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Sat 12th Jul 2014

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chilenozo commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Shows De...:

@ULTRA-64 lol....just look again an add all the different 3DS models....then Nintendo is back on top again!....I always find weird why they report sles like this. Is not like they split Vita between the old OLED screen and the new screen. Is not like in the past they split the PS3 different versions (main difference been hard-drive sizes). Anything to make Sony happy in Japan I guess....



chilenozo commented on Art Academy for Wii U Pushed Back to 2015 in N...:

I feel betrayed. I bought the sketchpad thinking that they will release an update soon, but it's been like...2 years?...without one. I don't know how to draw and would love lessons. The gamepad is perfect for this. I don't know what they are doing, it's not a game but an app, it doesn't take that much effort. And they have the expertise cause the DS/3DS have similar apps.



chilenozo commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

He shouldn't say that. Having Nintendo exclusives AND great AAA 3rd parties aren't mutually exclusive.

That's a false dichotomy Regggie. I really wanted to play COD on WiiU, specially cause I love motion controls in FPSs, and I'm considering spending the money I usually would happily spend on Nintendo, on buying a XboxOne or a brand new Desktop.



chilenozo commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

THEY HAVE TO, 50 is too close in price range for a less powerful system.

I have a WiiU and lots of games, but Nintendo needs to react asap before Christmas!...the good reviews of Bayonetta 2 are been silenced by low demand and great reviews of Sunset Overdrive. This tell the consumer that good games for both systems are coming, but also everyone knows that a more high-tech system has more life in it that a low-tech one.

Christmas + price drop + smash wiiu can be good if the price are right.



chilenozo commented on Bayonetta 2 Demo Now Live In The European Wii ...:

@rjejr Nah....considering that Bayo1 sold badly on those platforms the numbers of fans interested to buy a WiiU due this games are peanuts. I am not saying there won't be any, but this game is not a console seller...let's just wait for Smash...a game that has never been a console seller but it has more chances, specially since the 3DS games has gotten good reviews and good sales.



chilenozo commented on Bayonetta 2 Demo Now Live In The European Wii ...:

Disappointing...since I mastered W101 I just managed to finish the demo in like 7 min...I guess I can replay to get better score (got Bronze) but nah...I'm still interested, the game looks good and sounds amazing...but there is a little thing that is bothering me with Platinum games, and it's the nonsensical physics. Like fighting on top of a Jet fighter!...come on!



chilenozo commented on Preview: Felling Titans in Monster Hunter 4 Ul...:

They should have released it on he WiiU then...I think I sold relatively (given the install base) well on the eshop after many sales. Also CAPCOM has done an excellent job with the online on their WiiU games, like RE Revelations and MH3U. It didn't required that much effort, is not like MH3U had amazing graphics, but was still good.



chilenozo commented on Standard 3DS Consoles Will Have Limited Online...:

Oh ppl asking why didn't Nintendo built a better HW on the 1st place. Facepalm!


Nintendo know that what has kept them afloat has been cheap HW that works and sells games, specially Nintendo games.

They don't have Sony and MSs resources so when it's about nickles and dimes they will go the cheap route. You already have the high-tech version, called the PS's that going for ya?...tons of AAA exclusives games coming?....sigh

I'm more dubious about another issue. I think they could have still kept Miiverse. I'm thinking in a conspiracy to just keep people thinking that the New3DS is the real deal. They just take away important but not essential stuff, so they keep some costumers thinking.



chilenozo commented on The Wonderful 101 Gets a Wonderful Soundtrack ...:

Yes I'm getting it.

Although the music was epic, after a month since I finished I barely can remember 3 or 4.

So I can't believe that the game has 5 CDs worth of music.

Anything to keep supporting Platinum. W101 was a great underrated game. Besides the price of the soundtrack is right.



chilenozo commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (North America):

@something17 But my main point is that, the competition beats them almost in everything these days. I admit that liking or hating a game is a matter of personal tastes, so it would be dumb for me arguing about who makes better games. But here we are talking about things that can be quantified. PS has more games, more old games, more remakes, more price drops, more offers, more free games. It seems that dollar for dollar they are a better investing. I love Nintendo but I wonder how much they can keep me. I have money and want to spend it in quality and quantity. Does Nintendo wants my money?, time to put way more effort. And I'm not talking about spending millions in AAA games or paying 3rd party devs...I'm talking about the minimum...hire a couple of new grads and make them port the old games!



chilenozo commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (North America):

I'm starting to get pissed. It's been almost 2 years since WiiU launched, Nintendo is not delivering even the minimum expected. I mean, I can only tolerate the AAA game drought if they give us a decent VC lineup, having so many masterpieces!....this is just laziness, and terrible oversight, any mediocre programer can port VC fact if Nintendo would be more humble they should have hired the people who illegally ported those games to PC years ago!...this is nothing related to costs. Also don't tell me they want to ensure the quality of the ports is right cause they should have thought about making the right HW to run the old games years before the WiiU launch, and also they already have 2 years after launch!

Are you telling me that they plan these scarce VC launches to fill the AAA game droughts?, that's just lame.

I've always supported them, but I can't stop looking at the competition beating them in almost any metric. They get free games, old games, HD remakes, exclusives, 3rd parties....I see very little effort coming from Nintendo!



chilenozo commented on The Trending #WiiUDroughtAid Shows That, Actua...:

I own almost every 1st party and AAA game for the system....I have cash to spend....but now I can't cause it seems I have own them all already. Compared to other systems, yes, it's dry. I also played the heck out of the Wii so I can't reply games. I wish Nintendo would have used that famous war chest, accumulated during the DS-Wii times, to create more games, or pay 3rd parties to port their. There are tons of games released in other consoles that could have been made for the WiiU. Deus Ex WiiU was the best version and uses the gamepad nicely, I wonder why Nintendo couldn't work with Rockstar, or Blizzards, and pay to bring their games to the WiiU.



chilenozo commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Wii U Virtual Con...:

omg Nintendo confirmed these tow MEH MEH MEHDIOCRE games!....if not cause of Cybernator, I would call this, another mediocre month of VC games....Where´s my Metroid Zero Mission Nintendo?....I know you released it on Japan months ago!!!!



chilenozo commented on SNES Classic Cybernator Is Suiting Up For An A...:

Finally I game I can play on the WiiU (I own 16 retail ones)'s being a long drought! VC has been so disappointing, I'm glad this game will keep me busy for, say 2 days?...It's an awesome game...I always wished there was a 2nd part, or they added more content, cause it felt short, and the ending story was meh!...but the suit and the weapons were so awesome!



chilenozo commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

Ultimately, the fate of this experiment will be sealed by sales. There are games that sale out of the name alone, like Marios, Zelda, who can avoid the high standards of other western AAA games. However, for new games like this, not having as many options as it can, will definitely hurt sales. There is a reason so many games, specially on the next gen consoles, have online co-op, gamers are embracing this in big numbers, specially kids. Nintendo is probably hurting the sales perspective of this game. I, and some others have said now we are not buying, and I'm sure some people now will wait till reviews and sales results come to decide.

I project something better W101 sales results, but nothing great (although there are famous Zelda characters in this game, and the lack of games may force some wiiu owners to buy, if the price is right and they haven't moved on to other consoles), nobody can ensure we will ever see another W101 giving the terrible sales, and this game will suffer no different fate.



chilenozo commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

no online co-op no purchase to me....this game alone is going to be meh!...Nintendo has never been good at creating stories, and since it's tecmo, i think the game will be mediocre. Only way I would buy a game like that it would be having a good experience playing among friends, in fact my all expectation resided in the game having online co-op even if they never promised, is not as if this game will look miles better than MH3U, and Capcom did embrace online co-op, which gave the game tons of replay value, even more, in single player the game was also good.