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Sat 11th February, 2012

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catsrnice commented on Nintendo of America Teams Up With Best Buy For...:

Uggghh I can't trust my Best Buy to do this, 60% or so of the time I go there their darn relay isn't working. Them and Starbucks I tell ya. The fact that it says "local time" makes me think I can't do the home renaming thing either.



catsrnice commented on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bug Allows Miiverse ...:

Oi really hope this doesn't shut down the community (or even the ability to add pics) as I was just doing a playthrough of that game and liked uploading interesting pictures.

EDIT: Too late. Dang it and I had a good one in my saved posts.



catsrnice commented on Nintendo Releases a "New Owner's Guide" to 3DS:

The white zone is back eh? (Where Nintendo keeps all it's slaves.)
It appeared in an episode of Nintendo Week right before the 3DS came out, also Ben and David from "Ultimate Wii Challenge" eventually ended up there too (I think that was shown in a Nintendo 3DS reaction video). I used to think Christa From Nintendo was a field recruiter for it (Since she kept appearing in a bunch of promo videos) but I'm no sure about that anymore.



catsrnice commented on StreetPass Games Producers Tell Origins of Mii...:

It's the Streetpass Mii Plaza, not the Spotpass Mii Plaza.
Do you live in the US? The've given out so many Gold-pantsed Mii's through the Nintendo Zone lately I though Puzzle piece scarcity was a thing of the past.
EDIT: Never mind, just saw your first post. There's always Homepass I guess?



catsrnice commented on StreetPass Relay Issues Reported in North America:

Here's my experience.
Annoyingly my Best Buy works, but for some reason all I get from it is the Demo 3DS they have on display (Which doesn't have any puzzle pieces) I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the relay system but I didn't streetpass the demo unit before the relay system started except for when the 3DS first came out.

Never have gotten a nintendo zone at Starbucks, I tried like 5 a couple years ago and none of them had it, it was really annoying.

McDonalds is the only place that has really worked for me, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work unless you stand inside for a minute or two, which is annoying because you can't just slowly walk by the entrance to get one.



catsrnice commented on Miyamoto: Mario Will Likely Return To Single-P...:

I was hoping for something completely new and I wasn't too big of a fan of SM3DL (SMG/2 were better) but the gameplay on this looks fun and the story looks like it will be better than SM3DL'S (With possible NPC's?) So it's not as bad as I thought at first.
And besides that I still think it's possible the're working on another 3d mario as well.
Also, yes to open world.



catsrnice commented on Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This Dece...:

I was disappointed but it brings some questions.
What's the story going to be if Princess Peach isn't kidnapped.
I noticed there are bosses this time (Instead of just Boom Boom and Bowser) and instead of star coins there are green stars.
I hope the world map is better (If they were awesome they'd have a hub world) and the story's good.



catsrnice commented on Review: Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Mo...:

It's 'and' because there's no rivalry this time. Donkey Kong and Pauline host the minigames. The story's been cut down to a paragraph in the instruction manual.
My main complaint with this game is they cut the music/sfx listening room where you could listen to all the tracks in the game. All 4 of the previous games had this feature but not this one :(
(Though it's possible it doesn't show up until you beat the game, which I haven't yet.)



catsrnice commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for May:

Maboshis arcade was on one of the first videos I saw on the Nintendo Channel. They've taken the video off since then,
I got SMRPG but then realized that I can't use my gamecube controller on my WiiU and I gave away my classic controller to a friend.
Oh well, i'll keep it for later.