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Mon 16th February, 2009

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Junkface commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

Really liked Mario Kart DS. Great tracks, great battle modes, nice variety of characters and karts but most of all download play for poor friends who couldnt afford the cartridge. Lol i almost forgot being able to write, "You stink" on the side of my kart.



Junkface commented on Review: Donkey Kong Jr. (NES):

Yeah I played the it in the arcades. Still great mindless fun. Its charm and cuteness may attract new audiences. I would have payed for it.



Junkface commented on Features: Games That Should Already Be on Virt...:

Would love to see Bruce Lee and the Archon games from the Comadore 64. I would definately buy any of the peripheral games that were mentioned; loved the light gun games and Mario paint my friends and I used for years, too much fun.



Junkface commented on Talking Point: Is the DS Dead at Retail?:

Its a shame to see the Ds go the way of the dinosaur but it had a really great run. Hopefully we will see game developers push the systems limits on the new 3DS. Hopefully the 3DS will be as successful as its predecessors.



Junkface commented on Nintendo Shifts 1.5 Million Consoles During Bl...:

I would never have been able to wait this long but I think the bundles they came out with are really great. The DsiXL one in particular; what better a first game than Mario Kart Ds? One of my favorite Ds games and one of my favorite Mario Karts.



Junkface commented on Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii):

I've played both and I like the controls on Black Ops slightly better. The online for Balck Ops just seems to feel smoother. Does anyone know if they will add more maps for zombies later on?



Junkface commented on Get Your First Look at Black Ops Campaign Mode...:

Got it yesterday. I have only played online and I have to say so far I am pretty happy with it. It seems like an improvement from the earlier installments. Communicating has never been easies on a Wii game. There are some lag issues and games dropping; hopefully this will be addressed soon. Just to note I found only one board for Zombies online buy hey its ZOMBIES! The new boards are pretty big and I haven't played one yet that I haven't enjoyed. Hope to see you guys online soon :).