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Talking Point: Wii U Direct - Tell Us What You Thought

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Or just watch it again

So, Wii U Direct was quite a show from Iwata-san, wasn't it? While there's a tendency for gamers of all types to always want more, we feel confident in saying that Nintendo delivered plenty of announcements and news to intrigue and excite the majority. There were some genuine surprises in there, as well as big announcements that had been long rumoured.

As you've no doubt seen, we've endeavoured to cover every story that's come out of the broadcast, and will continue to do so. In terms of our reaction to it and features content, that'll follow tomorrow and beyond; there's a lot to digest, covering a variety of facets of Wii U, and we want to gather our thoughts before we start writing in greater detail. It's not like we're short of news to enjoy for today, in any case.

An important thing for us, meanwhile, is to know what you think. This was a blockbuster Nintendo Direct that went for some serious headlines, and we want to know what you thought about it. We've included a few polls and the full presentation below, and we'd love to read your opinions on today's broadcast bonanza in the comments section. There sure is a lot to talk about.

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What was the biggest announcement in Wii U Direct, for you? (534 votes)

Wii U Virtual Console


Wii U Virtual Console "Trial" promotion


New project from Monolith Soft


Zelda Wii U and Wind Waker HD


Mario and Mario Kart U coming to E3


Fire Emblem/Shin-Megami Tensei crossover


New Yoshi title


Wii U system updates


I can't decide!


None of the above


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Which is your most anticipated game from Wii U Direct? (483 votes)

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD


The Legend of Zelda Wii U


Super Mario 3D Wii U


Mario Kart U


Yarn Yoshi


Fire Emblem/Shin-Megami Tensei


Wii Fit U


Wii U Party


Bayonetta 2


The Wonderful 101


I can't choose!


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What's your view on the Wii U Virtual Console announcement? (469 votes)

I was really pleased with all of the details


Glad that it's confirmed, but disappointed at the absence of GameCube


Pleased that I can get previously purchased Wii VC games for less


Disappointed with the pricing and charges for previously purchased Wii VC games


Disappointed with the delay to Spring


None of the above


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User Comments (178)



ohhaime said:

Wii U VC is Nice, Extra points for GBA

Yoshi's epic Yarn Great surprise . I'm looking forward to playing it.
I hope the New 3D Mario isn't galaxy. I hope It's Sunshine 2.
New Monolith Game Looks incredible!!!



Tasuki said:

I liked the VC announcement especially the part about being able to rebuy all my VC games for a fraction of the cost. For me it will be cheaper than getting an SD card and transferring the games from my Wii plus I will be able to play them on the gamepad.



Placlu said:

It's a real slap in the face making you rebuy the games. I get they are being redone for Miiverse etc and you don't HAVE to buy them.. but still.

The biggest SHOCK for me was the SMT x FE Crossover. Not so much the fact it exists, but its going to be released in Europe (and Australia!). waits patiently for Persona 4 Arena



Burning_Spear said:

Nintendo knocked it out of the park with this one. There's so much new stuff coming to Wii U within the next few months. The console needed this kind of hype to get people talking and create a buzz that translates to sales. I can't wait to get home and turn on my Wii U, even if none of these things have any immediate effect for me.



Jazzem said:

Any good will from the generally excellent direct video is currently drowned out by the annoyance of PAL Wii U VC in 50Hz. Absolutely disgusting that this is sill seen as acceptable, completely ruins one of the most exciting features of the console for me. Shame on you Nintendo



ThomasBW84 said:

Whoops on the Mario Kart 7 typo, now fixed. I also missed the Monolith Soft game in the second poll (ironically as it's top of my personal list), so my apologies for that — if I add it now I may throw off the results.



Hokori said:

Believe it or not... This ND is the reason I'm buying OOT 3D and SF 64 3D tonight
If I'm rebuying to play on the go, I'm rebuying the better version and the portable versions, I'm not going to rebuy my wii VC though unless I can play them on my 3DS



HeroOfTime32 said:

Great NIntendo Direct. Really glad they announced what they did in regards to VC. Things could definitely be much worse. My only concern is the speed in which these titles will be released for the Wii U VC. Oh, that and Gamecube games too. I'm dying that there hasn't been a GC announcement yet. Really glad to see a new 3D Mario is in the works. Hope it is a completely new adventure and not another Galaxy game or New Bros. game! Also keep the system updates coming Nintendo!! To keep interest in the console, it should never cease to receive new features!



Pikachupwnage said:

@Mr_Trill281 Wow...just wow

Seriously Its fine to dislike it but this sort of unconstructive bashing should not be present in any community. Its foolish and disrespectful to the community.



Gamesake said:

I was expecting GameCube VC, instead we're getting Wind Waker HD. That was the biggest surprise for me.



Ryno said:

Got to admit I was really impressed with this Nintendo Direct!



aaronsullivan said:

Wow. And I even get to download Balloon fight when I get home. There was actually way more to this Nintendo Direct than I imagined. Still smiling.

With all this stuff talked about my prediction is that Retro Metroid will be the one kept secret until E3 this year.



aaronsullivan said:

You think Nintendo might focus on doing HD updates instead of Gamecube VC? Could Super Mario Sunshine be next? GamePad could be interesting for that one.



Nareva said:

The cost to 'upgrade' VC games reminds of when iTunes started selling DRM-free music tracks. You were able to upgrade songs you previously bought from them for a small-ish fee. Unfortunately I have a lot of VC titles. Upgrading all of them will cost me a pretty penny.



AgentChuckAloo said:

I was most glad to hear about the upcoming system updates and the Wii U Virtual Console. The new features coming to Miiverse are also enticing. Gamewise, the biggest surprise had to be Wind Waker HD. I didn't see that coming at all. I already have it for GameCube, but it's Zelda in HD so I'll get it. Can't wait to see the new 3D Mario game, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. at E3. Today's Nintendo Direct was wonderful.



Hyperstar96 said:

As you've no doubt seen, we've endeavoured to cover every story that's come out of the broadcast, and will continue to do so.

... Yet you didn't even mention FREAKING MOTHER 2 ON THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE.



cornishlee said:

It was a stellar performance. It should keep people from moaning for at least a week.



rjejr said:

"I also missed the Monolith Soft game in the second poll (ironically as it's top of my personal list), so my apologies for that — if I add it now I may throw off the results."

Add it anyway? I voted for Bayonetta 2 but it would have been Xenowhatever.

The first 20 minutes or so had me really worried they were going to blow this, like at E3 2012 when they opened with Pikmin 3 and then had - I forget. but all the promised game announcements more than made up for it.

1 thing that could have made it better was some release dates for 101 or Pikmin 3.

Here's a good poll question for this ND. As good as it was - and it was really good - does it make you want to go out and buy a Wii U TODAY - or are you going to wait for some of these games to come out? Which may be awhile, as none of them had dates.



Whopper744 said:

lol. Anyone else notice someone typed "like a boss" in one of the post behind Iwata in this pic?



Buzzthebatgirl said:

@Hyperstar96 perhaps Mother 2 was not mentioned as it's not available in all territories? The UK (and I assume the rest of Europe) get Punch Out instead of Mother 2. Quite surprise to learn the line up is different between the regions though...



Dreamcaster-X said:

Man, there is SOOOOO much goodness coming this year for Wii U and to think, this isn't even E3 yet!!! The Wii U will be in full swing this fall after the system updates and VC is well under way plus a slew of AAA titles....2013 is gonna be a GREAT year for gamers!!!



Dizzard said:

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem was probably the biggest announcement for me, mostly because it's the one nobody saw coming. Gosh we're seeing a lot of collaborations lately.

Wind Waker HD looks amazing, my favourite zelda game ever. Nice to see another RPG style game coming from Monolith Soft too. They might convince me to pick up a Wii U yet.



justinj42 said:

What about GBA games on the VC? That one threw me off big time. It seems like they realized they wanted to put it on the 3DS, but promised they wouldn't, so they went to Wii U. Oh well, I just want Fire Emblem.



antipop621 said:

I've been playing Xenoblade so slowly just because I don't want it to end. But now I want to burn through it in anticipation of this new game.



Chrno-x said:

There's a lack of new Monolith Soft "X" title in the category "most anticipated title for Wii U from Nintendo Direct" cause if there's a option to vote for not shown totally new Zelda, then there should be also new Monolith Soft RPG.



NintyMan said:

I can't choose just one game since we know so little about them. This was an amazing Nintendo Direct, and it was all without a quirky meme too.



Luffymcduck said:

Just keep building up the hype Nintendo and WiiU is going to have a great fight with PS4 and XBox720.



-Crystalline- said:

I think they should keep the good old Zelda Formula and still keep bringing out new content. I'd also love to see another 2D Zelda Title. That would definitely take me back to the good old days of Alttp, OoS/OoA and TMC.



TysonOfTime said:

I like how it's completely optional to rebuy the VC games, but it's cheaper too. Sure, it's no PSN, but it was more than I was expecting.



Sean_Aaron said:

Wow, just wow. What a great update!

I'm pretty jazzed about everything I saw: the Yoshi game, the Fire Emblem crossover, a Zelda game I've never played and of course that massive Monolithsoft RPG.

Very exciting stuff!

I'll definitely be getting the trial VC stuff, but like Jazzem says, I'm hoping that using PAL versions as a basis for European Wii U VC content was a mistake that will be corrected. We're in the HD era folks, so let's leave that stuff in the past and go with the original presentation please!



Void said:

Got way more than I expected, Yoshi's Epic Yarn looked amazing, and I can't wait for the new Fire Emblem or Monolith's title.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Hyperstar96 We've posted an article on the VC trial lineup, Mother 2 is Japan only.

As already mentioned, I forgot Monolith's game in the second poll, probably because I'm only human. Adding it now will mess up the results, I believe. Oh well!



taffy said:

Surprised that GBA games will be on the Wii U, thought they would have announced that for the 3DS but he did say that there will be another Direct for 3DS and third party games. Oh and those new Yoshi and Monolith games look super sweet, just hope you guys across the pond don't have to wait too long... still don't understand how Disaster never went stateside!



SubZer023 said:

This is Really Really Nice Guys im Impressed.But What about 3DS like Really ever since the news about Yesterday with the Remake of Revelations I been Feeling really left out :/



sharpspiral said:

Glad to see Lego City got a confirmed release date. The HD Wind Waker looks and sounds amazing .... the biggest shock of this Nintendo Direct for me. So so happy that the Wii U gets its own VC with enhanced gamepad/miiverse support. Only bought a couple of VC games on the Wii so it looks like I'll be downloading for quite a while once the spring update arrives.



MasterWario said:

I want to buy just about all of those games!
Nintendo is the only company that consistently makes games I want to buy!



Jukilum said:

I'm thrilled to know that Nintendo will (probably) do great at E3 this year as there is likely going to be a lot of hype and attention given to Microsoft and Sony's new consoles which could overshadow Nintendo. When they present a playable new 3D Mario, a new Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. info there's no way they'll be ignored.

There was one major disappointment in the Nintendo Direct though: nobody held any fruit.



Wildfire said:

One hell of a Nintendo Direct if you ask me! The only thing I didn't like though was to repurchase my old VC games. I know that they aren't asking too much for it with the discount price, but still...
Anyway,this was an amazing presentation! Can't wait for The Wonderfull 101 and Bayonetta 2!!!!!



Boo_Buster said:

I can't decide.... anything! lol. I'm excited for Mario, Mario Kart U, Zelda U, WW HD remake, MonolithSoft's JRPG, Yoshi's Epic Yarn (hehe), the FExSMT crossover.... It was an overall great Nintendo Direct. Every bit of news was good; from the VC and system updates to the plethora of nice games. Even games like Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 look really cool. Jeez, this was much needed Nintendo.



delt75 said:

Loved everything I saw, except I wish the GBA games were coming to the 3DS. I'd like to have more than just the ones they gave us lucky ones in the Ambassador's Club.



idork99 said:

3DS vs. Wii U = 3D w/ out glasses vs. HD graphics = portability vs. home entertainment center = Swapnote/Streetpass/Spotpass vs. Miiverse...

These are the main differences in my opinion. Otherwise, they're both identically impressive systems in their own right. I'm excited to learn more about the new Zelda. Other than that, it was an impressive Nintendo Direct. Unfortunately, I don't own a Wii U yet and probably won't be encouraged to have one until the new Zelda comes out. And the news of the Virtual Console games doesn't encourage me to want to buy one anytime soon either. I think I would've ran to the store immediately to purchase one if I knew I could transfer and re-purchase my old Virtual Console games for free as opposed to the $.99/$1.49 they intend on charging for the NES/SNES games. It doesn't sound like you're paying much at first but I want to guess that between NES and SNES games put together, I own like 50+ games. So, that adds up to be anywhere between $50-$80 easily!



Kyloctopus said:

I can't wait for Yarn Yoshi. However in the gameplay I noticed no eggs were following Yoshi. I just hope this was either a coincidence, or early development.



TheDreamingHawk said:

I thought it was mostly crud. Zelda Wind waker and the VC are the best parts, but everything else was bad.

Seriously, DID GOOD-FEEL HAVE to be the ones who made Yarn yoshi? Kirby's epic yarn was too freaking easy, and they BETTER put a hard mode in this game, or at least punish you for death.

Wii U party would be all Right, and the VC lineup is OK. (Personally, I'm glad F-zero is taking the place of Fire emblem)... BUT WHY THE HECK DID WE NOT GET EB? Punch-out is the worst possible game they could replace it with. Why not Super mario world SNES with better controls? Link to the past? ANYTHING BUT PUNCHOUT!!!



zoroarkrules25 said:

I thought it was really cool but i would have loved to see more on smash bros and mario and the zelda games.



Kresslia said:

I'm SO glad to say that Nintendo seriously knocked it out of the park. I keep it real and admit when they screw up, like at E3 last year, but I admit this was fantastic and has me feeling excited about the system. I can't even take people complaining seriously because they packed so many great things into this. Wii U Direct + Pokemon X and Y's announcement leave me feeling much more positive about Nintendo this year.

Mario Kart U, Mario U (Galaxy 2 is probably my favourite game ever), the new Monolift Soft game (Xenoblade is up there as one of my favs, too), Yarn Yoshi, Windwaker HD, and Zelda U are DEFINITE buys for me. If I had to pick one favourite, and I'm happy to say that it's hard to pick, it would be the Monolift Soft game, considering we got to see actual footage of it. If that game was released right this moment, I'd drop everything and play it right away. Other possible buys: Wii U Party, The Wonderful 101 (looks great but will look at reviews), maybe the Fire Emblem one? Maybe Bayonetta? I've never played a Fire Emblem game or Bayonetta....



Varia01 said:

Yes Virtual Console games at last! It even has GBA games so I can finally play Metroid Fusion! I also can't wait for Wind Waker HD. I heard it is a very popular Zelda game. Other than that, I am disappointed that there is no gamecube games yet for the Wii U, and (of course) WHERE IS THE STINKIN METROID GAME FOR WII U? Nintendo still doesn't see how awesome Metroid would be on the Wii U?

The Virtual Console deal is a real treat. Discounts if you have had some games on the original Wii. I am glad to see that Super Metroid will be a deal for May. The GBA idea is also pretty neat. Like I said, I can't wait to play Metroid Fusion.

As for the new games, a new 3D Mario game and Mario Kart U are really awesome ideas! The Wii U's new features adds to that excitement! That new xenoblade looks awesome (those visuals look far more than impossible to animate!) too. The Zelda wind waker HD game is also something I am highly anticipating! The HD visuals and Wii U gamepad capabilities lead to a lot of new abilities!

The updates seem solid. The faster launching and accessing time really would help. Adding miiverse to smartphones is pretty good too. Creating user communities would also expand my enjoyment with the Wii U. Miiverse just gets better and better.

So much to get excited for! I can't wait! This is AWESOME!



SammyOfMobius said:

An amazing Direct. They proved that NIntendo Direct can suprise and they actually announced a few games. Yarn Yoshi, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D U, new Zelda U were the most exciting announcements. My only criticism is lack of Virtual Console Gamecube games (Wind Waker HD made up for this) and no news for Nintendo 3DS. 9.4 out of 10.



SammyOfMobius said:

@Varia01 I really do think the Nintendo 3DS is a better home for GBA VC games. Oh well, maybe the chance of Virtual Console Gamecube games will one day see the light of day...



mamp said:

Was a fan of the first Bayonetta, can't wait for number 2. My only problem with Nintendo Direct in general is that they tend to run on too long (these 36 minutes were excruciating) and we don't get that much information. I think it's partly because Iwata talks too slow and tends to say unnecessary things and on occasion he repeats himself.



KAHN said:

i'd rather focus all my attention on the real ZeldaU title >: (



lmac99 said:

Why is there no SSB4 screens at E3 option? That's my favorite annoucment! Along with Yarn Yoshi and Mario Kart and 3D Mario



Codyshelby said:

I was disappointed with the absence of Gamecube titles on VC.

But honestly I was most looking forward to Windwaker anyways.

Now we get an amazing looking Windwaker redone in HD. Now I have no problem waiting for Gamecube VC.



KingH3nrry said:

Since they are putting gba games on the wii u vc, I would really like to see pokemon emerald released on it. I've been wanting to replay it for about six years



Slapshot said:

I'm glad to see that the Nintendo fans are pleased with this line-up and I only wish that I could say the same thing for myself. I'm just entirely burned on Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda. Yoshi looks amazing and so does Wonderful 101, but I'm just still not sold on Wii U.

I do think that this Nintendo Direct shows that Nintendo was worried about the Wii U's sales over the holidays.



NintyMan said:

There was a ton of information in this video that took a while to settle and process, but overall it was truly great. All of the first-party games impressed me, which is why I couldn't decide on just one title to vote for.

One thing that's very reassuring is that Nintendo is in good standing for this E3. 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., possibly Zelda U, and possibly Retro Studios' new game along with the other Wii U games should act as good buffers against the likely unveiling of Sony and/or Microsoft's new consoles, and that's not even including new 3DS games.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Biggest announcement for me were the communities. Hope they'll be avaialable in as many games as possible.
Also adding to what i wrote in the news about the upgrade cost of Wii VC games.... I don't really care about the restore points so if i upgrade i'd pay extra for Miiverse integration. A thing Nintendo profits from since they get free game advertising this way...



MegaWatts said:

@Slapshot - completely agree with your last point. Very unusual for what has traditionally been quite a secretive company to reveal so many projects. Saying that, I don't think anyone could have been surprised about a new Mario, Mario Kart or Zelda. It was a safe bet for Iwata to mention them at the end of the day.

I think I'm one of the few people who wasn't blown away by it. There were some great announcements (the ones that had footage, not to mention that Wonderful 101 looks even more epic!) and nice to hear that the big N is addressing some key system performance issues, but it all seemed designed to distract from the fact that we still have no idea when half of this stuff is actually coming. No concrete details and still relatively very little to actually buy and play in the run-up to E3. While I'm happy that we'll finally see a good chunk of games at E3, that's 5 months away. And even then, there's no guarantee that any of the games shown there will be released this year, and if they are, it'll likely be towards the end.

So what the heck are Wii U owners supposed to play in the meanwhile? Again, we don't know the full details when it comes to release dates and other potential projects that may still be secret, so I'm happy to wait and see and eat my hat when it comes to it.

Lastly, I still think the VC repurchase deal is a bit of a bad deal. Yes, we're talking small sums of money, but it's the fact that those who've supported Nintendo the most or simply in the past have to cough up more than a first-time buyer. It's just bad customer service and, dare I say it, a pretty blatant attempt to cash in.

And knowing full well that many core fans will happily pay up for this, it worryingly makes good business sense for Nintendo to approach it in the way that they have.



GrumpyGoomba said:

new mario kart will be very apreciated looks like it's time for me to get a wii u now with all these great looking game coming out.



Yosher said:

Yarn Yoshi was most definetely the best game of this presentation, being a big fan of that green dino. It's also my most anticipated title right now, right up there with Mario Kart, 3D Mario and Smash Bros.



Peppy_Hare said:

Pretty ticked that I'm having to pay for the privilage of playing on the WiiU gamepad. I have 43 games. That's not an insignificant amount of money I'll need to pay to transfer the rights over to WiiU. A money grab by Nintendo.



CerealKiller062 said:

I personally love Persona more than the Shin Megami Tensei series games. That crossover is still pretty good.



MetalKingShield said:

I thought it was spectacular, especially Wind Waker HD and a little bit of information of the next Zelda. When I saw Windfall Island I had to check I wasn't dreaming.



randomlypikachu said:

i must say a lot of the things i saw in this suprised me (especialy the fire emblem/shin-megami tensei cross over). to sum up all my thoughts, i think this nintendo direct was pretty great. the only thing that disapointed me is that they didnt go with majoras mask over wind waker to get the HD remake treatment.



NickStrife23 said:

I love the Monolith Soft game idea !! YAY and I really love the Yarn Yoshi idea !! The Wind Waker is the only Zelda I havent played yet and Im looking forward to it in HD !!



JGer said:

I'll be the first to say I've been awfully disappointed with Nintendo over the past 4 - 5 years...

But I was very excited about all of this news. I had no intention of buying a Wii U, but now I'm strongly considering it. Pikmin 3 was the only game on the radar that I had any interest in... Now I've got a few more to add to that list.

Also, side comment - Completing duengons out of order is not a new concept in the Zelda series... You could do that in the original Zelda!



Emaan said:

This Nintendo Direct was legendary. Along with the recent Pokemon direct with the announce of X and Y, this was right up there with total hype!

I'm most excited for Wind Waker in HD and Yarn Yoshi. The Monolith Soft game looks gorgeous. Pikmin 3 camera details were interesting. Confirmation of 3D Mario and new Mario Kart just added the cherry on top.

2013 is the year of the 3DS- at least that's what we've been saying. Who knows, the Wii U just might steal the show this year.




turtlelink said:

SMTxFE and Wind Waker HD is great news! They could be selling points for me. Everything else is meh.



NickStrife23 said:

Would they have a 3DS Q2-Q4 Nintendo Direct ?? Cause im sure there are some games for that system coming out later this year too !!



Senate_Guard said:

Wow! So much awesome news! Wii U VC, a new 3D Mario, the next Mario Kart playable at E3, Smash Bros. U screens at E3, even the Wonderful 101 looks exciting! Now gimme some Metroid and F-Zero!



swordx said:

My thoughts?




8bitforever said:

Great news....but why have they not addressed the problem with all of your digital purchases being tied to a physical machine! I refuse to buy a WiiU until this is fixed. I lost $100 worth of VC games on a broken 3DS. They won't get that from me again.



SPEtheridge said:

I felt it was a pretty good showing, like the fact they are going to use Epic Yarn's style in a new game, the news of a new Mario at E3 and Wind Waker by the end of the year and the system updates coming might get me to invest in a Wii U sooner rather than later.



Slapshot said:

@MegaWatts Word from word quote from the Nintendo Direct: "Because the scope for game development for each title is getting larger and larger, we cannot prepare enough titles for Wii U using the same approaches we've taken in the past."



sinalefa said:

Really awesome. I don't care about the Fire Emblem game and Mario Kart, but the rest sound amazing to me. Now I won't have to kick myself for having turned my back on Wind Waker twice.

It will be nice to see a new 3D Mario from EAD Tokyo, and of course the new Zelda, no matter how far away it is. I actually like how they don't commit to release dates, as those are never solid things.

Yoshi looks great and I am just starting Xenoblade, so I will have another huge RPG to look forward to.



SPEtheridge said:

Also pretty pleased that you won't have to pay full price for owned VC games on Wii U, always new you'd have to pay but glad its not much for the upgrade.



benportugal said:

It may not be that much to "upgrade" VC games, but we've only had prices for NES/SNES - we can assume the N64 games will cost more ($4 maybe?)

The irony is that the people who've already spent the most will have to pay out the most - that's hardly fair. With 50+ VC games, I'm looking at $100ish, that's too much to upgrade games I've already bought once (or more than once, in the case of many of the N64 titles).



SPEtheridge said:

Ah man yeah if you have a lot of like 50 plus VC games, think there should be some sort of bigger discount if you have a ton, i've been lucky that i never bought that much only ones that never came over to UK such as Mario RPG.



Raymen said:

;[::::: can't get wiiu direct on 3DS nor at eshop. I'm sad, almost crying in my room because you guys are so lucky. WHY!!!?!!!?!!!?!!!?!!!?!!!?!!?!!?



WoottWinds said:

I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning, seriously. This was an amazing presentation by Nintendo, every single thing about it made me squeal with joy. System updates, Miiverse stuff, new 3D Mario from the amazing Galaxy team, Mario Kart, Yarn Yoshi, new Zelda, Wind Waker HD, and the promise of seeing most of these at E3 along with the new Smash Bros.? Freaking fantastic. Then the Monolilth Soft "X" trailer at the end, dear god, my jaw was on the floor. Already looks like it's shaping up to be an incredible successor to Xenoblade.

And the VC "upgrade" pricing for things you've already purchased I feel is completely fair (honestly thought it was going to be much higher), and I can't wait to see more systems and games added to that service. Hopefully it's supported better than the original VC. Nintendo continues to have all of my gaming love.



GreenDream said:

Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei combining into a hybrid chimera!?


Please be good, PLEASE be good... Definitely looking forward to that one the most! But the new "Xeno" title makes my mouth water! Nintendo is thankfully not holding back on the RPG goodness this console generation! It's been too long since they didn't...



GreenDream said:

Also, I wonder why they had Iwata and Aonuma stand rigidly and awkwardly while talking, instead of using more gestures and lively movements. Interesting to learn that Iwata was a developer on Balloon Fight! It's one of my favorite early NES titles.

He should not need to apologize for the lack of titles on some monthes. They need to take their time, so they can polish their projects.



MushroomCooCoo said:

This Nintendo Direct was amazing. Looking forward to the new 3d Mario, Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and the new Zelda. The Windwaker remake was a shock and I'll definitely be pickinf it up.

I'm going broke just thinking about it. And that's only the Wii U.

Can't wait to see the 3ds Nintendo Direct coming soon! (I hope.)



WindWakerLink said:

Of course Im SUPER EXCITED for the Wind Waker remade as "my name is that!" "Heh heh heh." The Monolith showing was the 2nd BIGGEST surprise to me. Everything else.... I watched a "Nintendo E3 2013 rumor video" on youtube back in December 2012....&.... this ND confirmed most of those rumors, so im not as excited/surprised as i should be, i guess. "Hmm."



arrmixer said:

honestly i have to disagree with you as far as the repurchase of virtual titles...
it cost nintendo money and resources to actually put in the coding neccessary for each and every wii virtual game ... honestly im just paying their cost so i can play my games on the gamepad and create the incentive nintendo will keep the virtual games coming sounds good to me



shinpichu said:

It really doesn't take that much effort to put out a VC game. One's Nintendo has developed the appropriate emulator, they just bundle a rom in said emulator and make a few minor touches(adjusting controls, etc.). That's why Japanese games don't make it internationally: Nintendo doesn't like putting effort into these things.



arrmixer said:

yeah you're right .. that is why i don't mind paying the discount ... those little touches always sound easy till you actually put in the time ...
dont forget everything sounds easy on paper



Alpha2797 said:

Wow, looking forward to Pikmin 3, Shin Megami+Fire Emblem, Yoshi Yarn, Wind Waker HD...well, pretty much everything except Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101. I still want to know more details on the two mentioned games first. First half of 2013 is mostly greatly anticipated 3DS games, but the second half(and maybe 2014 as well) is going to be mostly for WII u games.
Wow, it's barely 2013 and we're already talking about 2014. It reminds me of this movie that was rumored for a release date of 2016. I'm don't remember which movie it was though.



edcomics said:

What a painfully long presentation. Iwata is out of touch, and these Nintendo Direct presentations are becoming ridiculous. Just give us the info without making us suffer through 36 minutes of broken English. Sigh...

There was some good information sprinkled in there. Plenty of the games look like fun. Personally, I don't understand the WindWaker HD thing. The original looks great. Sure, HD would be nice if it just means a perfectly smooth picture, but they've gone and changed the entire look of the game by eliminating the cell-shaded style. I think Zelda is in trouble, and I suspect the WiiU Zelda game will be generic and disappointing. Of course, I hope I'm wrong.

The Xeno-whatever game looks great. Outstanding graphics. It's funny how now Nintendo makes a big deal out of Monolithsoft, when Xenoblade was originally treated as almost undesirable. The fans spoke, I guess.

Overall, it looks like there will be some fun games, but I'm starting to feel that the extras like Miiverse and TVii are ultimately going to be flops. Miiverse has a chance to survive as long as people are enthusiastic about the concept, but I really don't find myself spending much time on there at all. In fact, I haven't used my WiiU in weeks. Something's just missing.

Sigh. The Yoshi game looks like fun. Kirby's Epic Yarn was good, so I'm looking forward to this... though I have to wonder why it's not a new Kirby game, such as Epic Yarn 2. Eh, whatever.



CharbroiledEwok said:

I wonder if Tingle's role in TLOZ:WW will be confined to the Gamepad, or if it'll use the 3DS for a second player...



NMH-TRI said:

I hope they show Retro's project at E3. Seriously....Platinum, Monolith Soft, and Retro are champs for Nintendo.



byrdman said:

Really excited about HD Wind Waker (still can't decide whether that or skyward sword is the best in the series). I'm also blown away by the Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei announcement! I'm the biggest Fire Emblem fan and now it looks like I'll have to get Devil Survivor on 3DS to see what that series is all about!




AMAZING ND!!! Nintendo REALLY brought the news this time. We all knew that their silence these past two months meant that they were in development on several titles but it was a very good move to release this information to their core fans today instead of just waiting for a massive E3 reveal. It makes me feel confident for investing in Wii U for sure.



jkvasn said:

Technically I am more excited for Windwaker HD than the new Zelda title - because I don't have any details on the new title and I know for a fact that WW's BOSS!!! but the fact that nintendo is releasing something that's not a remake of a game i've already played is why I chose the new Zelda title. I look forward to seeing the franchise get with the times.



WaxxyOne said:

Good info all around, really excited about the Wind Waker rerelease as it's one of my favorite Zelda titles and the HD looks great. Hopefully when they say they'll "tune up the gameplay" they will make the right changes (shorten the Triforce farming quest, maybe?) while leaving most of the gameplay untouched.

The new Zelda announcement is what really got to me though. A Zelda game without a linear storyline and multiplayer? Can't wait to see what they do with those ideas...



gefflt said:

"Which is your most anticipated game from Wii U Direct?"

Looks for Pikmin 3...
Looks again...

How can Wind Waker have more votes than the new Zelda? I'm super excited for Wind Waker on Wii U, don't get me wrong, and I know we have almost no details about the upcoming new Zelda game but come on, it's a NEW Zelda game!



BenAV said:

They could have just shown that one minute trailer for Monolith Soft's game and I would have been completely amazed.
But then add Wind Waker to that as well as everything else shown... incredible.



DarkNinja9 said:

so far great news new mario kart,yoshi, wonderful 101 and a wind waker remake

rly glad they brought up the topic of miiverse and updates along with changes coming for it wish they would also have let us log in from pc the same time you can use a smartphone though but maybe we will get new tools when posting a comment on miiverse?



sweetiepiejonus said:

I lurked a couple of other sites to see what others were saying, and the sense of entitlement and trolling made me realize why I like this community most.

As for the announcements. I was giddy when I saw the MonolithSoft game. And let's just say I'm glad I had already made my morning "deposit" before the Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei announcement. Still excited for Virtual Console. Save states alone are worth the small fee.

I get the frustration but come on, he's obviously trying to connect to us by using our language. In many other countries they view it as a show of respect.



XCWarrior said:

Really folks? You are most excited about a Zelda remake? Ugh.

Monolift Soft's "X" title by far stole the show. Wii U VC in theory could be a hit. 30 cent gaming is cool unless we really only keep the games 30 days - then it's just dumb.

But man, we are waiting a long time for a lot of it.



GreenDream said:

How many companies (especially foreign ones) have their CEO / President do regular video updates in addition to the business aspects? How many of those people can speak relatively fluent English? How many of those people used to be juniors among the company "grunts"? How many of THOSE people have worked for the same company for nearly 30 years?

Yeah... not many people in the world like Iwata... don't discount Nintendo doing this sort of presentation.



SpaceApe said:

Safe to say I'll be turning in my Wii U for either PS4 or new Xbox. More rehashed titles and nothing for the mature crowd. Nintendo is supposed to be moving forward not backward.



Kage_88 said:

I thought the ND was bloody great. Almost E3-worthy, IMO.

The fact that people are still finding things to complain about reaffirms my view of 'gamers' being self-entitled crybabies.



SubZer023 said:

GBA should have Just been with 3DS it Fits to well even though Nintendo had stated that they were not bringing or doing nothing more. But they also Said they had no interest or intentions of makeing a 3DSXL in they Did. it should Be Like 3DS+VC=Gb,Nes,Gamegear,GBA/ WiiU+VC=SNES, NES, N64,GC, who agrees!



Peach64 said:

I thought it screamed desperation. They can see sales are struggling and needed to throw out a series of huge 'announcements', but in most cases it's just 'this big game you knew would eventually come out for the Wii U... is coming out for the Wii U! But we don't know when and don't have anything to show you. Oh, and here's some more ports!'.

The best thing for me was easily the Yoshi game from Feel Good Inc, but the news that they expect us to pay for VC games all over again pretty much outweighed that one.



defrb said:

I wish they stop reviving old games into better graphics, if there was no point in graphics at the time the release was, why do we bother better graphics now.
I wish they make some new/unique software without reviving every game nintendo ever made.



artofmana said:

This Yoshi's Yarn game has me stoked. Really, there was a ton of great stuff but it was a wonderful surprise to see the Yoshi gameplay.



Lunapplebloom said:

Ther is really just to much awesome to put into words from this direct. Release dates for some Wii U games (specifically Pikmin 3) should have been made known, but a very good lineup so far.

Can't wait to see how 3D Mario looks at E3.



cornishlee said:

That's one. Your comment implied that there was nothing but ports coming, or at least that Nintendo announced nothing but ports. They announced one by my reckoning. It just seems like an unfair criticism.

For what it's worth, I do believe that this was a reactive, rather than proactive, press release but for all that, I think they did a good job generating some more enthusiasm and announced most things that people have been crying (probably literally, to read some posts) out for online. People wanted announcements about new Mario and Zelda games? They got it (even if the rational among us new they had to be in development). Some people wanted HD remakes? They got one. When's the virtual console coming and do we have to pay full price to repurchase titles? April and no: plus here's a game now while you wait. System updates? They're coming. Something new and unexpected? Here's Yoshi filling Kirby's shoes. Oh, and here are a couple of JRPG's we're going to release globally too. Nintendo should be working more closely with third party developers? We're cosying up pretty nicely with Platinum and Monolith, among others, thankyou. It's almost like Nintendo employ someone to watch the internet these days...

I can understand anyone who isn't happy with all of the announcements but to pick on one and use it to beat the entire show with? That just comes across as irrational hating. At least address the other announcements before pronouncing the whole thing worthless.



Lomprayah said:

Using Miiverse when stucked in Zelda Wind Waker HD will be awesome, also 100% sure we will see new Metroid game from Retro Studios on E3 this year.



MagicEmperor said:

Some people think Iwata is too boring or shouldn't present, but I personally admire the man. I think he's a cool guy.

What am I most excited about? Um... Wonderful 101 looks awesome! I'm definitely interested in that. I'm getting the Wind Waker HD enhancement for sure. I'm looking forward to the Smash Bros. screenshots this E3, and I'm eager to learn more about the next Mario adventure. Personally, I'm very shocked that the Wii U Virtual Console is getting the Game Boy Advance. Honestly, wouldn't that work better on the 3DS? I'm worried it may look bad blown up, even on the GamePad, but I'll probably stand corrected when I see it for myself. Still, I wish the Virtual Console would include GameCube games. I really want Melee on my Wii U.

Okay, I ramble. Sorry. I'm loving Miiverse! Overall, I really liked this presentation.



Obywan said:

I really loved the Direct. Couldnt have asked for more. Only thing Im disappointed with is the Virtual Console.

-I have to pay a fee to play the games I already bought natively on my Wii U
-First timers pay less than us who have supported VC through all these years
-No mention of the Nintendo 64, GameCube, or the other Wii VC platforms.
-I'd rather have GBA on my 3DS instead
-We still can't have Earthbound

I've been sticking strictly to handheld VC games on my 3DS and home console VC games on my Wii (and now Wii U). Seeing GBA games on the Wii U and not the 3DS just kills me inside. I wouldnt mind if there was cross-platform compatibility. I should be able to just buy a VC game and be done with it. Not this "buy on every new platform" nonsense.

Nintendo, you should take some notes from Sony on this one.



PinkSpider said:

@spaceape enjoy your new xbox and the same recycled first person shooters that occupy 80 percent of the xbox library. Which will be the same for the xbox 720



CliffordB said:

Really impressed with so much of the stuff announced yesterday, looking forward to the system updates, but, especially looking forward to the new "Yarn" Yoshi game, and can't wait for 3D Mario & Mario Kart, also Bayonetta 2 is very high on my list as well, so lots of pro's from yesterday.

Only con's I can think of is no GameCube VC, and no Donkey Kong Country, Mario Golf or Punch-Out!! announced.

But overall, have got to be happy with this Nintendo Direct.



Sun said:

They wanted to show what they are doing now but what they are doing now is not ready to be shown, except for a Zelda HD port and a Yoshi 2D platform using Kirby's Epic Yarn's engine. And a Wii Party.

What about third parties? I know they said they will talk about it later on but it looks like Wii U is being ignored by most of them. Or even worse, that they are going to release poor ports for Wii U.

Virtual Console: if we look at Wii's VC we see a few N64 and SNES games only and they say they have to redo games for Wii U's VC so... :S

Monolith is doing awesome as usually.



Araknie said:

All said in the survey, really how a long time Nintendo console owner can decide something out of them.

I will not decide, i will take the majority of that amazing stuff.



delt75 said:

This 30min Nintendo Direct video blew away their 2012 E3 press conference. Maybe they just need to put out videos from now on when E3 comes around.



gojiguy said:

The new Wii U VC adresses all of my complaints with the old VC. If they manage to get the NEO GEO games on there soon and pop online into some more of the games then I'll be completely sold on a Wii U.



TourianTourist said:

That Zelda will return to non-linearity was probably the best news that Nintendo could have given me. I was praying for years for this to happen.

Also, the Wind Waker remake looks pretty lovely.

I'm disappointed that I have to buy all VC games again. They badly need an account system that is shared with all Nintendo systems. If I buy a Zelda II on my 3DS, it should be available on my Wii and my Wii U as well. Simple as that.



jaymacx said:

One thing I know about human nature is for people to always find something to complain about. It is very sad when a company such as Nintendo announces news about new titles (some new IPs and some sequels) and some folks expect them to say new kid Icarus, fzero, DK, and have tons of 3rd party games as well. Over saturation can be worse than you may think. Having too many game announcements will cause many lesser known titles to get swallowed up by known and popular ones. So when it comes to planning schedules you have to spread your releases so that games can actually sell in their small spotlight and hopefully gain popularity. This generation of ppl overall feel they are entitled to everything they so desire. Patience is needed for any new console. Everyone and every console has strengths and weaknesses. What I am getting at is we shouldn't complain so much and be thankful. If you have been a Nintendo fan for years then you shouldn't have such unrealistic expectations that no company could achieve. Maybe just maybe Videogames aren't for you. I would never complain so much about something I love.



edcomics said:

@sweetiepiejonus I understand that, and I've been patient... but yesterday's ND was just painful. After watching Iwata's style, though, I understand why Reggie got his job. What wonderful gesticulation.



edcomics said:

@jaymacx Nintendo needs our money to survive. It's their job to meet our expectations and live up to their own self-generated hype.



Rapadash6 said:

Nintendo has been so quiet on the Wii U front for so long that I had nearly given up on ever seeing the old Nintendo I know and love, but in one half an hour they've completely melted my icy heart and restored my faith in the struggling console.

On the negative side, I'm a bit disappointed in the handling of Virtual Console on Wii U. Having to pay, even at a discounted price, for games I already have seems a bit unfair, but even more so than that, I can't believe we have to wait for all of our favorite games again. It is my hope that Nintendo will be able to get these games out at a faster rate this time, and also making sure to give us games like Yoshi's Island and Star Fox, which never made it out on the original Virtual Console. Still it's nice that the updated service is coming fairly soon.

On the other hand, there were a lot of new games announced yesterday: Yarn Yoshi, X, Fire Emblem, and Wind Waker freakin' HD! Of course very little was actually SHOWN of these games, and in some cases nothing at all, but it's nice to know these things are on the way none the less.

Also, Nintendo gave us good reasons to look foward to E3 this year. Certainly the last couple years have been a let down as far as Wii U news goes, but to think we will for sure see 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. for the first time in HD in just 5 months is pretty exciting. Also, it looks like there should be even more surprises in store as nothing of Retro's current project was mentioned yesterday.

Nintendo nailed it out of the park, and the fans really needed them to. I was happy with my Wii U before, but feared the future of the console. Now, my fears have been laid to rest.



Dunban said:

Some thoughts:
Step by step Nintendo creates a social network! It´s limited on chairing your gaming experience by now. But for how long?
They grabbed the look of Little Big Planet for Yoshis Yarn. Finally Big N strikes back and starts to copy good ideas itself.
They should produce a second part of the GC-Title Ghost!



misterquin said:

@edcomics Totally agree with you. Nintendo is perhaps the best game developer out there nowadays- always truly innovating. But they sabotage their own credibility when they give presentation like the one yesterday.

They should have Reggie Fils-Aime do the presentation instead and in front of an audience. Basically imitating what Apple does. Perhaps they'd be taken more seriously.

Hearing Iwata go on in unbearable english was tough, even when he was announcing a remake of my favorite game of all time. I guess none of them understand how judgmental Americans are.



cornishlee said:

I would much rather have Iwata's humility than some American hyperbole. Different tastes I guess and it must be impossible to please everyone in a global broadcast.



strenny said:

Question: does the vc announcement involve my complete wii vc collection... Including my c64 games as well as n64 games. Or do these updates only work for nes and snes titles?



strenny said:

ye the way, I love the stiff style of iwata. It is typically japanese, therefore authentic in its polite discipline.



Hokori said:

@Spaceape? What were you expecting? Honestly I think this one was great and a way of telling me... I made a great choice in my WiiU/PS3



Ichiban said:

One thing Ive learnt from this direct is the Nintendo are the only company in this industry capable of truly surprising people. which is something i have missed in this internet-everything gets leaked time we live in. First they shocked everyone with the Bayonetta 2 reveal back in september, then the multple whammy of this Nintendo Direct. Keep it up guys!!



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm most excited to see how the "X" game turns out, closer to its release date & whether it can truly surpass the brilliance that is Xenoblade Chronicles. & I was greatly pleased by the Virtual Console announcement, especially the 'early bird' pricing Wind Waker HD also looks amazingly beautiful



CharbroiledEwok said:

@Dunban: "They grabbed the look of Little Big Planet for Yoshis Yarn.", not really. If anything, they're borrowing from Kirby's Epic Yarn...

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