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Tue 26th May 2009

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MAXIMUS commented on Just 2% of Ubisoft's Q3 Sales Were for Wii U:

Well, I've done my part to support Ubisoft (and other 3rd party). I've purchased 5 of their titles on Wii U and was looking forward to Watch Dogs. I don't blame them for delaying the game or for scaling back support for the platform. The blame here belongs to Nintendo (mostly) for not properly naming and promoting their console. Sadly, the rest of the blame belongs to Wii U owners who mainly purchase 1st party. How can we expect to get these AAA 3rd party titles if they just don't sell on Nintendo? I'm sad to admit that I'm going to have to purchase a PS4 much sooner than I had expected.



MAXIMUS commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 18t...:

I think Nintendo would have gotten more mileage out of Reggie's VGX appearance if he would have debuted Hyrule Warriors to that audience instead of DK Tropical Freeze. This is the kind of action game that will bring attention from those outside of the Nintendo faithful.



MAXIMUS commented on Talking Point: Miiverse Can Promote System Uni...:

I would agree that you won't likely find many interesting conversations on MiiVerse but I don't think that is its main purpose. I love using it while playing a game like Batman Arkham Origins and getting a gadget and posting a screenshot of it along with a movie quote or something. Other players will comment back with funny replies or other movie quotes, which adds to the gaming and community experience.

Several of us MiiVerse users once spent weeks dropping daily quotes from the 1989 Batman movie, which was really fun. That kind of stuff leads to friend requests and opens up the social experience all around. I recommend giving it a try.



MAXIMUS commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

The article claims that the "iPhone owns the casual gaming market". That is because the phone is attached to an App Store that happens to contain cheap "throw away" games that can be played with quick finger swipes and gestures and not with traditional controls that seem confusing to most casuals. Why would they think that this type of "casual" user would dish out money on a controller to play a deeper game?



MAXIMUS commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

The only problem with the controller is the battery, which I believe can be upgraded in Japan and not yet in the other territories. I purchased Nyko's battery extender, which works well for me. Otherwise, it's a phenomenal controller and offers many options that were otherwise not available. I've seen complaints that it has too much plastic or otherwise a bit heavy but we need to remember that Nintendo is making a device that must be lab tested for drop durability. For example, how many drops can the PS Vita sustain during PS4 Remote Play? We'll see.

Also, off screen play is not the only innovation that we can enjoy at this point. I recommend trying Nintendo TVii while watching your favorite shows. There are small regular communities that post some rather humorous statements and doodles during commercial breaks. I found myself watching episodes of Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Agents of Shield, etc. live and not on DVR only to be able to live post on TVii. It adds a pretty cool experience to just watching alone.

Lastly, in terms of gameplay, let's be patient. I have to believe that Nintendo will soon release some eShop games or DLC that will utilize the Gamepad in better ways. I can see some games or Mario levels (for example) that will utilize Stylus only or other types of gameplay that will not be possible on the other systems. They just need to get their footing.



MAXIMUS commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

This definitely has the potential of moving systems for Nintendo. I have seen many comments on other sites where people are now deciding to get a Wii U just because of these reviews. I also have two colleagues who now getting Nintendo systems. One will get a Wii U for 3D World and the other is getting a 3DS for Pokémon and Zelda.



MAXIMUS commented on Without iOS Support Nintendo "Doesn’t Reach ...:

My son plays quick games on his iPod or on my iPad but has already racked up more than 90 hours on Animal Crossing New Leaf on his 3DS. I guess thats the big difference between the two as most people here suggest.



MAXIMUS commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening's US Sales Are The Best...:

I played through my digital copy and was very impressed with the gameplay and the story. One great thing about having the download copy is that I've now moved onto Castlevania: MOF but I can always get right back into Fire Emblem for a quick battle without having to search for the cart. This benefit is adding great replay value since it is always an option for me as I browse my 3DS menu. Just a great game.



MAXIMUS commented on Cliff Bleszinski Sees A Future Where Nintendo ...:

New 3D Mario + Mario Kart 8 + Smash Bros. = $ales!!! Nintendo has to face the facts that they're in this alone and if any major 3rd party developer is going to come to the party, it will be after Nintendo drives their own sales. They thought that the 3rd parties would drive sales during the Wii U launch but all they got was doom and gloom and a stab in the back by Ubisoft!



MAXIMUS commented on Miiverse Friend Requests Restricted For Gamers...:

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. It's good to know that ONE company actually cares more about real life security and safety concerns and not ONLY about the bottom line. I'd rather deal with my kid's disappointment about things like this then contemplate the horrors of some predator trying to make contact with them in the guise of a child their age. Nintendo needs to be applauded for their efforts and not ridiculed.



MAXIMUS commented on Super Mario 3D Land Sales Outpacing Super Mari...:

People always complain that 3D Land was too short compared to Galaxy, etc. That's done by design where the levels in the mobile version are designed to be completed within 5 to 10 minutes and console versions are intended for much longer gaming sessions. It's like saying, "I prefer my mountain bike over my kid's tricycle over rough terrain". That's the intended purpose.



MAXIMUS commented on Talking Point: Wii U Direct - Tell Us What You...:

AMAZING ND!!! Nintendo REALLY brought the news this time. We all knew that their silence these past two months meant that they were in development on several titles but it was a very good move to release this information to their core fans today instead of just waiting for a massive E3 reveal. It makes me feel confident for investing in Wii U for sure.



MAXIMUS commented on Analyst Firm Concerned That Wii U Will "Lack B...:

Nintendo is held to such a different standard than anyone else in this industry. Analysts complain that the Wii U is too costly but won't have a problem when MS and Sony release their cash suckers in due time. They complain that there are no compelling 1st party releases during the launch window but we all know that neither of the other two upcoming launches will have anything to write home about either. Yet I guarantee that no one will be citing Sony's demise over a slow start.



MAXIMUS commented on Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling":

I got my system on launch day and have already purchased 7 retail games and 1 eShop game. They're getting my money for sure. However, there's nothing else that I want on Wii U right now so I'll be playing my XL more until Rayman Legends hits.



MAXIMUS commented on Nvidia Unveils the Daunting Project Shield:

Actually, I said that wrong. I also love mobile gaming on my XL. I meant to say that most people prefer to play mobile friendly games on their mobile device instead of home console experiences on their mobile devices. For example, NSMB2 or SMB 3D Land, where you can play levels in under 10 minutes at a time instead of full on home experiences. This was what the PSP and subsequently Vita offers and both have failed to over take Nintendo's vision of what mobile gaming should be.



MAXIMUS commented on Satoru Iwata Says That Wii U is "Selling Stead...:

I say that this is completely expected by Nintendo. This would explain their lack of advertising. They know that their major system selling IPs are still on the shelf or in development. They launched the system with their major focus on bringing in 3rd party support (something they lacked last gen) and is pleased to let them shine during the launch window and up until E3. This will give them the "hardcore" cred that they want to get back. Why else would they be so "Indie friendly" in the eShop, with their lax pricing and free update model? I think their major game releases are strategically planned for the next 5-6 years, while their R&D department is already at work on their next home console. E3 will bring the excitement for this system.



MAXIMUS commented on Iwata: Nintendo Open To "Free-To-Play" Gaming ...:

FTP could be a very effective way to introduce new IP without the huge cost investment they would have to make in a full retail game. A huge financial investment in an unknown commodity is a very real road block in game innovation. If treated as an experimental sandbox, it could help Nintendo and its fans realize the next big franchise.



MAXIMUS commented on First Ever 'Reggie Asks' Delves Into TVii:

I guess I'm the only one here with a positive post for TVii. It works great for me. It picked up my cable programming and all my customized settings. The in game stats and Miiverse posts worked exactly as advertised. Now I'm just waiting for DVR and Netflix functionality.



MAXIMUS commented on Kojima Productions: We Aren't Thinking About M...:

Why can't they work with Nintendo to offer a Pro Controller pack in, just like GoldenEye did with the Wii Pro Controller. This would allow them to port the game without much re-working of the controls, thus reducing costs. The fact is, they're not sure on ROI due to it being a new system without much history to rely on with games in this class.



MAXIMUS commented on New Super Mario Bros. U To Jump Into DLC:

Great point by Burning_Spear. I whole heartedly agree. As long as the core game is not altered, I'll always be happy with more content. It adds more replay value, which can be useful during those times where you're in between games or waiting for a new game release. You can revisit something like this for some fresh content without having to shell out a lot of cash.



MAXIMUS commented on Iwata: We Must Make Smart Devices Our Allies, ...:

Nintendo is a game publisher and like other game publishers, they should feel free to be able to publish games for smartphones, as well as their own consoles. They could cross publish smaller games across smartphones and the eShop for smaller experiences. Anyone ever tried Paper Airplane Chase? Games like that could be great on mobile devices, and would provide additional revenue for Nintendo as well.



MAXIMUS commented on Reggie: "Certainly Possible" Wii U Consoles Co...:

I'm pleasantly surprised at how aggressive Nintendo is being in marketing their new products. This move would rapidly expand the Wii U install base and strengthen their name recognition amongst non-gamers. Not bad.



MAXIMUS commented on Platinum: Without Nintendo, There Would Be No ...:

It's a good sign that Nintendo is regaining some hardcore credibility. But let's not forget that it was the casual market that made Nintendo the hardware leader during this run. I'm hoping that we continue to get a good mixture of titles. Nintendo has always been the "fun" company and not just a console full of long complex games that alienate newcomers to gaming.



MAXIMUS commented on Crystal Dynamics Explains Tomb Raider Wii U No...:

I agree with nick_gc. There is nothing wrong with a port provided you don't ruin the controls or deminish the gaming experience. So many Wii ports were ruined just because developers felt the need to tack on bad waggle controls. Why not just require the use of the Classic Controller Pro? This way, the controls remain sound and the users get to enjoy the game that users of other consoles get to play? Just because the Wii U controller has a touch screen doesn't mean you have to use it. With a port, you can reach more potential customers than you would otherwise reach.



MAXIMUS commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess...:

Good review but the game is a 9 at the very least. One thing though. You have to keep in mind that the game went into development a long time ago for the GC and was limited in disk space and processing power. Nintendo slapped on some motion controls and called it a launch title. We can't now make a complaint that the game has missed out on game evolution since Halo and other last gen games were designed for more powerful systems with larger disk sizes. Let's wait to see what Nintendo has in store for the TRUE Wii Zelda game. With Motion+, it could set new standards in game evolution for others to emulate.



MAXIMUS commented on Miyamoto: You Need A Controller For True Immer...:

I think that Natal is going to be marketed as a controller replacement for "some" games, such as fitness and sports titles but they will have to couple the experience with some sort of additional controller interface. Remember, the Natal tech was acquired by MS, just the same as they have done with most of their software products in the computing world. They purchased the technology and call it their own.

All MS and Sony have ever done is copy Nintendo's innovation. When it comes time to actually develop a game, they will most likely introduce an additional controller to add precision controls to Natal. And don't be surprised if it fits in each hand, just like Nintendo's remote and nunchuck. But by then, knowing Nintendo, they will already be introducing the next form of gaming control. History sure does repeat itself.



MAXIMUS commented on New Wii Zelda May Require MotionPlus To Function:

Having 1 to 1 motion in a Zelda title sounds like a great idea but I wonder how much I will have to be flailing my arms when I'm playing it. Zelda games are quite long and are loaded with enemies. I guess I'll have a taste of it when Red Steel 2 comes out.



MAXIMUS commented on Capcom Not Ruling Out Wii Street Fighter IV:

There are so many games that will be coming to the Wii in the near future that I say, "screw them." I refuse to buy another console just to play their game. If they want my dollars, then they should make a game for MY console.



MAXIMUS commented on Reggie: The Future Is Now:

Nintendo has managed to build a casual gaming brand with the Wii. They managed to convince non-gamers that theirs is the console to try because there are games for them to play too. The inclusion of cameras and wands won't do anything to turn the tide. Nintendo just needs to catch up with the HD trend and add more processing power for the rest of us in their next console.



MAXIMUS commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii E3 Trailer:

A must buy, with or without online play. I didn't see Wario though. I wonder if he will be a playable character. I could use him to fart all over the other players.
Starwolf_UK: "Nothing in that trailer beats Cammie dying to the first goomba."