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Sat 18th Sep 2010

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Chrno-x commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

I have some weird deja vu....there's was a guy at nintendo who worked directly with Indie devs to bring their games over to NIntendo platforms. And you know who was in some way talking bad about Nintendo and what happens? Yes he too was fired. It's a shame but on the other hand I don't think any kind of company want to be presented in negative way by their own employee....



Chrno-x commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

Everytime I read something like that I have one answer:
If those games are Japanese RPG for the JRPG fans then for the love of god why publishers are trying so hard to record Western Voice Acting when they sound so horrible (yes I'm talking to you The Last Story and even Project Zero 2)? Why can't publishers finally understand that the only true Voice Acting for Japanese games are mostly only Japanese. The biggest cost come from recording those multilanguage recordings not for translating the text. But no, its of course our fault that we want some japanese games and will be totally satisfied with only Jap VA.
P.S. Oh and if Xenoblade didn't sell so good at the West, then why it was remade for the New 3DS with the English-only VA? Nintendo will never learn even after some big polls that will show them how much gamers want Japanese VA in their Japanese games and don't care about English Dub (like the poll after the release of Xenoblade on WIi that crearlly shows how much we love JVA).



Chrno-x commented on Majora's Mask Fan Project Gets a New Trailer, ...:

Looks promising but I doubt Nintendo will stay quiet and do nothing about this. Nowadays the only punlisher/developer that accepted that sort of remake is Konami and the Metal Gear remake project, where they'd said that if this will project will be good, then even they're gonna think about publishing it. I think many pub/devs should support that sort of actions cause : 1) Fans are gonna do most of the work with far less needed budget 2)In the end even if the project would be cancelled they can just hire those talented people.



Chrno-x commented on Ghostlight May Yet Bring Shin Megami Tensei: D...:

@FonistofCruxis: I totally agree with you, they should wait and release DS2: Break Code instead of normal DS2. Maybe it would be more expinsive to publish but then again I think it will bring more profit and show Atlus that they shouldn't leave Europe in the hands of other Publishers (or somethin like that).



Chrno-x commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Stock Jump Bodes Wel...:

Great article. For the past 20 years I'm a happy Nintendo gamer, with some highs and lows I'm still looking most forward to their platform. Nowadays I'm very happy with 3DS (thinking about buying XL version) and keep some savings on Wii U. Even when Ubisoft announced Rayman Legends on other platforms, I'm still happy cause they announced Assassin's Creed IV and Watch Dogs on Wii U and I do hope that more western third-party developers will bring their games to Nintendo home consoles, then I will be more than happy to spend more money on NIntendo platforms and not thinking if I should buy Nextbox or PS4 solely for muliplatform games. I hope that on E3 they will surprise us with bunch of great new titles (and those that were showed at Wii U ND in January).



Chrno-x commented on Pachter: Wii U Will Sell Between 30 to 50 Mill...:

Yeasterday I watched new Pach-Attack where he said that Nintendo isn't making so much profit on selling Wii U and 3DS and that's the reason they shouldn't be making new hardware systems. Hmmm that's weird because Sony and MS wasn't making any profit at all with PS3 and X360 for about 3/4 years and they should keep going? 1 year had passed after the Vita launch, and Sony is still at loss and they aren't making any profit of it, but it looks like they should make another portable system. Sometimes I don't get it. History showed us that every platform that were successfull was outperformed by the rivals machines, because "It's all about the games". But mr. Pachter is still saying that the more powerful devies will sell better, who cares about games? it looks like we aren't gonna need them ;]



Chrno-x commented on Future Wii U Need For Speed Titles Will Ship O...:

Criterion really surprises me in a positive way. I hope they will show us a bunch of times what Wii U can do in terms of unique gameplay and graphic capabilities. Good job Criterion and show us finally new Burnout :]



Chrno-x commented on Watch Dogs Confirmed For Release On Wii U:

Finally Ubisoft announced something that will apply to everyone, how I want that Ubi will not create a crap. This title from the beginning looks amazing in terms of graphics and gameplay. Good Job Ubisoft I can't wait to play this game on Wii U (or maybe new Xbox ;p).



Chrno-x commented on Talking Point: The Year of Luigi Could Bring a...:

@Fillytase Who cares about consoles when games are the same? I agree with Dr. Slump. It's good to see older series like Kid Icarus, or younger IPs like Pikmin (which is my favorite) and Luigi's Mansion 2. but honestly in the last 10 years, Nintendo didn't make even one new IP that will aspire to be a memorable series (Nintendogs and Brain Training don't count). I wonder, why Retrostudios can't make a new IP? Why Camelot can't make new RPG series or announced the new Golden Sun? Ninty is rellying too much on Mario universe (Mario Golf, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Mario, New Super Mario, Mario Baseball, Super Mario Strikers, Paper Mario, Mario Slam Basketball) then a few titles with Yoshi, Peach and Donkey Kong (vide: just like the announcement of DKCR3D on 3DS) and it's all about Mario and Mario universe. What's doing 1-UP Studio? Why can't they make a new Earthbound or somethin totally new? Why Grezzo is making mostly poopy remakes? Where's new Star Fox? Look at Sony, why PS3 achieve same hardware sale just like 360 and is selling better than Wii U? Because it's all about games, and it's about fresh meat, fresh IPs. I hope that Nintendo will awake of this slumber, cause they have a lot of first and second party devs that could make a new legends in gaming history.



Chrno-x commented on Nintendo Direct: Watch The European Presentati...:

Honestly I'm dissapointed, where's Bravely Default? Where's Dragon Quest VII? Where's Beyond the Labirynth, except the great bundle packs, few confirmations of release (vide: FE, AC, Project x Zone) the only " totally new" not yet announced title was the Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, so in comparison with latest Wii U Direct, this ND was really nothing special ;/ (next year will be the year of Wario, and in 2 years it will be again a year of Mario, for god's sake Nintendo you have something more than DK, Mario, Luigi and Pokemon and I really hope that in E3 they will show me new Metroid and Zelda and from third party I will finally be able to buy great jRPGs that Japanese gamers are already playing it.,...



Chrno-x commented on Monolith Soft Enjoying Its Closer Relationship...:

@ngamer155 It's not suprising, but X is more like more upgraded version of Xenoblade and Xenogears (one of the best jRPGs and Monolith made it). So I'm not gonna be schocked if there would be more connections to Xenogears not only about Dolls (that's the names of the mechs in X). i'm really curious if there's gonna be a 3 player co-op a'la Monster Hunter style with drop-in, drop-out connection. God can't wait to hear more about X and a new title from Monolith that's coming to 3DS :]



Chrno-x commented on Developer States That Wii U Woes Were a Focus ...:

Even if Wii U will be the second GameCube and will not sell so well as Wii, it honestly doesn't concern me. For years I was loving Nintendo platforms for the ex titles and not multiplatform games (that nowadays are all about multiplayer, except few xbla/psn games like journey, the walking dead, deadlight etc). I honestly doubt Nintendo will remain on top of the home consoles, but if they're gonna show me really great games that I didn't get on Wii, then I will be still satisfied, cause "It's all about the games". I honestly don't care about watching tv or movies on my console, I'm buying them for great games and to play games with bunch of great people that are scattered all around the world.



Chrno-x commented on Talking Point: Wii U Direct - Tell Us What You...:

There's a lack of new Monolith Soft "X" title in the category "most anticipated title for Wii U from Nintendo Direct" cause if there's a option to vote for not shown totally new Zelda, then there should be also new Monolith Soft RPG.



Chrno-x commented on Nintendo Direct: Watch The Wii U Direct Presen...:

15 minutes have passed and what, where are those new "Wii U Games?" I honestly don't give a poo about again the same virtual consoles games from NES and SNES (and now even GBA games are coming to VS but not for 3DS but for Wii U? WTF?)



Chrno-x commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

@Alphachimoru "One of the most common misconceptions about videogames is that they are an interactive medium. Videogames are not interactive, or even ergodic. While they may contain interactive or ergodic elements, it is a mistake to consider that they present only one type of experience and foster only one type of engagement. Videogames present highly structured and, importantly, highly segmented experiences. Play sequences, from where the idea of the interactivity or ergodicity of videogames derives, are framed and punctuated by movie sequences, map screens, score or lap-time feedback screens and so on."
I recommend reading a good article about video games and what they are:

For me the 3DS list is a bit dissappointing cause it's mostly show that's a good example why many developers and publishers don't want to create their games on NIntendo consoles. It's not like I'm gonna say that other people are wrong, but it's obvious that most of Nintendo fans are looking only for Nintendo titles, It's a shame while on 3DS came such great titles like Zero's Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Rhythm Thief, remake of MGS3, Theatrythm: FF and more. On the other side I'm happy that Kid Icarus is on the list, but it's a sign for Nintendo that's saying: "You guys don't need to make anything totally new, anything fresh because what you're doing is enough to buy it". Mario's like the CoD series, where a lot of people are complaining about it those titles being repetitive, don't show anything new but exactly same peoples are gonna buy it. It's like eating a week old sandwiches and still thinking it tastes good.



Chrno-x commented on Feature: 10 Essential Games For Your New 3DS:

I think there should be two lists: one for North America, and second for Europe, because not every title are published in the same time (vide: remake of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D - in US if I remember it came out in November 2011, on the other side MGS in Europe was launched in January or February, so in my case it's a 2012 title).



Chrno-x commented on 18-Rated Content on Wii U eShop Only Accessibl...:

But it's the same with 3DS where I couldn't download or even open the folder with MGS 3D Snake Eater on normal hours, but after 11pm a miracle had happened and everything was fine. I don't understand Nintendo at the future they're gonna force us to send them e-mails or somethin, just to be able to watch trailers or download games from eShop....=_=



Chrno-x commented on Review: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (3DS):

For me it's the best title for 3DS and I hope that in the future I will get a chance to play more of these and not only Mario (sorry but for me Nintendo is making too much games with the fat plumber and they're not concetrating on another genres and series).



Chrno-x commented on Hardware Review: Wii U:

Good review but I still have some concesrns that's bothering me:

  • lack of slot for optic cable
  • solely the reflecting plastic of the console and the look are terrible (where are those times that consoles was made of matte plastic?).
  • in a near future, lack of big third-party titles that are gonna be made for next Xbox and PS.

I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting ;/



Chrno-x commented on Talking Point: Nintendo And The Third-Party Ch...:

I think Nintendo knows what they're doing, why is that? Cause from the beginning they didn't care about power of the console. When they are concentrating on games and solely gameplay, then their platform are the best selling ones. In N64 and GameCube era they focusing on processing power and the anti-piracy method of strange cartridge/disc formats. Of course it wasn't a very good choice. The problem now is not the slow CPU or other crap, but the controller, for me Wii was more exotic thanks to the motion controlls, but now gamepad is more of a standard joypad with the big screen. It's more of a safebet and the core gamers from MS and Sony camps aren't looking bad on that, the same's with developers. True that for now we're seeing mostly ports, but it always been that way and it always will. In 2005 Xbox 360 was also called "middle-gen" cause of ports that should be published on first Xbox. I think the most important time is end of the first year of the lifecycle for every platform. It's a time when the first gen of true games should making their way to the shelves. The main problem is that, a lot of Japanese developers are making now their games only on portable consoles. Nintendo never had any problem obtaining a great amount of publishers and developers for their handhelds, But on home consoles it's way more difficult, cause the production cost is way higher, the developing time's much longer. And for the last 15 years, it was always something that kept the third-party publisher away from Nintendos platform: N64 and the expensive cartidges with low space capacity. GameCube was the same and even they added high cost of license. Wii was a good platform but motion controll was a double edge sword. I hope that the Gamepad wouldn't be the same. They eliminated the disc space problem, the discs loading is really fast. Now it's up to them to show the world that they can keep the number 1 position in stationary consoles and handhelds, just like 20 years ago. It's good they bringing back old IP like Kid Icarus, and I hope that Wave Race, F-Zero and many more will come to the Wii U (and maybe 3DS). The eShop and the whole online fuctions day after day are getting better Let's just hope that the voice-chat fuctions and other small things won't gather up and once again prove that Nintendo is using a double edged sword that after a couple of years will show that once again the great platform will be dying cause of stupid limitations or lack of great second/third-party titles that will be available only on new PS and Xbox.



Chrno-x commented on Take An In-Depth Look At What's Under The Wii ...:

Honestly i couldn't care less about specifications on paper, why? Because the performance of Sonys or MS platform are always amazing (on paper) but when the games comes out there's almost always somethngs wrong. If i remember correctly, when 360 came out, everyone called him a middle-gen. When the 6th generation came out (PS2,Xbox,GCN) it was the same as now, is with the Wii U lacking power. GameCube haved 1.5x more powerful CPU,GPU and still was generating on paper worse graphics than PS2 (allmost 6 time worse was GCN performance on paper in comparison with PS2, but everytime when a game for only PS2 and GCN was published, the PS2 version haved worse graphics, framerate problem and something more). Finally if Wii U is really underpowered then why simple port of AC3 runs in 1080p (with generating graphic on two screens) have better lightning, shadows and from time to time better texture? That's why I'm waiting for 1st generation of real Wii U games that should come out in about a year or so.



Chrno-x commented on Ubisoft: Wii U Stock Apparently Being Focused ...:

It was always the problem in Europe that NIntendo's home consoles were having stock shortages. In the future they're gonna whining about that the Wii U isn't selling in EU as good as other regions. But they still forgot that "games are the most important thing". Why someone in Europe should be interested when he's/she's waiting for a title that are gonna come only in US. Honestly, count how many great games was made for the DS and was published in US but not in EU, the same's gonna be with 3DS when we're still waiting for SMT:O,SMT:DS2, Code of Princess (I stopped counting how many great IPs were made for 3DS in Japan and they still doesn't get a western release date). I was hoping that Nintendo gonna learn that Mario isn't the only character that gonna sell hardware. What's more, after I saw those first TV advertisements I lost hope that Nintendo will finally concentrate on normal gamers, on fans, but no Style Savvy and those smiled faces on adverts playing Nintendo Land are still more important....god save Nintendo from making the same mistakes....



Chrno-x commented on Wii Owners: Microsoft Wants You To Buy The Xbo...:

The last game i was waiting for on X360 was Alan Wake and it's still the best 360 title (for me). But 2.5 years have passed and I wonder why I am still keeping this piece of crap where only ex title that I see worth playing is Halo 4. Update after update NXE is more Kinect-friendly that soon everyone are gonna be forced to buy this junk only for navigating the dashboard. Honestly how could this buffon say that worthy games are coming on a platform where more people are watching tv programs than playing those "great games".God how I hate MS...



Chrno-x commented on Movie Review: Professor Layton and the Eternal...:

Such a coincidence. A couple of minutes ago I ended watching the Eternal Diva cause of the hype for "Miracle Mask" and "Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies". And what can I say? It's a really good mix of eastern comics style from the mid 90's (vide: Tintins Adventure etc.) and original japanimation style with his own soul almost like productions of Ghibli studio.



Chrno-x commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

There should be another answer with "all/most of the above". But I decided to vote for "Exciting Exclusives" (Pikmin 3 as a number 1 cause I waited too long for the third installment to be neglecting it), but honestly Wii U could be a great reincarnation of NES/SNES. Finally NIntendo remembered that third-party developers like Square-Enix, Capcom, Konami and many more are important (especially now when the West of third-parties devs are leading the way), that's a very good sign that we're not hearing something like it was with N64 or GameCube (license too expensive, too small space storage on carts or minidvds etc. etc.). And we can't forget that Nintendo isn't only about Mario, Zelda and Metroid (but of course we're all waiting for those blockbusters). "Ninjas from Kyoto" have many more IPs they can win over the next generation: Kirby, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Mother/Earthbound (I know what you think), Fire Emblem, Advance Wars (on Wii U it could be freaking awesome) Fatal Frame/Project Zero, new Monolith Soft titles, Waio Land and that's not all. For me myself on Wii U and 3DS I only want more demos and game trailers to download and a simple connectivity with other gamers, that's all, for me consoles are about games and playing them with other "normal" gamers and not a fashion or some other crap (when I hear someone says that this game is "pretty sexy" I want to break his neck). Of course after a year or so we're gonna see if NIntendo can keep up the momentum. "My body is ready!" >: D



Chrno-x commented on Round Up: Wii U Launch Window Games:

Did anyone see one not exactly Nintendoesque title? I mean on the list i see Wipeout 3 and Nintendo as a publisher but if I remember correctly Wipeout is a first-party title from one of Sonys developer;p



Chrno-x commented on Talking Point: Why is Nintendo Not at Gamescom?:

@Treverend And I'm gonna bet that in Europe Wii U will launch in 2013 (I have a feeling that the launch of Wii U will be just like as the normal DS). And why Nintendo is absent on this year Gamescom? Because in 2006 when they bring Wii to the Games Convention in Leipzig, it was a colossal disaster (Wii remotes didn't work as they should) and now they trying to avoid same failure (or just prevent it).



Chrno-x commented on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Spooked Into 2013 F...:

Oh yeah Nintendo did it again "what?! there's no launch space for our Mario because of other games? then screw them, Mario's most important!", first Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, now Luigis Mansion are coming out in 2013...."but don't worry we have another bunch of Mario games for you!" =_= (good there's still Castlevania and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward coming)



Chrno-x commented on Capcom Hopes to Expand Fighting Game Audience:

What a bull, first they didn't want to create Street Fighter IV because of the lacking support from fans, and If Mr. Ono didn't push their fat to create forth title, then SFIV wouldn't came out to market and would died just like Dino Crisis, Onimusha and Mega Man series. And now when they have obtained a big bag of cash thanks to 4 or 5 enhanced SFIV editions they want to expand fighting games? I think it will be the same like it's with MH series (the same is with Namco Bandai and Tales of series). Actions speaks louder than words Capcom!



Chrno-x commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

X360: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - for the n-time i'm beating those games but who cares ;p

Wii: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - on Hero mode it's way better and give much more of a real challenge like the real Zelda game.

And..... I'm still waiting at my new Radiant Historia from US =_="



Chrno-x commented on Crytek: Crysis 3 on Wii U 'Is a Possibility':

Yeah they don't like (yet) Nintendo because they didn't bring Crytek a big bag of Money to port it like they did with EA. But then again EA is a publisher of Crytek series so it's not "if" but "when" they will release Crysis 3 on WiiU.



Chrno-x commented on Michael Pachter: Activision Demanded Wii U Pro...:

If I remember correctly on DS came out 3 or 4 CoDs. On Wii came all CoD titles from CoD3 to last MW3 (except MW2) so Pachter is wrong (again). And again he's evidently pointing out that he don't like Nintendo so it's obvious he's gonna say that Nintendo platforms sux all the time, he said that 3DS will die in a few months because he lacks power, second CP and doesn't stand a chance to Vita. But reality again showed us that real gamers doesn't care about graphics capability because "it's all about the games" and it's all about what developer gonna do with the platform. Pachter always forget about it, It's not that he's not a pro in what he's doing, but he really doesn't know the console industry (it's way different than PC industry and other industries). Wii U will launch in November (or somethin like that) this year so we're gonna see if Wii U will be a success or a failure, we'll see if third-parties will greatly support new home console from Nintendo or it will end as second Wii with only a few publishers supporting him.



Chrno-x commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 3DS XL:

I like the XL version mostly because I heard that the 3D Effect are better (but I think that's a myth), mate colors are more appealing to me (it reminds me the great DS Lite in Crimson/Cobalt-Black version that I have).and the battery holds slightly longer. But again I'm sceptical to those "BIG" screens (the upper screen is almost like in Vita) and those ugly nameless buttons that in normal 3DS are Select, Home, Start and Power. And there's the price issue without the charger, so I think that I will buy the normal 3DS because for me a handheld is supposed to be a cheaper alternative from Home Console, so for me the limit is 150-170 Euros for a portable device.