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Tue 4th Dec 2012

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Obywan commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

@element187 I dont need to play it to know. No need to get defensive. I never said it'd horrible. The fact it has flagpoles and a timer automatically tells me it wont be up to par. Dont agree? Well, it's totally like, you know, my opinion?

No need for the butthurt.



Obywan commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

@element187 It's about as up to par as the NSMB games.

Nothing theyve shown about it looks mind blowing. There's now a cat suit. Yay?
It looks about as mind blowing as 3D Land (ie not at all).

Wasnt a huge fan of 3D Land, it was a decent handheld game.

On a console I expected MUCH more. Not a souped up 3D Land.

Mario Galaxy looks better and that came out in 2007 and isnt HD. It also had orchestrated music, which I much doubt 3DWorld will have.

Im sure it'll be fun, but to say I was underwhelmed by it is an understatement.



Obywan commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

I dont mind the Mario games, but I sure as heck hope we get a traditional 3D Mario game. And no, 3D World isnt up to par with the previous console Mario games.

I want a 3D Mario game like 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. One without the timers and flagpoles. I want to collect stars, do missions, and explore.

I fear the 3D Mario games will now be like the NSMB series... pls no... oh god no...



Obywan commented on First Impressions: Yoshi's New Island:

I played the GBA game and the DS game. Dont understand the hate for the DS game, I loved it. I was 13 when it came out, but I still like it.

Im excited for the new 3DS game but imo they shouldve sticked to sprites. Not every 3DS game needs to be 3D-modeled just because it's 3DS.



Obywan commented on Talking Point: Wii U Direct - Tell Us What You...:

I really loved the Direct. Couldnt have asked for more. Only thing Im disappointed with is the Virtual Console.

-I have to pay a fee to play the games I already bought natively on my Wii U
-First timers pay less than us who have supported VC through all these years
-No mention of the Nintendo 64, GameCube, or the other Wii VC platforms.
-I'd rather have GBA on my 3DS instead
-We still can't have Earthbound

I've been sticking strictly to handheld VC games on my 3DS and home console VC games on my Wii (and now Wii U). Seeing GBA games on the Wii U and not the 3DS just kills me inside. I wouldnt mind if there was cross-platform compatibility. I should be able to just buy a VC game and be done with it. Not this "buy on every new platform" nonsense.

Nintendo, you should take some notes from Sony on this one.



Obywan commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

@DrKarl I have not tried to do an additional transfer, but to my understanding yes it can be done.

No, you can't pick what to transfer. It's all or nothing, and if you re-buy a game on your Wii after you did a transfer and attempt another transfer it will just stay on the Wii because the license already exists on the Wii U.



Obywan commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

@Ryno_Choryzo In this day and age were digital downloads are becoming increasingly popular, this is how it should work.

Sony doesnt charge you just to play the same retro /digital/ games on all your Playstation devices, and neither do Apple or Google charge you to use your apps on your new phones.



Obywan commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

@DrKarl The Wii isnt completely 'wiped'. All the System Transfer does is move your Wii Shop licenses over to the Wii U's Wii Shop account, move your save files over, and it moves your Miis over.

Anything outside of that is still on the Wii, and the Wii Shop account on the Wii is still there with all the history still on the Wii, but it will say that your games were transferred via the transfer app.



Obywan commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

Technically it would be possible for them to rid of the Wii mode completely, but it would be a lot of work and wouldnt be as efficient. Think about how long it takes to go into Wii mode in the first place, do you want that every time you want to play a different Wii game? I sure dont. The Wii mode would be perfectly fine with me if they get it working as close to a Wii as possible. I want the Message Board working, the Photo Channel, WiiConnect24, Club Nintendo on the Wii Shop, Mii Parade, etc.

It is impossible to play Guitar Hero 5 online with friends because that game, along others like Metroid Prime Trilogy/ 3, use the Wii Message Board Friend Code which is unavailable in the virtualized Wii. Also, since WiiConnect24 is off, a lot of features in games dont work like the free DLC on City Folk. I understand why stand-by mode is off, but there's no reason why WiiConnect24 shouldnt be on. Specially when hackers managed to edit the settings in the virtualized Wii and turn it back on with everything working as normal.

Nintendo, if you're reading this please for the love of arceus, get off your lazy behind and fix it. Also update the transfer app and transfer over our pictures and Wii Friends. If you can do this and make all the Wii Channels available (Specially Check Mii Out, Nintendo Channel, and the Internet Channel because it has flash) I will have no problems with the Wii Mode, and also I will be VERY upset if I have to repurchase the VC games I already own just to be able to play them on the Gameoad outside of Wii Mode when Wii U VC comes out.



Obywan commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

Yeah, I noticed this a while ago. Doesnt really bother me anymore as I will not be purchasing anything else from the Wii Shop Channel until I hear about their Wii U VC plans.

No way am I spending even more money on Wii VC games if I'll have to rebuy them to use them outside of Wii mode, natively later on.

Wii U's Wii mode is gimped as heck. Missing a ton of features for no good reason and really buggy. Homebrew already got WiiConnect24 back up and working, and I dont see why they limit the old Wii Channels like the Internet and Check Mii Out to only the Wii -_-"



Obywan commented on Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling":

What I want to know is, does this take into account eShop sales?

The Deluxe model is the most popular of the 2 by far, I see a lot of basic sets everywhere.

People could be taking advantage of the Digital promotion.

Edit: I also feel bad because I havent bought any retail games for mine yet. I only have Nintendo Land (and Trine 2), but there's a couple games I want to get and just don't have the money to right now.



Obywan commented on Review: Just Dance 4 (Wii U):

Contrary to what most on here will say, I actually want to get this once I find it cheaper.

This is fun to play with the family.



Obywan commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop Needs Patience:

The thing I'm looking forward to the most is the Virtual Console service. I hope they add GameCube games along with updated versions of all Wii VC games (and transfer over the licenses so we dont have to pay for the same games again).



Obywan commented on Level-5 Responds To SEGA's Legal Threats Regar...:

I find it hard to believe Sega is really doing something like this.

Level 5's game came out in 2008 and this patent is from 2009 anyways.

Also, Phantom Hourglass (2007) and Spirit Tracks (2009) use the touch screen to control Link too and I dont see them going after Nintendo (Because they'd get squashed lol).