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Male, 35, United States

Like most of you, I'm one of the Nintendo faithful - and have been since around age 7. I've only strayed from the path once (curse you, Sega Genesis!), but quickly found my way home (as a late adopter of the SNES). Now a grown-up Ewok (and thoroughly charbroiled), I ONLY play Nintendo systems. :)

Mon 26th Nov 2012

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CharbroiledEwok commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of a Wii U Pr...:

"Retailers, we'd argue, have no favourites..."

I could not disagree with that statement more. I see FAR more attention, deals, and exclusive DLC set aside for Xbox and Sony products (e.g., the forthcoming "Injustice: Gods Among Us").

I think it's a HORRIBLE idea for Nintendo to slash the price right now. After the 3DS price cut, it just reaffirms gamer suspicions that they can wait out manufacturers, FORCING them to sell systems at a loss. We all want fair prices, but when companies stop making profits to satisfy unreasonable customers, we all lose.



CharbroiledEwok commented on Talking Point: Review Scores and Unwinnable Ar...:

If it's a first-party Nintendo title from a franchise I already like, I usually go ahead and pre-order it online - I just trust Nintendo THAT much.

But if it's a game I'm unsure of (usually a third-party offering), I first seek out FULL reviews from NintendoLife and IGN, then a few "lesser" sites (Nintendomination,, etc.).

I avoid Metacritic like the plague, because I've found MOST review sites to be biased against Nintendo in general, so the aggregate scores are often skewed.

I also check the Nintendo eShop(s) for consumer reviews, because I like the way they're structured: you must have played the title for an hour or more to score it, the rating scale is 1 to 5 stars, and...we ARE talking about REAL customers here (not jaded game journalists).

The final scores from review sites are only a very small factor in my purchasing decision, as I'm more concerned with WHY they didn't like it. If the reviewer cites flaws that I've personally contended with (funky camera controls, unreasonable difficulty, etc.), I may take their grievances under advisement. But, far too often - esp., with Nintendo reviews - the complaints are petty, and just a laundry list explaining how Microsoft and Sony do it better.



CharbroiledEwok commented on Mega Man Boss Battle Exhibition Artwork Now on...:

I think THIS is one thing a lot of the so-called "hardcore gamers" don't get: one reason games like Mega Man, Mario, and Zelda mean so much to us (esp., those of us who grew up in the 80s) is the fantastical art and creativity that goes into them. Call of Duty isn't nearly the "escape" these titles are - it's just gritty violence we already see in the real world.



CharbroiledEwok commented on PETA Starts "Whaling" About Assassin's Creed I...:

"PETA encourages video game companies to create games that celebrate animals—not games that promote hurting and killing them."

I know, right? I had to resist quitting my job, buying a ship, and setting out to hunt whales across the ocean...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Doesn't Look Like Minecraft Will Be Coming To ...:

So...they don't like money?

On a side note: when the heck did so many Nintendo complainers infiltrate Nintendo Life? I swear, it's like a plague - this is one place I'd expect to CELEBRATE Nintendo fandom, not feel compelled to defend it against naysayers...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Ubisoft Is "Optimistic" About Wii U, But Would...:

Isn't this backwards thinking? Systems don't sell games, games sell systems. Hmm...what could Ubisoft do to help increase the Wii U install base (thus, increasing sales for their own software)? Oh, if only there was a highly anticipated game - a platformer, perhaps - that would show people that great titles are available in a steady stream, even in these "dry" months...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Miiverse Friend Requests Restricted For Gamers...:

The whining from kids in the Miiverse have been pretty hyperbolic since these announcements, huh? I, for one, am glad to miss out on notifications of pointless conversations, endless Friend/Yeah requests, and other silliness these same individuals were perpetrating...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Talking Point: This Fan's Tragic Tale Highligh...:

I had the exact same problem as THIS guy (, but Nintendo didn't charge me a dime to fix it - they said I'd been a loyal customer too long to do otherwise.

However, I neglected to back up my game save data (long story...), so I lost all my progress. BUT! At least all my games were (eventually) transferred over...



CharbroiledEwok commented on TiVo And Google Maps Functionality For Wii U H...:

"TVii is one of the Wii U's biggest selling points in North America..."

Really? If you're a diehard sports fan, maybe - but I've yet to find any TV shows that justify the software's existence. I can't even use TV Tags or see highlights of my favorite cable dramas and news programs. It's almost completely useless for me...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans:

@Scollurio: I think you hit the nail on the head. Excitement will be high for Sony/MS's next consoles...until everyone sees the launch line-up and prices. Sure, you'll have graphic whores willing to go broke for the visuals alone, but that doesn't describe the average consumer (esp., with the concept of "gaming value" being challenged by smartphones).

Suddenly, Nintendo will look far more lucrative...



CharbroiledEwok commented on EA: Excited About New Generation Which Is "Yet...:

I feel like the entire industry is about to experience a major upheaval. The mega-publishers (like EA) have become greedy, the consumers are split into warring factions, and the concept of "gaming value" has become muddied with the ubiquity of smartphones in the middle of a global recession.

I don't see how Sony and MS can make their next systems profitable, if only rich/financially irresponsible people can afford their products. Nintendo took the conservative route with the 3DS and Wii U - and they're STILL struggling against economic realities! All this tech comes with a price, people...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Talking Point: Gun Violence and Nintendo is an...:

Consider this: if media doesn't influence people to do/believe silly or dangerous things, then why are so many (including some NLers in this very discussion) apt to believe that the government is ALWAYS out to get them, and, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, they could take on the entire US military (and its allies) with their small assortment of firearms?



CharbroiledEwok commented on Feature: Reimagining The Wind Waker on Wii U:

I would say: Master Quest - 75% probability (though, let's hope it doesn't have to be unlocked, like OOT 3DS); Reinstated Dungeons/Director's Cut - 50% probability; Optional Motion Controls - 25% probability. So sayeth the Ewok...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Beginnings and Challeng...:

"...but [we'll] try and reason why there's such conflicting opinion on Wii U's early performance and future prospects."

Could it be that the internet has created an echo chamber for Nintendo haters? I swear, sometimes I read comments that make it seem like Nintendo has been slaughtering people's families for years... O_o



CharbroiledEwok commented on "No Chance" Of Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 O...:

"...he referred to the system as a 'great console' but stated that his team was focused on PS3 and 360 'at the moment'."

That's fine. I'm only interested in products for my shiny, new Wii U "at the moment". That money can always be spent elsewhere...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Review: Mass Effect 3 (Wii U):

Maybe they'll do like they did with Metroid Prime on Wii: release the third game, then re-release the entire trilogy as a set. Do THAT, and I'll consider picking it up...



CharbroiledEwok commented on First Ever 'Reggie Asks' Delves Into TVii:

@krunchykhaos: I don't think it's a matter of "spoiled". Nintendo hyped this up for so long (how "revolutionary" it would be, etc.), then it was delayed - not released with the system at launch, as promised. Now we have it, and it's a convoluted, half-functional mess. For myself, it's just plain disappointment...



CharbroiledEwok commented on ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews:

There was a time (not so long ago) that I could trust review sites (including IGN).

Whenever a new game came out, I could look to Matt Casamassina, Craig Harris, or Mark Bozon to give reasonably fair reviews. Whatever their personal tastes, I could usually glean the points important to me as a gamer (longevity, value, fun factor, etc.).

Eventually, Nintendo Power became one of the few trustworthy sources for reviews/previews. Now, they're gone, and all I have are Nintendo Life and the Miiverse. Don't let me down, guys...



CharbroiledEwok commented on Feature: Our Staff's Thoughts on Wii U - Part One:

Similar to Morgan, I initially thought the Gamepad was too unwieldy, opting instead to play NSMBU with a Wii Remote. However, after spending more time with it in other games (mainly, Sonic Racing), I've grown quite comfortable platforming with the new controller. I'm glad I did, too: playing on the smaller screen when someone else wants to use the TV has brought much-needed peace to our home...