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Tue 31st July, 2012

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Klinny commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

Thanks for the updates! I'm really happy that Earthlock made its goal, it's definitaly one of my most anticipated Kickstarter games! I'm also backing Hex Heroes and Twisted Fusion, so hoping they make it as well. (And I might back APEXICON as well, but it looks like they'll make it without my help, haha.)

I really wish the Wii U stretch goals were a little more achievable on some of these. I really like the look of Cosmochoria, for example, but the $150k is intense, (especially considering the main goal is only $10k o.O)

@tebunker Thanks for sharing Skullforge as well! I didn't even see that one on Kickstarter. I just backed it too, since I like the genre and Wii U is included in the primary goal :D



Klinny commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

I understand Nintendo's reasoning for not including same-sex relationships, but I think I will still pass on the title. Simple because this is a life simulator, and it seems unfair that I would be able to enjoy the game to its fullest while many others would not.



Klinny commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

Thank you for this article! I've backed Earthlock and Twisted Fusion, so it's great to see them get some publicity. And of course, great to bring attention to other games we may have overlooked or missed as well.

Also for you artsy types, both Earthlock and Twisted Fusion are running design contests right now.

Twisted Fusion has a costume contest:

Earthlock has a monster designing contest, (artwork optional):



Klinny commented on Capcom is Holding a Weapon Design Contest for ...:

@Cosats Canadian law does not allow contests to give out prizes in "games of chance". They do, however, allow prizes to be given out for skill-based contests, (or games of chance that include a skill testing question...) Usually the question is ridiculously easy and sometimes they will even tell you the answer beforehand. It's just a technicality to make it legal.

Edit: Though considering this is a skill-based contest, I have no idea XD

Anyways, I may enter this, (though my weapon-drawing skills aren't fabulous). I'm already entering a Monster Designing Contest for Earthlock and a Costume Contest for Twisted Fusion, (those Kickstarter games) so hopefully I'll have time for this one too!



Klinny commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Oh wow, over 400 comments. I'm probably not saying anything new here, but I thought I'd join in anyways.

As a woman I was never offended by the title. However, I wasn't interested in it personally as I find the remarkably large breasts on the characters to look incredibly silly. They look like they have large jiggly water balloons strapped to their chests. Even if there's some sort of story and even if these characters have some sort of personality, even as a woman I am only going to be looking at their giant jiggly in-your-face breasts. To say that this is a byproduct of my innate inclination to objectify women is a little silly as well, considering that these characters were designed specifically to be objectified.

However, after watching some gameplay videos I'll admit that I was laughing pretty hard. There were half-naked girls squealing while smashing their butts together. There were cut-scenes where the girls' clothes spontaneously and conveniently rip in their butt and cleavage area, (seriously, who designs these outfits? I'd want a refund.) It is clearly pure objectification for the pleasure of the player. I'm pretty sure that no one playing is going to watch one of those cut-scenes and go, "Hey man, did you see that girl's awesome personality?"

With that being said, if taken in a lighthearted tongue-and-cheek sort of way, the game is hilarious. It is absolutely ridiculous and I almost died laughing as I was showing these videos to my boyfriend. I told him that I almost wanted to play it. Is this game clearly and blatantly all about the sexualization and objectification of women? Yes, absolutely. Do I feel oppressed for having seen it? No, not really. This game is funny because it is such an unrealistic portrayal of women and the player recognizes this distinction. Problems with these games arise when given to players who are unable to separate fantasy from reality, but does that mean that they should be disallowed altogether?

Also I wonder if it is Nintendo's job to censor this kind of thing. Games like these exist because there is a demand for it and a market for it. While these kinds of things do reinforce gender stereotypes, I would argue that we are not a society that alters its values based on the media, but that the media is a reflection of our society's values. They make it because it sells. I think we have to take some responsibility here, and acknowledge that what we buy and what we support has an influence on how games are made. The strong female characters that we are seeing in games today are a reflection of a society that wants to see these kinds of women.

(Also I see a lot of people making the point that there is objectification and unrealistic ideals and standards for men in the video game industry as well. However, I don't think this makes it okay to objectify women so much as it implies that we need to work on creating good characters in general, regardless of gender.)

Edit: I didn't vote in the poll because there was no option to state that I do not find the images appealing, and yeah they're a little bit sexist, but still I have somehow remained unoffended.



Klinny commented on Video: Meet Torri, One of Conception II's Her...:

I'm actually really excited for this game XD It looks super cute and I am in love with Torri's hair @-@

@Action51 There are quite a few of these kinds of games on consoles still, (at least on Playstation). There's the Persona series, (which is a part of the Shin Megami Tensei metaseries and also involves building relationships and romances with classmates in order to fight monsters)... There's the Atelier series (one of my favorites) which is still going strong. Disgaea, (and pretty much anything else from NIS America haha).

Though I will agree the selection is pretty dismal compared to the majority of titles out there.



Klinny commented on Review: Weapon Shop De Omasse (3DS eShop):

@Xyphon22 Just to test it I started giving people bad weapons and they almost all lost. First I gave them the wrong type of weapon that was also a low level and they were defeated. Then I gave them the right type of weapon (but low level) and they were defeated. Then I gave the heroes the right type of weapon at the right level but with the wrong stat distribution and they lost pretty hard.

I even gave a hero the wrong type of weapon, (a club instead of a sword) but at the right level and with the right stats and he still managed to lose, (although he was very close to winning).

I am playing with level 5 heroes at the moment, (so maybe halfway through the story?) but I know with level 1 and 2 heroes the game is quite a bit more forgiving. (I've given level 2 NPCs bad weapons but they generally manage to squeak by). But as the game progresses you have to do a better job of making sure you're giving heroes and NPCs the right weapon.

But it's more like the closer you follow a customer's request the more likely it is that they'll succeed. If you follow it exactly, there's pretty much no chance of failure. But stray a bit and they still have a good chance. Do a terrible job and they're probably going to fail. (This is of course only for the story, I'm not sure how strict it is after the main game!)



Klinny commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

I'm not too upset about this, mainly because I haven't been able to use the DS for online for a while anyways. It's incompatible with most routers here since they no longer use WEP, and the Wi-Fi USB Connector has been discontinued for some time now.

Fortunately for Pokemon, Wireless multiplayer should still work, so you can at least trade and play with local friends.



Klinny commented on New and Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles Copies Ava...:

I live in Canada and I am considering buying it from Video Games Plus. $70 dollars new is still one of the better prices I've seen. Other online retailers, like Amazon, are asking more, and Ebay is primarily filled with used copies for $60+.

I've also never seen it available in stores.



Klinny commented on TwitchPlaysPokémon Renewed for Generation Two:

I personally hope they pick Crystal, since that was the first Pokemon game I ever owned. Twitch Plays Pokemon has been strangely addictive. I normally don't watch gaming streams, but because so many people are involved and because you can personally join in, I found myself growing attached to the adventure and the Pokemon.

Also, since it's so remarkably difficult to do anything, it makes it exciting when something actually gets done XD



Klinny commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in North America:

@ikki5 You can download Pokemon Bank from the eShop, and once you open up the Bank app you can download Transporter from there.

Also, I'm really happy that it changes the Pokemon whose names are in all caps to normal. No more DITTOS and PIKACHUS lol.



Klinny commented on Speedrunner Alert - Majora's Mask Glitch Allow...:

This is awesome, thanks for sharing! I'll try this the next time I play Majora's Mask, (hopefully on the 3DS... hint hint nudge nudge Nintendo...) I've beaten the game several times, so it'll be fun to just kind of run around and mess things up a bit.



Klinny commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

This looks silly, but also kind of awesome. To me the cross-over makes sense, since Hyrule seems to be eternally at war, so it's kind of cool to see an actual large-scale Hyrulian battle. (And finally, the guards/soldiers are helping Link save the kingdom!)



Klinny commented on Talking Point: Miiverse Can Promote System Uni...:

I enjoy Miiverse. I love posting screenshots and seeing other peoples' screens as well. In a game like New Leaf, which is all about customization, this can be really fun.

I do wish that sharing FCs was allowed, though. It's a little disappointing when you see someone in the New Leaf Community, for example, who has X, but is looking for Y, and you have Y, but need X, and you can't do anything about it XD

Hoping to see screenshot sharing enabled for more games as well, such as Pokemon X/Y :)



Klinny commented on Lobodestroyo Kickstarter Funded, Festival Of M...:

@ACK I'm not sure if I agree with your statements about Kickstarter alleviating risk for the developers. Generally, developers are only asking for the amount required to produce the game. This is the same amount they would be asking from a publisher if they were to go that route. Crowdfunding, however, allows the developer to retain freedom over the artistic direction of their work. Publishers are the one who take the risk when investing in a project, not a developer, and as such they generally only invest in a game that will make them tons of profits. This generally means that developers have to stick to what is known to sell well, and does not leave much room for experimentation. With Kickstarter, the developer retains the same amount of risk that they would have otherwise, if not more, as their game may not sell as well at the end of the day.

I do agree that backers are the ones who are generally picking up the majority of that risk, though. However, I am more than willing to take that risk if it means that I may get to play a game that I truly enjoy, that would not have been developed otherwise. I also do not consider it a charity; I expect a great game at the end of the day.

I am also passionate about Kickstarter, as it brings a sense of community into the development process. Backers are investors, and as such, we generally get a voice in how the game progresses. We also get to meet developers, which tends to humanize what has become a rather disconnected process. You mentioned the importance about helping families in need, and of course we should all strive to help out our fellow man whenever possible. Kickstarter may not save somebody's life, but I feel that it provides an important service to the preservation of the creative process.



Klinny commented on Lobodestroyo Kickstarter Funded, Festival Of M...:

Congrats to Lobodestroyo! Looks like a lot of fun!

I was a backer of Festival of Magic and was disappointed to hear of the cancellation, but understand the reasoning why. I hope they are more successful in the new year. I played the demo as well and really enjoyed it. It looks like it is still available for download as well to anyone who would like to check it out:

But another Kickstarter project that I am backing, Dex, reached their Wii U stretch goal today! It's a cyberpunk sidescrolling RPG. Here is the link to anyone who is interested in taking a look:



Klinny commented on Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Festival of...:

I've pledged $20 for the Early U tier. This looks exactly like the type of game that I would enjoy, and I think the pledge amount is reasonable given the quality and content that seems to be present in the game.

And thank you to the Nintendolife staff for sharing these Kickstarter projects. I love Kickstarter, but don't always have time to browse the webpage looking for Wii U games I might like.



Klinny commented on Weirdness: Shiny Pokémon Finder Takes No-Hand...:

@Marioman64 Constructing a robot to manually push buttons is significantly more difficult. The robot arms would need to be incredibly precise, as the Y and A buttons are very close together, and also incredibly fast, as to push the A button in time to catch the fish, (the force of which is likely to damage the buttons). Also, as it is manually pushing buttons, you would have to ensure that both the 3DS and the robot remain perfectly still, which is very difficult. It would also be more expensive, as you would need more parts, (and servos wear down after time, so would need to be tuned, maintained, and eventually replaced) and require significantly more coding.

Altering the controller is much easier and allows for perfect, precise, immediate controls.

Anyways, I think this is a very clever idea on the whole. I personally wouldn't use it myself, however, as it requires physically altering the system. (And chain fishing is not remarkably difficult.) Also, I used to RNG for Shinies in previous games, and find that the easier it is to find a Shiny, the less exciting it is to have it. (Though, of course, realistically speaking, you may never find one otherwise.)

In X and Y, though, I've found 3 Shinies so far. Two from fishing and one Ditto using Pokeradar, so even without cheating, it's much more accessible in this generation.



Klinny commented on Review: Rune Factory 4 (3DS):

This is definitely my favorite Rune Factory in the series, (including Frontier!) so it's great to see it receive such a good review!



Klinny commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants the Wii U Zelda's Hyrule to ...:

I'm pretty much up for anything, though after reading the comments, I would love to see either a steampunk or modern/futuristic Hyrule.

I think it would be fantastic too if Link and Zelda were living in a timeline where princesses and heroes were obsolete, and seeing how that affects each of their roles.



Klinny commented on Developer Interview: Ludosity Talks Ittle Dew,...:

People in creative fields often refer to their work as their "babies," and when you have to edit, revise, cut out, etc. it often feels like you're "killing your baby".

I don't think he meant any harm or offense by his statement, just probably didn't think about how others might perceive it.

I'm also a little confused about the Zelda references, as I recall the article about it being originally pitched as a Zelda game, (which some of you have already posted).



Klinny commented on New 3DS Harvest Moon Game Coming To Japan Earl...:

I'm interested in seeing what they're going to do with this one. I don't mind them scaling back the farming, if they're adding other things to do. I find that in games like A New Beginning, where farming itself is no longer the focus of the game, that the chores can often become tedious and stressful to complete every morning.



Klinny commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

I am a little annoyed sometimes by Zelda's "damsel-in-distress" role, however, she's only one of many female characters in the game, which also include Saria, Nabooru, Impa, and Ruto.

Also, the sages are intended to represent one of every race in the game. So, Ocarina gives each race equal power, and urges them to work together.

And we shouldn't forget that an attempt to perform animal cruelty generally results in a chicken storm.



Klinny commented on Extra Chapter Funded for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero:

Oops, thanks for reminding me! I had forgotten to actually put my pledge in. Really excited for this title; I loved Shantae: Risky's Revenge for 3DS and would love to support their upcoming project. (Also the extra backer-only content doesn't hurt lol)



Klinny commented on Citizens of Earth Development Team Includes Fo...:

This looks like a lot of fun, so I'll definitely be keeping my eye on it.

I really love the amount of detail that has gone into the environment as well. The giant cupcake sign on the Bakery, for example, is fantastic :)