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Fri 2nd Mar 2012

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Tomatoboxer commented on Chasing Aurora Update Now Available on Wii U e...:

@DrKarl Creators are very rarely satisfied with their products after they ship them. It's just that now, they're capable of going back and fixing problems. I don't think developers have gotten lazier-if anything, this shift has made it more difficult for them to leave projects be and not continually go back to adjust them.



Tomatoboxer commented on Talking Point: Are Wii U Games Going To Be Too...:

60 dollars isn't a fair amount of money for a game on any console, but developing games is expensive and that's the standard right now, so I don't see why it should be different on the Wii U. Why do the people writing these articles have no problem with the PS3, 360, and most likely their respective successors doing this?



Tomatoboxer commented on Final Issue of Nintendo Gamer Launches With Ex...:

So wait, a long-running, well-written video game magazine is closing, and their final issue teases new Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Pokemon, Smash Brothers, F-Zero AND Star Fox information, and everyone's too busy discussing the cover art to care?



Tomatoboxer commented on Nintendo to Offer Triple Layer of Miiverse Mod...:

Nintendo, it's like you're trying to fail. Why not just give the option to turn it off, or limit chat to friends?
Anyway, I''m looking forward to playing a zombie game during lunch break and asking for help, then waiting half an hour for the message to show up, then waiting for someone to answer it, and waiting for their answer to show up, which will take another half hour, by which point my lunch break is over.