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Male, 24, Germany

Mon 21st Jan 2013

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Dunban commented on All Three Guild02 Titles Are Confirmed for the...:

In the first half of Nintendo direct there was so much casual doody, but nintendo finaly got something for me to reveal loved the guild01 titels so i`ll defenetly pick up one of these. meanwhile till MH4



Dunban commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS):

4 days left now till i get my hands on my pre ordered version. the 3ds/ wii u cross play is the best damn thing they could do. i`ve played some sessions tri with my friend, but i had to carry my wii and my tv. these days are gone. yeah!



Dunban commented on Wii Mini Is Hitting The UK On March 22nd:

100% for casual gamers, families, my grandma, or just as a party-console. there will a small number of customers, but it`s quite funny to develop and sell a death console, with not even a single new game



Dunban commented on Nintendo 3DS Direct Bringing the Love on 14th ...:

About one think I´m qiute sure: They will reveal a limited 3ds/ monsterhunter 3u bundle witch a special edition of the 3 ds (some nice painting on) they did the same in japan witch tri g, so it would be no big thing to sell these bundles also over here.

maybe also a mii verse for the 3ds. with the functionality to interact with wii u owners. would be a possibility to draw the attention of 3ds owners to the wii u.

another thing is more a wish of me: a first look on the monolith game for 3ds! i would go insane for a baten katos 3ds



Dunban commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS):

I have to wait some weeks, over here in Germany. I´m very exited about the online-features.
Nintendo really cached me for this franchise witch the sacred stones, because it was one of the free titles out of the ambassador program. In fact, I used my 3DS for about 30 hours or more to play a GBA title



Dunban commented on Talking Point: Wii U Direct - Tell Us What You...:

Some thoughts:
Step by step Nintendo creates a social network! It´s limited on chairing your gaming experience by now. But for how long?
They grabbed the look of Little Big Planet for Yoshis Yarn. Finally Big N strikes back and starts to copy good ideas itself.
They should produce a second part of the GC-Title Ghost!



Dunban commented on Nintendo Shows Off Monolith Soft's Wii U Project:

I´m so exited!!! Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best games I ever played. I just always asked myself: "How would these worlds look like on a HD-Console? How breathtaking can a view be?" And this Game is the answer. It would be the biggest fake ever, if this game has nothing to do with Xenoblade.



Dunban commented on Review: Crimson Shroud (3DS eShop):

Yes, the Dialogs are too long, and the Presentation is a bit boring. And I expected more strategic possibilities (its by the Creator of FF Tactics Advance). But the atmosphere is very unique and the hunt after more and more dices is a nice new Element. All in all i like it a lot and it`s worth the price. Maybe i would give a 7/10