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Thu 30th Aug 2012

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lmac99 commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for September:

@GreatPlayer My coins are not hard earned. I enter a code that is in the box, which would be worth just as much if the code wasn't in there. I'm gonna buy what games I want and spend coins when a game I like comes out and if one doesn't I'll move on and play the game I bought with my money. Which IS hard earned.



lmac99 commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:

This post E3 time reminds me alot of a couple years ago. Remember the doom and gloomers spewing thier hate? THE 3DS WILL FAIL! they said. I see this having the same outcome. Nintendo's gonna work it all out and we'll be laughing about how silly thos doom and gloomers were.



lmac99 commented on Pachter: Expect a Wii U Price Cut Next Year:

@Dyl_73 Have you seen how many people have "jumped on the band wagon" Gamestop and Best Buy already met their quotas! Plus the Xbox and Ps3 are OLD SYSTEMS. Of course they sell for less, there on there last legs! I think the price is fair (AND it includes Nintendo TVii