which is the one of the dumbest things you can do now in this day and age. Yeah, local multiplayer is great, but so is online multiplayer.



MightyKrypto said:

yeah, major deal breaker for me! I mean seriously, local multiplayer ONLY?!? Get with the times too, Tecmo!!! I hate to draw comparison to Sony or Microsoft... but at least they've got the online-aspect down to a tee... So why can't Nintendo...?



HylianJowi said:

I can't shake the feeling this game is going to be a major disappointment for people who haven't played the Warriors series before. Online multiplayer would have been a wonderful addition to a game like this — though considering Nintendo's woefully limited options for players to communicate with each other while playing online, it makes sense that it's excluded.



JSaario said:

@ikki5 Maybe they barely do much for online because not everone has the mind set annoying shoving multiplayer in every single new game now a days. In a game like this co-op really wont matter in the long.



rjejr said:

I think at this point I'm less bothered by the lack of online co-op then by the NOT KNOWING.

This game releases in 12 TWELVE days in Japan, but we don't know if it has online co-op yet? Or online vs? Or online co-op challenges and missions like W101 had offline, same for MHTri on Wii. 12 days until launch and we don't know? That's playing it a little to close to the vest, even for Nintendo. Just issue a clear and concise statement on Twitter already. geesh

Edit: - Oh, and I dont see how a game geared towards 1 vs 100 battles can have a vs mode, these fighters aren't meant to fight that way. I know there are 1 on 1 or 1 on 3 boss battles thruought the game but 1 vs 1 w/ characters made for fighting the masses seems too odd.



erv said:

Online is more important than most aspects to me. A game like this really benefits from an online component.

But this is nintendo - usually late but when they get there, quite right.

I don't like their excruciating slowness, though:)



Rin-go said:

Was a poll like this really necessary? Especially before we get to know more about the actual online features?

Not everything has to have online multiplayer. I guess there are enough games out there with online multiplayer which is hardly used, because it's not worthwhile or because it doesn't work the way it should.
And just because a game doesn't have online multiplayer doesn't mean it wasn't experimented with. If it isn't what the developers had in mind, then I prefer no online multiplayer to having a tagged on multiplayer just because it's 2014, which no one uses and which takes away resources.



Kentox said:

Is there an online way, o think a gosth Share score or something like Mario kart.



DiscoGentleman said:

You don't really play with the other person that actively in co-op, you don't have to collaborate with them really, so I'm fine with local co-op (the fiancé and I are gonna tear it up!), but having online would've been nice.



Alucard83 said:

I don't think Nintendo wants to pay for a server. They might have less faith in this game. They did add the online part with Mario Kart however. Nintendo please move forward with your time. Online Co-op is not a luxury these days but as standard option. But i will still get this game. However i would've loved to play online with people this game going through the mission map together



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'm confused, Do we even know what the actual online consists of yet? I mean I'm reading in different places that there will be online of some sort, but it could end up being competitive or some as-yet-unannounced co-op adventure mode.

Anyway, the lack of online co-op for the story mode doesnt bother me at all. I dont really play many games online besides MarioKart8 and I play a ton of local co-op whenever games actually have it as a feature....which is to say once in a blue moon.



LtAldoRaine said:

I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm still getting it. The problem for me is that I can't have my friends over all the time. I have some friends I met online that can frequently play with me, but I can't because the games don't have online. I really wish I could play Super Mario 3D World and Rayman Legends with friends online.



dinosauryoshi said:

I never use online co-op anyway so local is fine with me. Still undecided on this game as a whole though although it's definitely looking promising. Will be waiting for reviews.



Refurin said:

Online gaming has never been my thing. I'd go so far as to say i hate it since it seems to keep developers from doing local. I'd much rather game with people in the same room than far away. The only way I can be more hyped about buying this game is if NOA announces a US release of the scarf.



FragRed said:

I don't care for online multiplayer or co-op. I always like it when offline, like the good old days of the NES, SNES and N64. I prefer having my friends and/or family around to play the game on the same screen.



Yosher said:

The only reason I'm disappointed over this is because I don't really know many people irl to play this locally with. I have several friends I know online whom I frequently play games with, such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Resident Evil, and I was hoping we could add Hyrule Warriors to the list.

But oh well, no co-op for me then. I'll have to play this game solo and solo only. Sigh.



C-Olimar said:

78% of people in this poll are going to be really sad when they buy their first terrible Zelda game this September.



LasermasterA said:

Hmmm. To be honest, inclusion of the Zelda elements makes this game seem even more exciting to me than the Dynasty Warriors game in terms of gameplay I love some fantasy elements in games. Although it won't have the history, I am so hyped for this!

And I won't be disappointed. Anyway the only game I intend to play online is Mario Kart 8 and my second copy of Monster Hunter Ultimate, this time on Wii U, so this doesn't matter much.



1wiierdguy said:

I'm not disappointed as never expected it to have online anyway. Who gets a Nintendo game expecting online features to be fully realized? The second reason I'm not disappointed is I'm not getting this game anyways. I've tried some of these games and they're boring as hell. No Zelda coat of paint is going to magically transform that!



SkywardLink98 said:

Ideally we'd have both. I like online for the option to play with relatives online, but I also like the option of yelling at my brother when he screws up in person instead of over text message.



Jazzer94 said:

Not a deal breaker at all just bummed that something so easy and standard is not included.



SavoirFaire said:

This article falls into the "too soon" category. Why even have this except as a click-bait article before the direct so people can recycle the same complains as the previous thread? Thank you @rjejr for getting to the real point: why is this info coming so late? tHAT is what worried me most about the game!



taffy said:

Kind of the opposite of what happened with Splinter Cell: The Blacklist, although back then there was a few shouts about Ubisoft being lazy



KawaiiKilla said:

I personally bought a Wii U for local multiplayer games for me and my friends since most of the new gen games on Xbone and ps4 are online only. That being said if Nintendo wants to truly compete with the 2 other big consoles they need more online support. I understand what I was getting into with the console though so it's not a huge deal.



Sinister said:

Would have loved to play the game online. I got noone i can play these games with locally so online would have been awesome for me.



Savino said:

Everybody is entitled to have an opinion... If you dont like it, it is your problem!

For me, this game will suck hard... For you, it will be great... That's how life works!



19Robb92 said:

  • I'm quite disappointed, but still want the game
  • I'd like both, but I'd lean towards local-co-op
  • I'm a bit disappointed but no, I'm still getting the game


MightyKrypto said:

@JSaario Don't worry, the developers will get their money, and you'll get to play the game. There's nothing that anyone can say or do that will change either of those facts... so relax, take a deep breath and play nice



Emblem said:

This poll is jumping the gun, as i said before the wording of the twitter is vague and we have already had confirmation from the actual devs that there will be online play. Should have waited until Mondays direct for confirmation but why waste the opportunity to get some clicks in the confusion right?



C-Olimar said:

@WaLzgi It's a Warriors game.
Who knows, maybe the influence of Nintendo will make it decent?

(As a side note, people shouldn't take comments made on the internet so seriously).



TourianTourist said:

That's not a deal breaker ... they could always release it later with an update or so, if the demand is there.

I'm a lot more interested in the final roster. That's where the big disappointments could happen.



Riptide515 said:

its a big thing for me if it doesn't have any online. since most of my friends dont even like video games i dont have anyone to play besides me.



odd69 said:

The only reason im buying this is to support Nintendo and I'll buy anything Zelda but honestly i hate the dynasty warroirs series. shhh its a secret. but i may come out a fan of the series who knows.



CricketGoat said:

I remember filling out a club Nintendo survey about online play, and I told them that I would love online play because, due to my current stage of life (family, kids, etc. and all my friends also having family, kids, etc.) I don't get to play with friends too often and it would be great to play online with them. Then I realized, even the games that are online that me and my friends all have, we rarely ever play online.

So, for me, I've realized that online for most games is completely unnecessary and tertiary in importance, behind solid single player and local multiplayer... just in case a friend does come by.



DBPirate said:

Online isn't really a missed opportunity to me. Local multiplayer will always be enough for me.



unrandomsam said:

Nintendo should just reskin all 3rd party games as Zelda and then the publishers would not have a problem.



Ichiban said:

Couldn't find the "Are you sick to death of hearing about Hyrule Warriors?" option!
Ah well lol



R_Champ said:


I'm not butthurt...I'm just not going to buy a 7/10 game that doesn't have a enough features (including online) to warrant a $60+ purchase. Amazing games like W101, Mario 3D World, etc. make the cut without online..a DW spinoff just misses the mark IMO.



Kirk said:

Typical modern day Nintendo.

If Nintendo dropped the ball this many times in the NES and SNES era those machines wouldn't be anywhere near as universally beloved 20-30 years later.

Nintendo needs to get sh*t like this sorted out!



OneBagTravel said:

I was never going to buy Hyrule Warriors anyway.

The gameplay was horrible with Dynasty Warriors series, reskinning it to the Zelda universe won't change that for me.



Knux said:

Of course it's always a disappointment when Nintendo forgets that the Wii U is NOT a N64.



Monsti said:

I'm not a big online player and I would prefer local coop. The reality however is that at the end of my grad studies and working as well. Many of my friends finished university and have a job now. The live in other towns. This would have been the perfect game to talk and play since these kind of games usually are from my experience. So as much as I think it still looks great, it destroyed the purpose it had for me completely. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only Nintendo-Fan over 25. There will be others like me with this problem.



DarkKirby said:

I would not have used online co-op but I don't really see why it shouldn't be there, or why Nintendo is so terrible with implementing online features that exist on every other console (often intentionally).



ikki5 said:

@JSaario That is a horrible way to look at it. Online now-a-days is pretty much the norm for a variety of games and when you look at the age group for gaming. Also, since we have the internet, people are able to actually communicate with people from around the world and become friends or meet old fiends, for example, I have friends from all corners or North America and Some throughout Europe and Australia. I would love to be able to play games with them but because Nintendo just throws away multiplayer saying how you only need local, it kind of ruins it. Yeah, local multiplayer is great, but so is Online multiplayer and for someone like me, online multiplayer is the better choice as most of my friends have moved away from where I am and I only ever get to use the local multiplayer with one or two people some of the time.

I used Nintendo Land for an example. I played that game for hours upon hours. Then when I graduated from University, I have played it once since May of 2013 and that one time was yesterday with my brother and girlfriend. I don't play it any more because it is just not that great without people to play with and where Nintendo didn't put it online, even though it was the signature game for the Wii U at release and they boasted about the online capabilities, they left it offline. I don't know why Nintendo does this, they are essentially the only company that produces high quality AAA games that ignores this. It is like they are trying to relive the past and it is failing horribly.

I don't know about you, you may still have lots of friends that live close to you but when you get old enough to go off to college/university and then your friends are gone. Good luck and tell me what you think about only having local multiplayer when you want to play with your friends and you can't because you only have local multiplayer.



CharleSketch said:

Honestly, it's not much of a problem in the long run, but people will make a big deal out of it considering Nintendo's history of lack of online multiplayer in games.



Ralizah said:

Meh. Between Shinovi Versus on my Vita, Bayonetta 1 and 2 on my Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. for both 3DS and Wii U, I'm going to be set for action/fighting games for the foreseeable future. I don't really see a place on my shelf for this game anytime soon. Maybe during a slow period next year when prices have dropped a bit.



BSFsontails1012 said:

I can't turn this game down just because of no co-op, it's just looks to amazing of a game to turn down because of no online multiplayer.
It's kinda like ssb4 not having one of my wanted newcomers making the roster, won't affect my purchase decision! (I already pre- ordered smash 4 anyway, who hasn't?!)



2Sang said:

I'll still get it. Online co-op is definitely a dealbreaker to some, but for me I'm okay as long as there's local co-op.



B3ND3R said:

I don't think it's a miss honestly, I don't have any friends who truly care about Zelda, and if I need a co-op partner I can just grab my cousins who will happily hack and slash for hours.



DeltaPeng said:

It would be a nice feature to have, but considering it's not a port of a game but a brand new one (hence much more models to design, story, maps, strategy to add, etc), it's fine for a first release. If a sequel came out, they could build off the first game and may then have more time to devote to more of the extra features



Obito_Sigma said:

lol That 9% that said "I was never going to buy Hyrule Warriors anyway." For anyone who voted for that, we welcome you to this post!



Kitsune_Rei said:

Thank goodness for local co-op. I'm getting really tired of games that ONLY have online multiplayer. Because what two friends want to sit together on the couch to play? >.> If it didn't have local play, we wouldn't be getting the game.



Lizuka said:

I really prefer to play games alone anyway. Not a fan of playing online since most people you'll run into are morons. Granted, Nintendo does need to start expanding what it does with online play because clearly there's demand there that they're not even attempting to meet.



Samurairu said:

I have no one to play local coop with, so I cancelled my pre-order. Glad to see I'm in the minority as I don't want Nintendo to do poorly, but I do think this is an insane leave out in this day and age.



Rei7 said:

Nintendo really needs to go fully online. I don't see why not. Common Nintendo.



GN004Nadleeh said:

the player on gamepad vs tv player is awesome with prolly no lag and sounds fun. online is overrated for me at least having ps plus only helps mt little bro ply online. oops drunk again



chilenozo said:

no online co-op no purchase to me....this game alone is going to be meh!...Nintendo has never been good at creating stories, and since it's tecmo, i think the game will be mediocre. Only way I would buy a game like that it would be having a good experience playing among friends, in fact my all expectation resided in the game having online co-op even if they never promised, is not as if this game will look miles better than MH3U, and Capcom did embrace online co-op, which gave the game tons of replay value, even more, in single player the game was also good.



Nomad said:

Not having an online mode doesn't bother me in the slightest. I was never planning on playing anything but local co-op anyway. I cant really see how this is a big deal.
The game looks brilliant, cant wait to get it.



gage_wolf said:


You can displace the blame if it makes you feel better, but if you read the article the last Dynasty Warriors had online co-op, so its pretty safe to assume that Nintendo is some how responsible for the feature being removed.



sinalefa said:


Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third have it and Nintendo is funding both.

So maybe KT removed it as I heard it was very laggy in their previous game.



RantingThespian said:

Not for me, because I don't have any friends who play video games.

It's either single player or online for me.



Ralek85 said:

Funny that you mention DW8X, because I think I'll stick with that on PS4 to scratch that particular itch, once it comes on sale.
I was more interested in this Zelda-themed one for sure, but the lack of online is killing it for me, since I planned to play it with my former roommate, who no longer lives around here.
Also, I pressume the framerate will be much smoother with DW8X on PS4 anyways.
I still think though, that Nintendo is really behind the curve when it comes to online infrastructure and features, which kinda annoys me because, no matter if you personally use it or not, it is a convenient feature, and as far as other platforms go, pretty much a standard by now. It's not just about the number of games or gaming modes, it's also the lack of features like a party system and chat.
I think Nintendo is kind of limiting it's appeal here, I'm not sure this survey would look the same on X1 or PS4. Nintendo is missing out on a crowd of players, that don't take the platform seriously, and as it stands, for good reason.
Just my two cents, as always.



Windy said:

It would?d have been a plus to play online with friends but the single player and local WiFi will be blast. This game is going to be awesome!



Luffymcduck said:

I'm more of a local multiplayer gamer, but there sould be option for online in 2014 Nintendo.



Shambo said:

Local almost all the way, but it's always nice having options on a lonely day...



Ralek85 said:

@BLPs What the hell is "dudebro gaming"?
I assume, and please correct if I'm wrong, you mean to say, there is some kind of inferiority implied here, for gaming with friends online vs offline?



ExHaseo said:

I think the results of the poll show why online co-op isn't a thing. Most people simply don't care about it. Dynasty Warriors is primarily a single player game anyway.



XCWarrior said:

One of the options for the third question should be, "I'm still buying it, but now I'm waiting for a sale on the game."

The game lost a ton of value without online co-op. If a game doesn't have online co-op, it has way less replay value. No need to get it day 1. So I'll be waiting for a sale. Bad move, Nintendo.



meatbinbanquet said:

I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing warriors orochi 3.....not a single one of them online. I really don't care if its not included, its a day 1 purchase regardless for me



pukka-pie said:

I would much much much prefer local multiplayer. That online multiplayer has overtaken local in terms of popularity and importance is one of the obscenities of modern gaming. One of the great pluses to owning a console over a PC was always split screen gaming, but it's almost a thing of the past now. It just makes no sense.



Grumblevolcano said:

It will be completely pathetic if there's no online multiplayer at all, though it won't particularly affect my experience provided there's no local multiplayer exclusive content (like only way to unlock something is by doing a certain thing in local co-op).



brandonbwii said:

It's difficult for me to answer this poll. I have little interest in the game but at the same time, the lack of online co-op in a franchise that's always had it is dumb. So that does bother me.

As for online in general though, I'm kinda with Nintendo when it comes to a case by case basis. Online doesn't have to be in EVERYTHING and if it's included I'd rather it be a fleshed out and fully functional affair. A good example is all those multiplayer Mario games. I like that they focused on local there. If they added online, how would it work exactly? Unless it were friends only everyone would hinder the other persons personal enjoyment by not even caring about progression. If there was an online Mario game, it probably would (and should) take a different approach than local.



Tsurii said:

"It's difficult for me to answer this poll. I have little interest in the game but at the same time, the lack of online co-op in a franchise that's always had it is dumb. So that does bother me."
Here's the thing...the absolute minority of DW/Musou games had that. It's nothing unusual for the series and that only applies to the story modes. The developers confirmed online-modes at multiple occasions, but people still act as if it's the end of the world.
If you really cared for online in the game, you would just friggin' inform yourself, it's even on the website, so it's not like they'd hide it or anything (you need to speak japanese and/or find a translation to see it ofc, but even the articles here mentioned that)



motang said:

My friends and I live 1000+ miles apart now, so local multi player is useless to me.



Ralek85 said:

@BLPs Well, if people swear at you online, you are probably not playing with friends, but with 'randoms' on 'public'. People can be di**s, especially in the anonymity of the online environment, no argument there, but you can always just mute them. I mean, if it's a competitive teamgame, and my teammates play particulary bad or stupid, I swear at them too, but I never do it with a live mic
Also, not everyone online behaves that way, not by a long shot, you can actually made some nice people, too. Which, I think, is a worthwhile enhancement over local play.



shigulicious said:

@Ichiban They is no shortage of gameplay vids that's for sure! The way I see it, the more marketing fir Nintendo, the better. The only game that I have seen come close to the amount of advertizing for a game on Nintendo's platform is the Smash series. I think Ninty believes this game can and will be huge in Japan. I agree. Outside of the avid Zelda fan, in which there are many, I don't forsee the game selling well elsewhere. Then again, my crystal ball is out for repairs so..... But I agree with you and I would have choose that option as well. Admittedly, the Goron playable character got me more excited about this.



shigulicious said:

@abbyhitter Online gaming with randoms is just troll-bait for the dude-bros. I do prefer a solo run at it but I think the bigger issue is changing the perception of Nintendo's lack of online savvy.



Ren said:

What bothers me about this is only that it's been a problem with Nintendo's games for a long time. They use this weird excuse of "doing something different for a different audience" to just NOT do things that many games are doing currently. Why are people ignoring that the biggest trend right now with other consoles is to try and allow online coop games with the story campaign to further the online functionality of games in general?
Nintendo choose to ignore everything online with the old Wii and it killed the system. That's not "doing things differently" it's just stupid. You can't just completely ignore the market trends of what is happening in YOUR industry.
Anyway, it's not a huge deal but whatever online is there better be pretty spectacular. It's so typical of Nintendo to do something like that and then be defensive like it was some "strategy" (like a strategy to actually get HD games made in under 4 years). And yes I get that this is a Namco game but it's Nintendo that largely makes big choices like this for a game published by them.



Expa0 said:

I'm still kinda iffy whether or not I'm getting the game, the lack online doesn't have an effect one way or another on me. Local co-op is the way to go in DW anyway.

The problem is that I'm just burned out of everything DW related except the empires subseries, and Zelda as a series doen't really do much for me either. Maybe throw some Majora's Mask stuff in (Happy Mask Salesman playable) and I'll care a bit more.



chilenozo said:

Ultimately, the fate of this experiment will be sealed by sales. There are games that sale out of the name alone, like Marios, Zelda, who can avoid the high standards of other western AAA games. However, for new games like this, not having as many options as it can, will definitely hurt sales. There is a reason so many games, specially on the next gen consoles, have online co-op, gamers are embracing this in big numbers, specially kids. Nintendo is probably hurting the sales perspective of this game. I, and some others have said now we are not buying, and I'm sure some people now will wait till reviews and sales results come to decide.

I project something better W101 sales results, but nothing great (although there are famous Zelda characters in this game, and the lack of games may force some wiiu owners to buy, if the price is right and they haven't moved on to other consoles), nobody can ensure we will ever see another W101 giving the terrible sales, and this game will suffer no different fate.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

I'm still trying to figure out why this is such a big deal. Many of the spin off Musou games DON'T have online co-op. I could understand the outrage if every single warriors game that was released in an online capable era did have online co-op and this was the sole exception... but its not. Plus there will be some online features.

Also why is everybody ragging on Nintendo about this? All they did was lease out Zelda and likely supervise how the characters are being used. Gameplay is all on K-T and Omega Force.



Jaz007 said:

I think they missed the mark here. It's great that there is local co-op, but there should be online co-op. It shouldn't be unsure if it should be included in development, it should be a standard that they were putting themselves to when they made it with co-op. This is a basic feature to lack.



siavm said:

It would be nice for a game like this to have it. I have the one piece warrior games and having a online coop is nice every once in awhile. Local play is not a option I use much so me personal would rather have online only then local. But since this is nintendo I just get games with a focus on single player or a game like Mario kart and smash. I am still probably going to get this but it would be nice if they showed that they can implement features that are stables in other games.

I like they walk their own path but sometimes that path leads to a wall. And with competition passing and catching up with them they need to learn that after you have given them a lot of ideas it's time to take a few of theirs.



JJtheTexan said:

Come on. Nintendo SUCKS at all things online. The default assumption with any Nintendo console game should ALWAYS be, "This game will have limited or no online functionality" unless specifically noted otherwise.
I think this is due in no small part to Nintendo still producing games and systems for Japan first, where things like local multiplayer and getting 30 StreetPass hits a day are commonplace. Online competitive play (or even co-op) is largely a Western preference. We (as adults) live much farther apart and are less likely to have friends over for local multiplayer than gamers in Japan.



SphericalCrusher said:

I honestly didn't expect it to come. It would be cool to have, but I doubt I would ever use it. My wife, son and I are huge Zelda fans and would fight over the local coop anyway.



motang said:

@shigulicious oh I have that are just not into gaming. Besides that's not the point. Nintendo needs to do at leat basic online gaming for their titles. For example Mario Kart 7 has a longer life with me because of it's online play.



GN004Nadleeh said:

might sound strange but i play a lot of games alone including smash bros (had to unlock mewtwo by myself...) i planned on playing alone and it will still be fun



Ralek85 said:

@BLPs As for Pokemon itself, personally, I bought Y purely for nostalgia. Hadn't played any since Red/Blue, and quickly realized that nostalgia alone was not enough, and in this case I wasn't able to get in the competitive side of things, since too much time had to spent with endless grinding, breeding, IV optimization etc. before you could achieve anything online.
I don't know if the Singleplayer campaign suffered due to the multiplayer part, but I can hardly imagine it, since the MP itself is rather basic in scope. I can't see it taking up to much time or ressources, but I could be wrong. ^^

As for online in general, well, maybe you were unlucky, it depends on the game I'd say. In some games, if you only play public, and there is only automatic matchmaking, there is little you can do, it is chance then no doubt.
I myself had excellent experiences playing in clans, e.g. Day of Defeat back in the day, or guilds, in games like Dark Age of Camelot or even WoW. I made some good friends, some I even got to meet in person, thanks to affordable plane flights these days, covering basically any distance within a day. (Which, despite all other progress we made, still amazes me to no end, when I really think about it ;-D)
In these types of games, you can actively seek out other players, or groups thereof. I admit, no doubt, this takes an effort on the players part. Not anyone, you come across, is someone worth spending your time on. But that is just life I'm afraid, be it digitally or analog ^^
Don't give up on people, is what I'm saying I guess, not even people in online games!

As for not buying this game, because it doesn't feature online co-op (if that is really what the statement is supposed to relay, I'm still not completely clear on that.) Personally, I have no interest in playing this alone, and I'm pretty sure I won'T be able to come up with anyone to play it locally. Even if I could, it would probably not be worth it, since I would just have too few occasions to really take advantage of it, to justify the investment. I'm far better off with a game, I enjoy online or at least a game I'm willing to play alone.
Basically, that is a rule I set for myself, I only get games, if I'm either satisfied with the single-player experience by itself, or if I'm into the online aspect of the game. I haven't bought games purely for local play since the days of the N64. Don't get me wrong, I have the fondest memories imagineable of playing Wrestling, Fifa, Mariokart, Goldeneye etc. with 3 of my buddies all day long, but that's no longer a realistic prospect.
Time is precious and it is far more convenient getting online to play together, then to get together in one physical place at the same time, to get some gaming done. If we get together, we normally go out and do something we can't do online.
And that's what I find really curious, why bother? Sure it's not the exact same experience like couch-play, but at this point, when I have people over, we don't game, honestly we have better things to do.



Grumblevolcano said:

@GN004Nadleeh I unlocked Mewtwo by myself too, though I guess you did it the legit way rather than using 2 gamecube controllers to keep a no item match going on overnight?



Findonovan95 said:

If my friends didn't all live so far away from me I really wouldn't mind, but they do live far away and I can't play local co-op with them. However, during term-time they'll be my neighbors so it won't be that bad I guess. I might be able to get my sister or my dad to play the game with me if it really comes down to it anyways. Basically, I personally don't mind the lack of online co-op but I do feel it's something that should be/have been implemented.



MAB said:

@Ichiban I suppose it's better than another article demanding we buy Tomadachi Life... Because I am sure we're missing out by not caring



Klinny said:

For me personally this is fine, since I was only going to play local anyways. Usually it's the other way around (online co-op available instead of local) which is always disappointing to me since I usually only play with my boyfriend.

But I know a lot of people like to play online, so I understand this must be bad news for them



SJND said:

Typical bull. Wanted to play this with my bro who lives on the other coast. Also, not all of us have friends who are kids at heart at the age of 25.

Nintendo is still backwards on this. Yes, but they absolutely have a say in what's important. Nintendo talks about how they're all about connecting people and blah blah blah, but they won't implement online play for friends and family who aren't RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER? Give me a damn break.



Gabjazz said:

For me online play really matters. because I don't have friends that play video games, so I have to go online always. I don't really feel a game is funy when not played with someone else, it gets bored after a while playing with the com. So I will decide skip this game and save the money for bayo 2 and smash



Emaan said:

It still looks like an amazing game.

Not sure how people still get their hopes up about online. This is Nintendo. Just how long have you been playing Nintendo games? Yeah it's 2014 and their games are still top quality, but online has never been their strong point.



Revolution909 said:

Game looks boring. It should have online though, this is 2014 which is nearing soon. There should be no exscuse for online not being on most games. Then Nintendo wonders why their not selling systems.



miiandmario said:

Having no co op does not ruin the game by any means, but it is a nice feature to have and a reason to replay. No online hasn't ruined any of Nintendo's games but has hindered their replay ability.



Ralek85 said:

@BLPs "Everyone is different." Yes, and that is why options and choice is good. Nothing wrong with being demanding when it comes to being inclusive.



Ralek85 said:

@miiandmario Well, it has pretty much ruined co-op/multiplayer for me in most Nintendo games. I won't ever bother getting Nintendo Land, it's just not worth it for local play. The Multiplayer feature in Pikmin 3 will also see little to no use, same is true for the Coop in Mario World, it's just a shame really.
I mean, not everyone is even willing to spent the kind of money, to have controllers around in the first place Especially not, if the opportunities to take advantage of them are few and far between.



TreesenHauser said:

I was planning to get this one way or another, but the lack of online co-op is only a slight let-down.



1990irock said:

A Major Miss. My brother has an Wii U and if more Wii U games had online multiplayer I would buy a Wii U of my own. Now I just play at my brother's place because we can't play at seperate places anyway



SetupDisk said:

So in spite of all this commenting and guessing all over the net no one actually knows what the online included will entail?



Junkface said:

Very much like StarFox64 on the 3DS the lack of on-line play is a missed golden opportunity! This would have been a day one purchase but in light of this info I'll just wait and see. Big mistake Nintendo.



Zizzy said:

I find it silly that online co-op wasn't added. It's impossible that the thought of online play didn't cross their mind in this day and age.



Action51 said:

I understand the lack of online co-op in certain franchises and it's not a must-have for me in most games...

But this is just getting stupid now. Honestly, I don't want or need online co-op in Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, but to remove it from a series that already has online multiplayer?

Usually I don't join the chorus of people who whine over every decision Nintendo makes, but holy crap...this is a really dumb decision and reeks of laziness and lack of faith in their product.



Action51 said:

@Ralek85 - Just wanted to bring up one minor point.

You remarked that you wanted Pokemon Y for nostalgic reasons, and that you hadn't played one since red/blue...but the grinding was a turn off? about rose colored nostalgia glasses! The grinding in X/Y is a tiny fraction of the chore it was in red/blue...In fact, I'm almost disappointed in how easy it is to level up an entire team from egg to high level, as I too hadn't played a Pokemon game since Fire Red on GBA.



IronManDS said:

It is the reason why Nintendo systems are still relegated in the cultural conscience as a "kid's system". I don't know a serious adult gamer who would turn down a chance to jam on a good Mario game. Therefore, the games are not to blame for the misperception.

Full online functionality has been the name of the game since 2005. Nintendo STILL does not get that. And, while I'll keep buying Nintendo systems for the Nintendo games, any multiplatform games are being bought for any system OTHER THAN a Nintendo system. Until Nintendo can give multi-system owners a reason to change that statement, they will be playing catch-up.

NOTE: I LOVE my WiiU! I believe it to be the best system currently on the market. (I didn't say "most powerful," I said "best".) While I love me some local co-op Mario World 3D, having full online functionality would be the cherry on top and would have moved some systems, IMO.



Luna-Harmony said:

Idot's at nintendo foolish mistake ! Warrior games suck a best but with Zelda & Link makes it a great game but playing on your own will make it boring and Warrior games are the same thing over and over.
the year is 2014 xboxone and ps4 most games are online multiplayer no wonder nintendo sales are down ... when when when will they get with the times.

Think how great this game would have been with 2-4 players teaming up online to kill baddys and work to solve puzzles. What a waist.



bezerker99 said:

I'm torn on this game. I want to like it but nothing seems too great about it thus far. The confirmed absence of online coop play further lessens my interest.



Ralek85 said:

@Action51 Yes, that is all true, but isn't that what I said in the first place? ^^ My decision was certainly clouded by nostalgia, very much so. Honestly, I wouldn't bother with Pokemon R/B today. Maybe, the grinding is less in X/Y today, than it was back then, but it doesn't really matter it is still too much, too tedious and pointless. The whole game is rather shallow, I enjoyed it as a kid, in a different time and age, I don't get any enjoyment out of it today though. Some things stand the test of time, others don't or not as well. For me, Pokemon hasn't stood the test of time.
I'm happy it's still a cashcow for Nintendo, they certainly need that, but it doesn't strike my fancy anymore, not as an RPG, and not as an Adventure, unfortunately, not even as a competitive experience. Better options are availabe, simple as that, and, as I said, nostalgia goes only so far ^^



Cavalier41 said:

I'm a big fan of local multiplayer, always have been. Online has never much interested me, with the exception of playing games with my brother who moved across the country. Though he doesn't own a Wii U so that doesn't really apply in this case. Soooo, not at all disappointed.



bernadet said:

Very disappointed Zelda fan right here can you have a warriors game with no online co op.

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