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Mon 21st Jan 2013

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Raymen commented on Pokémon Scramble U Confirmed For Spring Arriv...:

Honestly, I would prefer Pokemon Conquest 2/U. Using the gamepad would be very cool and you could add X&Y Pokemon to keep players from thinking its like the first, so please make it! (gets on knees and prays )



Raymen commented on Activision Announces Skylanders Swap Force For...:

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG MORE SKYLANDERS!!1(did that on purpose) Me and my friends have been forking money since 2011! We haven't even finished the first series! We're looking for Wham-shell, not to mention the Giants! Give us time to breathe Activision!!1



Raymen commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Graphical Grunt is Laid...:

Graphics aren't the only things needed in gaming systems, although they're a nice perk. To me, it takes games, fun downloads (at least nowadays), and a nice variety of games for all ages. So it might be a challenge to keep up until the tide of games come, but with a nice variety, they'll come out on top, the same they have done for years.



Raymen commented on Game Over For THQ As Assets Are Purchased By R...:

WOMP. WOMP. WOWOWOWOWOWOMP.... Also, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (hehe). It's sad, honestly. They did so well when I was growing up. They started screwing up after about 2009. They will be missed by most.



Raymen commented on 3D Super Mario Title In Development For Wii U:

Holy crap! BEST IDEA EVER! The Wii U can hold 10 people tops if I'm correct. So what about Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong do branching storypaths trying to save (in the order I told the heroes) Peach, Daisy, Mona, Rosalina, Candy Kong, and Dixie Kong. It could be all the locales throughout the series with different characters taking different routes and fighting different bosses.SUPER MARIO ULTIMATE WORLD!!!!!!!!!