Hyrule Warriors Direct

The recent live stream on Niconico for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors was sadly not fit to burst with new information on the game. Despite the A-list cast of special guests it was a fairly pedestrian affair, re-iterating knowledge already known to most fans who have been following developments.

Luckily though, the stream did reveal one interesting titbit, which has now been confirmed by Nintendo, which you've probably worked out from the title. Hyrule Warriors will be getting its own Nintendo Direct event on Tuesday 5th August.

Make sure you're around for the potential smörgåsbord we hoped this morning's presentation was going to be, which is 8pm Pacific (4th August) / 11pm Eastern (4th August) / 4am UK (5th August) and 5am CET; the presentation is being hosted by Nintendo of America. The broadcast will be made available a few hours later on YouTube, but we'll be covering the whole broadcast live, as always.

Nintendo Direct returns, then — are you excited about this Hyrule Warriors Direct?