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Wii Owners: Microsoft Wants You To Buy The Xbox 360 This Holiday Season

Posted by Damien McFerran

"I can't think of a better console for them to choose" says Microsoft manager

With the Wii U launching this month, you might assume that most Nintendo fans are saving up their pennies and getting very excited indeed about the new console. However, Microsoft's general manager of Interactive Entertainment product marketing Matt Barlow believes that current Wii owners are better off spending their cash elsewhere - and there are no prizes for guessing which system he thinks you should invest in:

I think this holiday season is an amazing jump off for all those people who may have been interested in the Wii and now want to be interested in high definition gaming. I can't think of a better console for them to choose than one that has the most games available, the highest rated games available, than the Xbox 360 platform.

And when you look at the alternative experiences that we're going to bring with SmartGlass, the entertainment providers that we're bringing on board, with sports and music and movies and TV, and then if you think about those preeminent best selling blockbuster games that they're going to want to play - Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Forza, Nike+ Kinect Fitness - they either play first or they play best on Xbox 360 and nowhere else.

Like I said, jump off is great and we like the way we're positioned to pick those customers up. They really should consider an Xbox 360 if they're looking for the best high definition gaming and entertainment platform.

Putting aside the fact that Barlow has conveniently ignored the forthcoming releases of Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Assassin's Creed III on Wii U, it's hardly a shock that a rival firm wants to steal away some of Nintendo's market share (especially a firm which is seeing its own sales slow down considerably). But does he have a point? The 360 has HD gaming, a large selection of titles and is cheaper than the Wii U - so do you think there's a chance it will pick up existing Wii owners this Christmas?

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TOMBOY25 said:

no the people who are still on wii are loyal nintendo fans we all know where there going this christmas



TheRavingTimes said:

Halo: Touche
Call of Duty: Overrated
Assassin's Creed: Coming to Wii U
Forza: ?
Nike + Kinect Fitness: Dismay



RupeeClock said:

I have an Xbox 360 that I got through a Coca Cola promotion, it turned out to be of little worth to me.

I only ever played a few download games on it, Marble Blast Ultra and Shadow Complex. When I got a month XBLA gold subscription so I could download the Sonic Generations Demo (which I ended up getting for PC instead), I later discovered I had been silently signed up for monthly automatic renewals, with no invoices sent to my email.

Microsoft, no, I do not want anything to do with your 360. I would far sooner go get a PS3 than I would a 360.
My 360 is getting packed away when I get my Wii U, make no mistake.



Portista said:

I just got to get my hands on a wii u yesterday at GameStop, so I'm glad I preordered it instead of an Xbox 360. I would love halo on wii u, but Ill stick with wii u.



ajcismo said:

Buy a system older than the Wii that has a history of breaking down? Sorry, pass. Already got the U paid for.



TruenoGT said:

I know it's cliche, but get the system that has the games you want to play. For me personally, there are too few 360 exclusive games that interest me to warrant getting one. Wii U however (just like the Wii and other Nintendo systems before it) will undoubtedly have exclusive games that I can't miss.



19Robb92 said:

This just comes of as really weird to me seeing as the WiiU will be out by then.



meppi said:

Nah, I already have 3 (one import) so I'll be getting a Wii U this holiday.
Forza Horizon is quite brilliant though.



Nintenjoe64 said:

It's not as though this guy could say anything different but I think he knows like the rest of us that the Wii U is going to signal the end of strong sales for PS3 and 360.

Now hurry up and release a proper HD nintendo game that makes me glad I own a wii u!



Trikeboy said:

Yes, let the Nintendo players, who's machines do not break down, get a taste of the Xbox 360. One red ring of death and they will come flooding back to Nintendo. My NES still works and my 360 died. I never replaced it.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Haha, what a comedic way to start off the day! XD Look here, Matt: although I likely won't be getting a Wii U this holiday — a broke student like myself didn't have the ends to preorder one — I can tell you an unfortunate bit of reality: the Xbox 3shi, I mean, Xbox 360 won't even cross my mind (just like it never has before). Am I fanboying? Nope. I have a Wii and PS3 (in no particular order). However, I've never been as excited for a console as I am with the Wii U! If I don't get lucky this year, I will definitely be playing on mine early next year, hopefully in January!



Sean_Aaron said:

Um I think by now if Wii owners wanted one of those they'd have one - when they're about to receive an HD update why would they shift platforms? This is one of the lamer marketing blurbs I've seen.



koops330 said:

friend has a 360 all games I want to play (Halo/Gears) he owns we do co-op campaign no reason for me to get one instead saved money is going towards wiiu and paper mario



Shiryu said:

No thanks, I like to be able to come home and know for sure I will turn on the power button and actually be able to play video games instead of hoping not to have a RRoD.



Stine said:

Yeeeah, not gonna happen. The next gaming device I'll be getting will be a Vita or a WiiU.



Mahe said:

"I can't think of a better console for them to choose than one that has the most games available"

The Wii has more games than Xbox 360, and Wii's games are better.

Best option for a Wii owner this holiday: buy more Wii games. There are still tons you haven't played.



SilverYoshi said:

Ahaha.... Xbox really doesn't have the widest varity of games, and Kinect has just made that fact even more clear. (when it comes to non-family exclusives anyway) a ps3 is a much better choice if they were to not get the Wii U.




Good console, but too isolationist for my gaming lifestyle (overall). Also the 56% breakdown rate puts me off (though that may be to do with ppl tampering with its innards?)



DarkNinja9 said:

already have my 360 so im good and my wii u pre ordered so yeah pshh microsoft dont pull a sony plz



Araknie said:

I see only one good title that will not come to Wii U there but i think it's good only becuase copied Metroid Prime.



Samholy said:

stop screwing around and get a ps3.
microsoft is there just to eat a part of the market while sony and nintendo create games and amazing exclusives.
think about it. behind the xbox is the evil creator of windows!



Aviator said:

@Araknie You're absolutely right.

Bungie went into the future, to copy Metroid Prime, then came back to 2001, and released Metroid Prime as Halo a year before Metroid Prime was released.



Chrno-x said:

The last game i was waiting for on X360 was Alan Wake and it's still the best 360 title (for me). But 2.5 years have passed and I wonder why I am still keeping this piece of crap where only ex title that I see worth playing is Halo 4. Update after update NXE is more Kinect-friendly that soon everyone are gonna be forced to buy this junk only for navigating the dashboard. Honestly how could this buffon say that worthy games are coming on a platform where more people are watching tv programs than playing those "great games".God how I hate MS...



Spoony_Tech said:

Yeah we all know this wasn't going to go off well. Really!?!? We are all Nintendo fans for a reason. Try Mario ,Zelda,Metroid and Pokemon just to name a few. As far as I know Microsoft has none of those and nothing really all that close to those either. Its always been gameplay over graphics for Nintendo fans and now the graphics have caught up and they think fans are going to jump off. LOL NO!



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'm getting a wii u..... The Wii I barely play at the moment. Plus I plan on getting a Vita at some point too. I think two consoles and two handhelds will be enough for me.



Aviator said:

Also, this looks like common PR talk. But watch as everyone doesn't notice.



Wheels2050 said:

He's got a point - the 360 is pretty cheap now, and obviously well-established.

I can't really think of a good reason to get a Wii U over a 360 at launch - apart from the exclusives, which hold varying amounts of sway over many people.

I think that someone who bought a Wii as a first console, and is wanting to upgrade to an HD console, would be better served by a 360 or PS3 than a Wii U, owing to the cheaper cost and extensive existing libraries of the former two. Plus, the new subscription scheme for the 360 means that it becomes a lot more affordable for people (in the short term, at least).

I know this is a Nintendo website, but don't be so quick to dismiss these comments. Matt Barlow isn't talking about die hard Nintendo fans here. He's talking about people who want cheap access to quality games.

If I was getting a new console, there's no way in hell I'd buy a Wii U before I got a 360 or PS3.

EDIT: In any case, as Aviator just said, these people are hired to say these sorts of things. It's literally their job.

EDIT2: Also, this article is clearly just here to generate page views. Yes, I've commented on it myself, but I feel a need to somewhat dampen the roar of all the Nintendo fans on here who see red at the mention of the 360.




Surely ppl aren't getting the Wii U merely for the HD? Those kind of gamers would surely already have one of the existing HD consoles.



luminalace said:

I am not going to insult the Xbox 360 because I own one and it has been a good system, however I am getting rid of it this month to give me more funds towards my Wii U. However I am keeping my PS3 which undoubtedly means that I don't agree that the 360 is the best choice for High Definition gaming!



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I think I don't like any of those titles, plus the Wii U is going to have much better games than those.



MetalMario said:

I already have a 360. And I really don't think this will change anyone's mind on getting a Wii U, unless they didn't really want a Wii U.



Bankai said:

Microsoft Marketing guy wants people to buy Microsoft products.

This is news now?

BTW Campbell's Soup would like people to buy some Soup Cans this Christmas. Just a news tip



craigmoss19 said:

To be honest. There are some pretty good Xbox 360 exclusives, my favourite being Lost Odyssey so if I didn't already have an XBOX 360 then I'd buy one before getting a Wii U.



Whopper744 said:

In my opinion, 360 is above any Sony console for me, but nobody can quite top Nintendo.



Wanderhope said:

Interestingly, I bought my second 360 earlier this year (I had sold my old one a while back). At this point, I look at it as a good value gaming PC for the long haul since my computer doesn't play games very well. I will buy the occasional $20 "On Demand" game on it while Nintendo games take up most of my time. Right now, it's my Madden, Minecraft, and DVD machine. I think the more interesting question is if I will ever buy the next Xbox...



Linkuini said:

He "cannot think of a better console", eh? He, um, has actually heard of the Wii U, right? It's probably safe to assume he has, but from the way he talks here, he sounds more like he's unaware that it exists than that he's trying to make the Xbox 360 sound superior to it. I think that's what makes this funnier than other marketing statements, for those who have been asking why we're even talking about it.



Undead_terror said:

Pfff, buy a xbox, more like buy a PS3! (jk...if you want to anyway)
Xbox is not even worth the buy if it breaks within the year or gets console banned (which most does)



Damo said:

@WhiteKnight The news is that someone from Microsoft has directly targeted Wii owners in one of his interviews. It was also published on

Given that this topic already has 50 replies and lots of hits, it's clearly something people are interested in - obvious marketing spin or not.



C7_ said:

"Buy 7 year-old technology instead of new generation hardware this holiday season because we want your money. And as we are targeting you, the hardcore Nintendo fan, we're positive you'll be interested in generic shooters, an incredibly inaccurate 3D sensor camera, and games that you haven't even heard about. All for the low, low price of what your brand new console will cost when it comes out."

Microsoft, I have a 360. I haven't touched it in 2 years, as everything I wanted it for I can either find on PC or have already played.



LordJumpMad said:

Hmmmmm...let me see.
The X-Box360 has the same grapixs are the Wii U, and half the price.
The X-Box 360 already has Batman Arkham City and Assassin Creen 3 already out, but with the Wii U, I have to wait for them.
The X-Box 360 has Halo 4, the Wii U has Pikmin 3.....

Guess I'm getting a 360.



Bob-t-Gmaestro said:

Every time I've even mentioned a WiiU people just instantly stopped talking to me and they say how it's gonna be garbage. I let you have your viewpoints and opinions, now let me keep mine.



MAB said:

Thanks Matt but I already own a couple of 3suxxies I kick them around on the front lawn when I go outside.



coolvw93 said:

i have had a 360 for a couple of months and its not too bad. i use mostly to play games like skyrim and madden because my pc is horrible with games. i get on it every now and then but i dont have xbox live so... no online gaming. i have had a wii since early 2007 and own a bunch of games. xbox just doesnt have the games like nintendo puts out. with the WiiU coming out this holiday season, i would rather have the Wii U.



Schprocket said:

If I thought I could own three HD consoles and with my hand my heart state that I would use each one then yeah I'd get 360 as well.
This pitch will make some kind of sense to casual or non-gaming parents who know little of the Wii U's backward compatibilty. Add into the mix that there will be "Tweenies" for whom Nintendo is no longer "cool" jumping on this guy's release and using it as leverage.
However, for the informed Wii owners, whether or not they classify as fan-boys, stepping up to thd Wii H seems the most logical step - it's up to Nintendo not to screw the pooch again as they did on the Wii's release - that more than anything will influence the "informed" consumers' decision in the immediate future more than any press release by competitors for the gaming dollar/pound/euro.



Schprocket said:

(apologies for typos that I don't seem to have a way to edit - fingers too big for portrait-mode keyboard on S2 phone)



WaxxyOne said:

"they either play first or they play best"

Not sure I could have said it better myself, Matt.... either they're on the console that's out today first, or the game is actually better on your console. Wait...

Seriously, what kind of a douchey statement was that?



CanisWolfred said:

@Wheels2050 Two Words: Free Online. That's all the Wii U needs to get the leg up over the 360, IMO.

Now if we were talking about the PS3, it'd be a completely different story...



Torterra275 said:

So lets assume its 360 > Wii U you are telling us:

A console which will be replaced in about 2 years, or a new console which was last for 7, so many choices!



NintyMan said:

There's barely any games on the 360 that would interest me. The Wii U will have more great Nintendo games coming and a host of good thrid-party games as well, so the better strategy goes to Wii U here. It looks like Microsoft doesn't have many ideas for this holiday season.



SCAR said:

Meh. I've had 2 Xboxs(slim), w/ the Kinect, and I wasn't that impressed with the motion games, and there were few first party titles that weren't just sequels like Gears of War, or Halo. It's not true that that "loyal" Nintendo buyers just buy the next Nintendo console. Like I said, I've had 2 Xboxs, still have a PS3 and Wii, but Xbox just doesn't have all the classics like the Wii Shop, and all the other new Nintendo flagship titles. I liked my Xbox, and had pretty much all the exclusives ONLY, but with Wii U coming out(being the best console overall), and not wanting to support multiple consoles for alot of money(especially online), I decided my 2nd Xbox would get the boot(they weren't broken). It's obvious the Wii U is better than all the other consoles in terms of power, and for right now, that's all it needs to get my attention(sound familar?). I like the other systems, and even played PS All-Stars beta, and my brother who doesn't even play PS liked it because of it's similarity to Smash Bros. It has a different style, and that's mainly what got us to play. The play style is different. For example: There are animations that make you think out your attack first. Parappa the Rapper does animations to combat agaisnt Krato's lock on blades that never miss unless you start the animation at the right time. I really liked it.



efaulk84 said:

When Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 are on Xbox Live then I will buy an X-Box that is the only game that is worth a darn for the system. I am surprised it has not came out for X-Box Live especially after the Star Wars 360 came out. To buy those games on eBay it would cost you $70 a pop.



SCAR said:

I can honestly see where he's coming from though, saying it's the best. I mean, all the game companies try hard to give us fun games, sometimes we just need to move on to the better console for now. You know?



SCAR said:

Sorry for so many posts, but I downloaded ALL the games I had for XBox 360 straight to the HDD(I had the Gears edition 320 GB), and my accounts mine forever, so now if I get the new Xbox 720(1080, whatever), I'll be able to download all their exclusives from 360 straight out of the box to play.



LeVideoGamer said:

Xbox is becoming less of a video game console, and more of a home entertainment system. Quite frankly, my 360 is being shot down as soon as my Wii U arrives on the 30th. I have no interest in Halo, Gears of War or Call of Duty; all I want is Forza. And lets be honest, Project CARS looks like it will be a top notch racing simulator. I only own 4 Xbox 360 games, and the Wii U already has 11 announced in the launch window that I want. And that's excluding eShop games and Wii games that I still need.
Microsoft need to focus more on making people want a 360 by releasing new games or sometihng, rather than trying to ambush Nintendo's console. With such sleazy business tactics, who in their right mind would want to join them?



SuperMinusWorld said:

Nike + Kinect Fitness is not a blockbuster title by any means. Also, why would anyone choose a console with a second screen implementation as an afterthought over a more powerful console with better exclusives and third party support built around the second screen. It just doesn't make sense, and that statement by the exec is greedy and ignorant any which way you look at it.



CanisWolfred said:

As Aviator pointed out, they kinda have to say these things. They're a business. They want your money. It would actually be dumb of them to say "Go buy the Wii U, it's so much better than our product!" This is nothing to take seriously in any way.



Hokori said:

@Aviator Activision is still a company who wants $ any way they can get it, even f it's from a few suckers who bought BOII rather then NSMBU



SCAR said:

Microsoft, what you need to do is: Sell a 320 GB console(any artwork design, even regular gloss black), Kinect, a tablet for SmartGlass, and a game that supports both the regular controller and Kinect, then give a 12 month Gold member ship card, and $25 worth of Microsoft points. For $350.

People would buy the Xbox 360 alot more if it had all this stuff, but there's already too much to support with all these accesories that aren't used enough to dish out an extra $200 or so, w/o counting Xbox Live, just to watch Netflix, or go on the new internet browser that's 7 years late. Can you use the internet browser without gold Xbox Live?



LittleIrves said:

I was a Wii only console gamer from 2007 until March of 2011, when I finally broke down and got a 4GB Xbox 360, mainly for downloadable games. There's some awesome stuff on there, but I just don't warm to it as much as Nintendo products. I think that's a key word — "warm." Microsoft's gaming environment feels more sterile, less inviting. Not sure why. Just a personal preference thing.

My 360 will definitely stay plugged in (as I play FEZ, Stacking, Alan Wake, Mark of the Ninja, and more and more) but if games are available on both WiiU and 360, I'll be getting the WiiU version. Just enjoy the collecting aspect of Nintendo games more for some reason. A 360 game is a game I play and then stop playing. But a Nintendo game is something I play and then own. It's weird.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Jon_Talbain Where I agree with you that They have to say it; this statement would have been better last year not this year! I think most Nintendo fans rather jump on the PS3 bandwagon way before Microsofts. Still if you make silly comments then people are going to say something.



Lunapplebloom said:

Sure, get a 360 if that's where your interests lie. But for me, my interest is with Nintendo, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I've got my PS3 as well to play some of these exclusives over the years, so I'm good. It's just some more PR talk to get fanboys onto each other again.



Wonder_Ideal said:

Not a chance! None of that appeals to me, and I already have a Wii U pre-ordered. I'm sorry Microsoft, but Nintendo is how I role.



Urbanhispanic said:

I can see why MS's general manager would try to make a grab at Wii owners but let's be honest: like other people have said, if a Wii owner wanted to get it or the PS3, he/she has done so already. I have been wanting to pick up a 360 so I can play certain games but I won't be able to get it as well as the Wii U.



The_Fox said:

As several people have said, this is marketing talk. Judging by the 80+ comments here a sizable number of people don't seem to realize that.



Borgomon said:

I already have an X-Box, which I bought this year, and I hardly play with it anymore. Also, X-Box WILL NOT HAVE ANY MARIO GAMES!!!



MarioMan567 said:

x box is good but still mario is way better after all mario is nintendo,s mascot and 360 can't copy that it is illegal



Hokori said:

Well I guess I could see where they want the quote on quote wii owners, with the wii series games rather then the games that are for the wii like SSBB, Galaxy 1 and 2 KEY, MOM, TvC, Excite Bots, Punch Out, RTDL, Skyward Sword, TP, LKS, NSMBW, MP3C, FE RD, Klonoa, Muramasa, Epic Mickey, and a few others I'm not thinking of ATM



shonenjump86 said:

Already have a 360, Along with a PS3 and Wii. I won't be getting a Wii U though. Most of the games that I'm interested in on Wii U are also on the other consoles. The controller seems cool but it's not enough to get me on board with a Wii U. That might change when Bayonetta 2 comes though.



Dodger said:

I get they can't say that you shouldn't buy their system and that they are trying to get the family market, but I can't follow their logic. The 360 is a system that will likely be replaced next Christmas, has almost no exclusive games unlike the Wii and PS3 and breaks down a lot.



WaveGhoul said:

I had the XBOX 360, and it was thee' worst console i've ever owned period.
I'd rather buy a PS2. It's about bloody time i experienced Silent Hill 2,3 & 4, Klonoa 2, Fatal Frame II(Unless it comes to the Wii in the NA) Contra: Shattered Soldier, Mega man X7 and X8.



birthgirth said:

I've been a strong Wii owner since the Wii came out, still play it to this day. I bought an Xbox 360 in July and sold it a few weeks ago to Gamestop to fund my Wii U accessories and games Last game I played on the Xbox was Max Payne 3. Game freakin' sucks.



HawkeyeWii said:

@WaveWitch I don't have one, but I play it at my friends house, because that is all they play and I really wonder what all the hype is about that pile of junk. It has better graphics that is very evident. Is it a better console as a whole... Not by a long shot! Games are so unoriginal!!!



Magi said:

I have 3 Xbox 360's in my home and they are all played EVERY SINGLE DAY. The single Wii we have in the house has been collecting dust for a long time. For me, each console is just about the games. Right now, there are none I want to play on the Wii and only 1 I want to play on my two preordered WiiU's. Plus, all my friends play the 360. If they all played WiiU's or PS3's, I'd primarily play that console.

Here's a thought: When the WiiU's are all sold out from here to Christmas, people are going to be looking for SOMETHING to purchase. I feel the Xbox would be a GREAT choice, if only to fill the void until retailers restock the WiiU's.



Trikeboy said:

Halo - played it and found it boring
Call of Duty - played it and didn't think much of it
Assassin's Creed - haven't played yet so can't comment
Forza - I just bought Mario Kart 7, my racing needs are filled
Nike+ Kinect Fitness - I already have Wii Fit



The_Fox said:

"Given that this topic already has 50 replies and lots of hits, it's clearly something people are interested in - obvious marketing spin or not."

Looking at most of the comments in the thread tells me more that it's fanboy bait than something they find interesting.



WaveGhoul said:


The XBOX 360 basically represents everything i hate about gaming. Their key exclusives and what they constantly advertize make me cringe. It's a western console and that's another thing i don't like. I had it for about a year and a half and while the graphics were striking at all got stale afterwards when i realised that i was basically playing the same old crap from the previous generation with a new lick of paint and in HD/Widescreen. Where as the Wii was 'Nextgen' in terms of innovation/controls and it's what got me back into modern gaming. LOVE the Wii. Yet the XBOX felt like such a souless console in comparison. I still have my PS3, but i haven't played a game on it since Resident Evil 5.



HawkeyeWii said:

Exactly! It seems like 3/4 or more of the games that come out for that thing, are fps's. There really isn't much to work with that. The library gets incredibley boring and old fast!



SonicMario said:

That guy is a freaking idiot. If you go with Wii U, not only do you get the third party games that the 360 gets, but you also get all of Nintendo's games. So, you get more games, plus, a cooler controller, better looking features, need I go on? Seriously. No one try to defend the 360 about this comment. you can't.



Shining-Void said:

Wait....what? Yes Microsoft, because everyone wants to get a 6 year old console. Who cares about new consoles anyways.



Dambuster said:

His statement makes perfect sense, you will be very lucky to get a wii u this side of xmas without a pre order, so when little jonny wants a new games machine for xmas, X360 is a great choice, cheap, best online service, loads of games ....



AVahne said:

I'm waiting for the day that all 360 exclusives get ported to PC. Honestly I see absolutely no point in owning a Microsoft console when I own a gaming PC running Microsoft's Windows 7.



WaveGhoul said:

And all of those stale XBOX FPS's don't support wii remote pointer controls. I'd rather do a series of INtense dish washing than to use that horrible cumbersome clunky a** Dual anaog/aiming control scheme ever again. I find it hilarious that they've come so far in graphics, yet these 360 titles utilize a horrid control scheme which graphically makes the on screen character hand/arm/aiming movements look robotic, stiff, artificial and flat out unrealistic. Plus, it's so boring and unimmersive. Looks like i'll have to deal for ZombiU....ugh. I'm only interested in the unique GamePad screen ideas.



Ryno said:

This guy is right, I just cancelled my Wii U preorder and I am getting a 360 this season. I want to dance!!! Who wants to come over and dance and do some kinect fitness? It will be so fun!



brucelebnd said:

really the only reason I'd buy an XBOX is to play Tales of Vesperia or Lost Odyssey, maybe a few other RPGs here and there. Xbox arcade is superior, they get Sonic 4 episode 2, Nights and some other titles.

but for me that isn't enough. Microsoft hardware is junk and I'd rather buy a Nintendo system. Nintendo fans miss out on a lot but I hope Nintendo fixes some of those 3rd party problems with the Wii U



AVahne said:

Even then, the PS3 would be a much better choice. Better games imo and no additional charge to play online.



Rapadash6 said:

To an extent, he does make a good point. The 360 is well established within the marketplace and it does have it's legacy backing it up. However, I think Wii owners would've already picked up the system by now if it was purely an HD experience they were after. Heck, a lot of them did just that, but those that didn't are the players that understand that a Nintendo console isn't a draw because of it's hardware specs or FPS library, but rather for it's exclusive IP.

In just two and a half weeks, Super Mario will be presented in HD for the first time; a truley momentous occasion for any Nintendo fan. This, of course, picks at our nostalgia bones a bit, recalling the first time we had seen Mario in 16-bit, or in 3D. Sure, technology helped in molding these experiences, but it was the pure joy of exploring new worlds with an old friend that defined these moments in our minds.

No, Microsoft, Nintendo doesn't have the vast library of genuinely quality games you do, yet, but what we know we'll be getting over the next generation means more to some people than you may have assumed.



renaryuugufan92 said:

getting a Xbox 360 now would be taking a step back, especially since Wii U is superior in everyway~

Getting the Wii U!



Yosher said:

Uhm.. no thanks. Xbox 360 has no fun games for me. Maybe a handful but not enough to warrant a purchase for me. I'm sticking with Nintendo, thank you very much.



DarkLloyd said:

number of games i own not counting my handhelds
Wii -58

so a 360 wouldnt convince me to get one dont get me wrong i like halo and gears of war etc but the only reason i got the machine years ago for 200 dollars i might add was for mass effect 2 because i had a feeling my non gaming pc wasnt going to handle it that well ish but then i went on to play halo reach, alan wake etc etc

but i had no initial desire to get one in the first place when the ps3 would get the multiplat games themselves 5 years ago my desire was great for the wii and ps3 was why i even wanted a job badly in the first place back then lol

needless to say put me in the same position back all those years ago i would definitly choose the wiiu instead but im capable of getting all consoles now anyways

no consoles suck at all unlike some pretty extreme hardcore fanboys on here are saying that this PR guy has manage to get a rise out of the lot of ya lol



SCAR said:

Ya, f*** it. I already sold my Xbox 360 w/ the Kinect and a few games, and 2 headsets for around $260(I had all top versions), to help pay for a Wii U. Well Microsoft, I guess you can thank me for selling my Xbox stuff for less than what it's worth at the stores brand new, with alot more than what you sell it for, with alot less stuff. It might not be brand new, but I got what I could from it, and it was more than what Gamestop would give me in double trade in credit. haha. I gave good deal, and even saw people paying more for a bundle with less stuff, and mine was right next to it pretty much, even though I didn't have a feedback record on eBay. In conclusion, people don't trust me. haha. I think I might sell my PS3 too, but I do want to get the slimmer version, since I do have to replace it, because it's my families, and not just mine. F*** it, I could pay $70 or so to double my HDD, and get a slimmer version of a PS3. Doesn't sound like that big of adeal in those terms.



SCAR said:

I guess Xbox pulled a Power Glove w/ all those accessories like Smart Glass, and Kinect. Oh well, we've all been there. Right Nintendo? haha.



AcesHigh said:

Sounds like the glue talking to me. This guy is high. I know it's his job, but this is making them sound desperate. Really? They want Wii owners to not get the new Wii U successor - which is a step up from the 360 in terms of the type of game-play experienced with the new GamePad (not to mention the better GPX) ? Good luck with that. They're grapsing at straws and just makes them look desperate. How about NOOOO Scott?

The only thing that will slow WiiU sales this holiday season is not having enough stock on the shelves. Actually, maybe that's why they're making this statement. They want to make the comparison statement before Sony does so they get the sloppy seconds! Looks like a race for 2nd place.



JavierYHL said:

hmm...i actually think the worst choice is getting the xbox 360...with all the exclusive jrpgs the ps3 got...i would even buy a new slim to replace the old slim than to get the x360...come on mircosoft...proof us with the games and not all talk...



Yee said:

"I can't think of a better console for them to choose" I can, it's called Wii U



Auracle said:

I have nothing against Microsoft or Sony, but Nintendo is the only gaming company I want to buy from because I don't like M-Rated games or FPSs. So I will chuckle at this guy's joke and enjoy my Wii U on November 18.



Megajack said:

It may be true people want Halo, but in all seriousness... Halo isn't that good...(I will still be getting Halo 4. ) And as the article said, Assassins Creed and COD will be on Wii U. Microsoft isn't fooling anyone.



SCAR said:

@ AcesHigh - well, a race for 2nd place is better than no race, right? Oh well, you got 2 years MicroSonySoft, so you better pull out some big guns if you want to f*** s*** up again... sigh




I bought the last holiday Xbox 360 bundle and used trade-in credit towards a Kinect. I'm really not interested in owning a Wii U due to several reasons:

1) Horrible price for a console with only 32gb memory
2) System STILL does NOT play CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Rays
3) Does NOT play GCN Games
4) Standard controllers are insanely pricey
5) Most games come out later than for other consoles
6) The PS4 and Xbox 720 will blow away the Wii U in terms of technical aspects
7) I like my Wii because it can play NES-Wii games. The Wii U skips GCN games so it is not a complete Nintendo experience in my opinion.
8) Even shovelware costs $49.99. I'd rather pay $9.99 for Shovelware on the Wii.
9) No DS emulation has been announced for Wii U
10) Nintendo has said nothing about Restore Points being available on the Wii U's Virtual Console
11) A lot of old games are hitting the Wii U, ones that I have already played like Batman: Arkham City
12 (My PS3 and Vita already does what the Wii U does, only better)



eirikr said:

Xbox 360 owners might buy a Wii U, I can't think of a better console for them to choose.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Hey, I have a 360 (well, my dad's the owner; I'm just the caretaker), and it's not bad. But I have a Wii too. I like both.

But sheesh. What a prick. That's a prime example of douchebaggery if I ever saw one. If I actually stood next to the guy, I'd smack him upside the head.

And I like how this guy claims that the 360 has the "highest rated" games available. How many of them are first-party? I've also seen some games released on both the Wii and 360, with the Wii versions receiving the higher score.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@NTELLIGENTMAN: Boy, you're assuming a lot. While you have plenty of facts there, I see some opinionated ones. So, the PS4 and 720 are going to dominate? Not if they don't have good enough software. I also didn't know that games released in the last 5 years or so were considered old.



tripunktoj said:

I see he's trying to say his console has everything that WiiU has but cheaper, but I think most Nintendo fanboys (like me) arent looking forward to the WiiU because of video services and HD (and 360's isnt even native full hd) not even because of the gamepad (at least not primarly). Most of us are expecting WiiU, for a much simpler reason, we trust WiiU will be as FUN as most of Nintendo's past consoles and games. I agree, it would be a best option for Nintendo gamers (I have been tempted once or twice to get a game for that console, and no, not the crap he mentioned, I would never play) than Sony's consoles, but 360 lacks FUN so its still far behind WiiU



SCAR said:

@NTELLIGENTMAN Just relax guy, GCN games are gonna be on the shop yo, the HDD is a flash drive(they work better overall), you must have a differnet idea of shovelware than what alot of people do(an enhanced edition of current gen console = shovelware?, shovel ware will be harder to make for this controller unless those shovelware companies dig up some gold(so punny)), DS emulation(?, no idea what you mean), and the PS Vita and PS3 can(?) do it better, but it doesn't as of... NOW! I guess what I'm trying to say is, just wait to see whether the Wii U is for you or not. No hard feelings, just wait until more games and features come out later if they aren't a t launch, but you don't know for sure until it is launched, and look at all the features in the console. They probably haven't announced ALOT of HARDCORE features that WILL be available right out the box, or will be available later.



SCAR said:

@-Max- An Xbox 360 with Kinect, and a teablet to do everything the Wii U can do is around $500 cheapest, and that's if you get the cheapest tablet available, w/o Xbox Live, and no games that even support Smartglass, or Kinect IN THE BOX INCLUDED. I added a 320 GB HDD as part of that price BTW. It's cheaper if you don't want any games to play on your Xbox for a few months, which kinda defeats the purpose of a game console. Wii U supports external HDD, which will load up your digital game library if you don't want to buy physical copies like me. I'm a hardcore gamer, so I don't mind dishing out an additional $100 or so for a HDD bigger than what the Xbox or PS3 currently has, with a better console, more games, and all the features the other console have, with a new controller and slightly upped specs, and still cheaper than what Micro, Sony, and Soft have to offer in terms of price, along with accessability, and function.



3DSNoobieNerd said:

So microsoft wants us to buy a console that forces you to pay for online gaming and that it stops working within a month?
You have everything that microsoft says on PS3, and it has even more things that Xbox 360 doesnt have.
Hell, even the wii U has these mentioned things, and many more and better to come (even tough its expensier than the Xbox 360).
Great move Microsoft.



selective_blue said:

just want to say that i've had my xbox 360 since valentines day, 2009 & have had no problems with it & no repairs. Its been used for like six hours a day since then. guess i got a good one. Love my 360. That being said, It's like this:
I'm married to nintendo...I'm currently seeing xbox on the side (because Wii didn't really do it for me,)...& Playstations that girl I went out with in high school that i don't like to admit to. If only things had gone better with sega i might still have her around. im really looking forward to the 18th & I don't see why anyone would choose xbox360 over the Wii U. I'll be enjoying both. Not Playstation though. No room in my world for sony.



tripunktoj said:

@SCAR392 You are right, I meant is cheaper, provided you already owned a tablet and an HDD, but I think that is most gamers' case so I didnt mention that. And while I think you mentioned good reasons why WiiU is a better option, I still think the most important reason (at least for Nintendo gamers) is that we trust WiiU will be as FUN as most of Nintendo's past consoles and games.



Ryno said:

NTELLIGENTMAN said: "I bought the last holiday Xbox 360 bundle and used trade-in credit towards a Kinect. I'm really not interested in owning a Wii U due to several reasons:"
1) Horrible price for a console with only 32gb memory

  • Because now memory determines price?
    2) System STILL does NOT play CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Rays
  • It's a video game console.
    3) Does NOT play GCN Games
  • It is not a Gamecube
    4) Standard controllers are insanely pricey
  • Pricey like every other controller?
    5) Most games come out later than for other consoles
  • Are you that impatient? With the Wii U just launching in November how do you know the games are going to come out later?
    6) The PS4 and Xbox 720 will blow away the Wii U in terms of technical aspects
  • You have the specs of the 720 and PS4?
    7) I like my Wii because it can play NES-Wii games. The Wii U skips GCN games so it is not a complete Nintendo experience in my opinion.
  • If you really want a complete Nintendo experience get each system so you can play all of the games.
    8) Even shovelware costs $49.99. I'd rather pay $9.99 for Shovelware on the Wii.
  • That is cool you like shovelware
    9) No DS emulation has been announced for Wii U
  • Don't even know why you would expect want this?
    10) Nintendo has said nothing about Restore Points being available on the Wii U's Virtual Console
  • Do Wii games have "restore points"?
    11) A lot of old games are hitting the Wii U, ones that I have already played like Batman: Arkham City
  • Because only ports are being released for the Wii U?
    12 (My PS3 and Vita already does what the Wii U does, only better)
  • How much did those 2 items cost you? How many games have cross-play?


SCAR said:

@-Max- I see. I had an iPad 2 when it came out, and have even been debating getting a Surface tablet, but they don't run the full version of any of the major OS's like Windows 8(only Rt right now...), and Mountain Lion isn't even on iPad either so I have no need for a tablet as of right now anyways. Kinect was just awful. There's hardly any games that use it, and same goes for Smart Glass(with a tablet that doesn't even run a real OS). This is another reason why I would never want that, because a tablet that runs like a regular computer, and a basically usless motion sensor that's only fun game was a remake of Fruit Ninja, which plays better on a tablet that lets you play it in a better touch gameplay option, without a real OS, isn't worth it to me, especially with pretty much not over $2000 in my pocket.



SCAR said:

Cool video. Everyone I know pretty much had one of those problems. PS3's have problems too, but they're alot more convenient to fix, and alot more options on the actually console, considering it is better hardware. Gotta admit to Sony too though, Move didn't have much good games either, even though it had more than XBox Kinect. I hope they actually do come out with something cool next gen, but don't copy Nintendo pretty much completely like this gen.



Ultranintendofanboy said:

my personal opinion is.... that nintend wii u will suck very hard;
xbox 360 wont last even 2 years once you buy it;
ps3 is mehish and has pretty much the same problems as xbox 360;
I rather stick with my ps2 for many reasons: cheap games, massive library of epic games, it is still suported by sonny and it was made to last I had the first model since 2002 and it lasted about 11 years for me when it broke I have bought a ps2 slim new for 75 €.
so yeah the microsoft guy has a great and important point in saying that, all of you guys that deny him are (well there are exceptions) fanboys and people that can't acept personall opinions and critics.



Raylax said:

I can think of a better console to buy. The PS3. Or a PC. Not going to say Wii U because I haven't played it, but seriously. PS3.



SCAR said:

@Ultranintendofanboy I guess our opinions of how we don't want their console directs us to Nintendo, which makes us fanboys automatically? I respect your going back to PS2, but that doesn't mean were going to just all go back to PS2/Xbox/Gamecube and re initiate the internet on those consoles, which if Nintendo just said one day(hypothetically), "No more new systems will be made, but internet will be supported on all former consoles, and you can dl games using a GBA cart with 128 GB memory inside, and you can dl games, the Wii Remote accessory dongle will be avalable so you can play select Wii games on your GCN. Nintendo 64DD is making a comeback as well, new DLC comes out for it next week in North America - Sincerely Reggie at NOA/ Nintendo Direct" Sounds like bs, right? Very possible in my eyes, IF they went back like that.



Sir_Deadly said:

Nah, my Wii U is paid in full and Microsoft dont have enough exclusives!!! Besides, i am NOT paying extra just to play multi-player and watch netflix. Btw, if i want halo (which i dnt) ill just play Conduit for the story and Conduit 2 for the multiplayer! Plus the Mass Effect series looks much better than halo and we got that one covered to!



SCAR said:

Especially with internet, you can do all this stuff easy if they actually said(hypothetically), "Still got those old systems? Well today all your old consoles will support internet, and we will be limitly producing new accessories to be bought along side the Wii U, to support older consoles that do not do support what is all in one hardware this time, to make no one feel left out! your GBA now has a HDD GBA cart, that also has internet built in so you can dl all your old favorites! The Wii now supports all controllers, just plug the new ext. port connector to the USB on the back of your Wii, and all your games will be streamed through your original console(NES, SNES, N64), to the Wii in updated 480p visuals, Dolby, and of course, the original controller plugged into your original console! - Reggie"

Any objections?



Gamesake said:

Microsoft does have Rare. I can see Nintendo fans enjoying an Xbox. But the time to buy a 360 has passed. I'd wait for the Nextbox.

@Samholy Behind the PS3 is the evil creator of SecuROM. Also Sony's creations are not on par with Nintendo or even Microsoft. The best they can hope to do is copy them.

@WaveWitch You'd rather have a PS2 than a 360? Now that's a low blow.



selective_blue said:

After seeing ads for Best Foods Mayonaise, Burger King, & Green Day (three things that I couldn't care less about,) all in one day on my Xbox360 dashboard, I find it pretty hard to see Xbox360 as the best choice for a lover of video games.



The_Fox said:

And looking over the comments it's pretty obvious which ones they were baiting to drive up traffic.

I'm not blind to the game and I know that NL needs page hits for advertising dollars but between this and the Patcher articles it really makes me wonder if they care if they obtain those hits through actual news or stirring the pot.



SPEtheridge said:

Tbh, it does have most games that Wii U does such as Black Ops and Assassins Creed, and a few of its own such as Halo and games like batman are like £15 on 360 now, plus it is cheaper, they do have a good argument here i think, but i already own one so I'm not the target here, and i will be getting a Wii U for Mario and Zombie U but mutli platform games i will probably go 360 until next year anyways, but i could see how they could lure potential buyers away if there's any left after all the pre orders have gone, hopefully not too many will go for the 360 option.



Void said:

Why should I get an X-Box360 when my PC can play every game not exclusive to the X-Box360? The only game I might buy on the 360 is the Halo games, but I'm not even that interested in those.



CanisWolfred said:

@The_Fox I know, it sucks, and I don't recall them doing things like this as often when James was around. Though, it's not like a lot of places are immune to this type of "News". It's why people really need to take the time to read things thoroughly before coming to an opinion. Sadly, that's not exactly something a lot of people are willing to do. Heck, even I don't like doing it all the time, but then I usually end up looking like an idiot if I don't.




Honesty can sting like a bee sometimes, but I don't see a legitimate point of this article nor do I see it in the referenced article. Also,I would think that Mr. Barlow is more concerned about keeping his job than arguing which platform is better.



Zombie_Barioth said:

He has a point with the holidays coming up they'll have the $99 Xbox360 and the games are pretty cheap now. But if I'm already getting the Wii U why would I want to pay $99+ and another $299+ when I could just stick to the consoles I already have for a while?

No interested in one myself, its not a bad console but I have enough to play on the consoles I already have as it is and the couple exclusives I want aren't worth it imo.



edhe said:

Frankly, I'd sooner buy a PS3 than an XB360.

As it stands, I'll be getting a Wii U.



Hokori said:

@The_Fox Yeah but Nintendo fanboys are still not the only fanboys on a Nintendo site I agree it makes for rude comments, but Nintendo fans arnt the only ones



Phle said:

Why would I buy an Xbox 360?! If I wanted one I would have bought one already. Sorry Microsoft, I will never love you, ever. Actually, I hate you for denying me access to my own email account, so correction: I will always hate you Microsoft. I will avoid you at all costs.



Mandoble said:

From the point of view of a typical Wii owner that for some reasons wants to change to HD:
360: jump to HD and over 800 games, cheaper and with HDrive.
WiiU: jump to HD and less than 10 games, more expensive and no HDrive included.
MS (and Sony) had their hardware sales being increased while Wii sales were going down in flames for a full year now, so that MS is already capturing old Wii owners is nothing new.



Epicnessofme99 said:

Why would anyone want to buy 6 year old hardware when you can get a next-gen system at the same price that you'll get more out of.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@Wheels2050 wrote:
"...I feel a need to somewhat dampen the roar of all the Nintendo fans on here who see red at the mention of the 360."

For what? Is Microsoft paying you? Besides, you said it yourself: Nintendo Life IS a Nintendo site. Naturally, you're going to have Nintendo fans on a Nintendo site and some or a lot of them are going to be diehards (or whatever you want to call them). That's a fact, whether you like it or not. And to be honest, if you love Nintendo products/games and nothing else there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. (I know, these days it's uncool to be a "fanboy," and I hate that word.) Personally, I don't see anything wrong with being a hardcore fan of anything. It is what it is. And by the overarching majority of these comments, attempting to "dampen the roar" of the people here has been futile at best. (Not being a jerk or mean.)



BestBuck15 said:

I can think of 2 better consoles than a 360. The PS3 and Wii U. I had a 360 and I sold it, I didn't like the games on it. I now have a PS3 and a Wii and I couldn't be happier.



SPEtheridge said:

@SonicMario @SonicMario
They both have advantages the 360 has a lot more games, nearly all the Wii U third party line up, the games and console are at a cheaper price too, don't get me wrong the Wii U has pontentiel with games such as Zombi U and a few others, the 360 is a great console and i have faith that the Wii U will be as well but at this moment in time other than Zombie U and Mario the 360 has all the other games plus great ones such as Dishonored, Hitman, XCOM, and Bioshock next year, also the PS3 is a great choice as well, at the end of the day it comes down to what you love i have always liked my Nintendo's over the competition but that doesn't mean the others are bad, but what ever people choose this holiday everyone's in for a great time.



Hokori said:

PS3 > 360 if I'll buy any other console it'll always be Sonys never microsofts



NSBlueLighing said:

Do you all not realize hes just doing his joke of a job and that i bet anyone of you would kill a person for his paycheque. Yes 360 isnt the best nor ps3 nor wii nor wii U...if bobby likes a 360 THAN HES GETTING ONE! If tyler likes a wiiU HES GETTING ONE! Everyone who came here to post on this article just wanted to prove their points...but for what reason? I dont know.



CanisWolfred said:

@c1pher_c0mplet Well, you're right about one thing: Stopping idiots from reacting to a sensationalist article and trying to get them to use their heads is rather futile, unfortunately.



Bankai said:

Given that NintendoLife measures success by 1) 'fan' interest (fanboys are actually anything but fans, but that's a debate for another day) and 2) hits, then I have a recommendation for you: "the best boobs in Nintendo games/ conventions/ Cosplay: a photo gallery." That will deliver a whole lot of traffic, guaranteed.



jkshaz said:

I'm curious regarding your thoughts on fanboys not being fans. Obviously this is not the place for that discussion but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic.



Henmii said:

Can anyone explain me why this "news" really has to be posted on Nintendolife!!

Microsoft want us to buy a Xbox360, so what? Sony wants us to buy a PS3!

This is just a nonsense article!!



theblackdragon said:

Guys, that's enough with the comments about the quality of article — you knew what you were getting into when you clicked it, and no one forced you to read beyond the first sentence. If you have any further comments regarding NL's reporting, please take it to the Contact Form if you like. Any further off-topic comments will be deleted. Thanks in advance!



LavaTwilight said:

OMG HE'S SO FUNNY! He should do a stint on saturday night live! I'll be splitting my sides! I wouldn't give Microsoft the time of day.



SomeBitTripFan said:

Wow! I should get a Xbox 360. At a cheap price I'll get the soon-to-be weakest console on the market games that are coming to Wii U AND online games with wining people. Not to mention being able to FLUSH my money down the XBLA toilet for a year until the Durango is out!

Now that I've gotten to be sarcastic for the day, I'll go find a way to save people from losing all their money buying a 360 now.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Thank you, @theblackdragon for chiming in. I do not care for the "conspiracy theorist" attitude toward news reporting. News is news, whether one person considers it to be relevant or not is subjective. If the piece offends you or you believe it isn't relevant, there's no need to read the report. And the Nintendo Life authors always write great pieces and do so in a neutral fashion and non-alienating way for those who aren't necessarily Nintendo diehards. I started coming here because I got tired of the major news sources that cover general videogame news bashing Nintendo games/products all the time. Thanks, NL!



Mr_3DS said:

lol or you can just buy both! I already have an xbox and I agree that its fun and the online is excellent, but WiiU is a system I can't miss out on. Also, my new xbox 360 slim has been making some weird noises lately...I haven't even been playing it too much over the past few weeks since Pokemon Black 2 came out, so I'm going to need another system to be able to play if my xbox blows up lol.



LolWut said:

Wait, you mean that in the weeks leading up to a new console's launch, a competitor wants you to buy THEIR console instead? gasp OMG WTF THE INSANITY!!!! head explodes



doctor_doak said:

He could have a point... Kids who played games on a wii that were say, 6, 7 or 8 years old when it was released are now teenagers, who might be getting into more 'mature' (don't like the term) titles, and into gaming in general. They may not have had an Xbox or a Playstation...

It's a cheap alternative to the Wii U, and the Wii U doesn't have the games library the XBox 360 has because its a new system. Its also in HD, and not too inferior to the Wii U in terms of specs. All the big 3rd party titles will come to the system over the next 12 months on the XBox 360, whereas that won't be the case for Wii U. Plus it has some great downloadable titles like Bastion, Mark of the Ninja, Fez, Spelunky and the upcoming Monaco.

I think the Wii U is going to be really good and I definately want one, but there is a demographic I think where the XBox 360 with its cheap price, and pretty extensive back catalogue of quality games and solid online infrastructure, is going to have a fair amount of appeal.



Grodus said:

And the award for the biggest idiot of the year goes to... Let's see... HD: Wii U's got it. Games: most are 3rd party/who cares.{EDIT: here, I meant the ones he mentioned. Just to clear up any confusion.) I also love the sentence "And when you look at the alternative experiences that we're going to bring with SmartGlass." considering that's their defensive rip-off of the Wii U.



DrDaisy said:

I can't honestly say I ever really gave Kinect a good chance, but what little I did experience was annoying. It could have just been a problem with the TV's input delay, but I found it unresponsive and laggy. I actually don't like motion controls in general and have only ever really found them fun in Wii Sports Bowling. I already have an XBox 360, but the ethernet port doesn't work anymore (it's a pre-slim Elite edition), the proprietary hard drive is almost full (and I can't redownload anything I delete), and sometimes it has trouble reading discs that are just fine. I don't feel like buying a new XBox 360 and an expensive tablet. I'm not even sure I want a Wii-U.



Vincent294 said:

I love my 360, but this takes guts. Really? How desperate is Microsoft? This is like asking a woman to dump their current boyfriend for you. Halo & the 360's dominance in the US are the only reasons a 360 is worth buying at this point in its lifespan, so I'd say go w/ Wii U now. Unless you want Halo 4 a lot, it's not worth the Xbox Live fees, console age, etc. I want Halo 4 a lot though, and I was offered a 360 for my birthday several months ago, so I asked for it over savings for the Wii U. Besides Halo 4, MGS: Ground Zeroes & GTA5 are the only games to look forward too. Sounds like a sound investment to me. I do suppose Forza 4 is great too, but even then, is it still worth it?



bizcuthammer said:

I'd rather buy just about any other gaming device than a 360. I had a 360 for 4 years, and got the red ring twice (luckily it was still under warranty both times), and the only games i ever played on it were the halo games and mass effects. I recently sold it and my games and put that cash into my Wii U deluxe preorder. I'd rather play HD zelda, pikmin, mario and smash bros over halo anyway.



sillygostly said:

I don't see why any sane person would buy an Xbox considering its embarrassingly high failure rate. They may have rectified the RROD with the most current revision(s) of the hardware (?), but it's still inexcusable that they would release such a shoddy product to the market in the first place. I'd sooner get a PS3 and I have almost no interest in that either.



SyFyTy said:

You could GIVE me 10 Xbox 360's I would only sell them. First you BUY a game, THEN you have to PAY again (online account) to PLAY those same games that I only want to play single player anyway. Without the account many games don't save and without the 'updates' they also don't save. MS charges multuple times for the same game. Buy a 360? not in this life time.



mookysam said:

The 360's a great console with a very well established and diverse library. Objectively it perhaps does represent the better choice for consumers at this point in time. The same goes for the PS3, perhaps even more so given its upcoming exclusives. The Wii U, as with any new console, is expensive, unproven, and currently lacks the library of well established systems.



mookysam said:

It hasn't yet been released so no one knows just how it's going to pan out - that is to say how well it's going to be supported beyond the launch or how developers will exploit the hardware. This isn't unique to the Wii U - launches are rarely anything to go by on any console - and it takes time to get there, because games take time to make. New consoles have potential, of course, but until it's realised, I feel it goes largely unproved.



Chunky_Droid said:

Well I have a 360, but it's going to cost me like 150 bucks to get a Wireless adapter just to hook it up to the internet, screw that.

If Nintendo owners wanted to badly get onto HD, they would have already picked up either a 360 or a PS3.

If they're not that desparate, then they're obviously holding out for the Wii U.



turtlelink said:

Are people seriously getting mad because someone was giving them a reason to pick up the xbox 360? Just wow...



bahooney said:

@Rated_R_Superstar But would you, really, cut off your genitals?

I own a 360. The initial purpose was to gain access to Rare's extended, albeit less-good, catalog of games due to the buy-out. Turns out my 360 collection is waaaaay bigger than my Wii collection. Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo to death; I would take one Mario game in a console's life cycle over three Halo's. But it's good to branch out to at least two different systems. One system for the system exclusives, and the other for multi-platform games that don't reach one of the consoles. In my case, Rare being system exclusives for 360 sold me.



rockman_zero said:

@Joshers744 wrong on that bro xbox cant compare to sony systems since xbox is to begi with there is not 1 xbox game that's even good and most need 3 disc to play



hYdeks said:

if your a loyal Wii owner, your getting a Wii U BUT, if your not loyal, PS3 and 360 are tempting, PS3 probably more so.



TornadoX7 said:

U kno xbox 360 makes a decent point....sike who am i kiddin, sorry microsoft but HECKKKKKK NOOOOO besides i already have one and its not better than the wii u SORRY



rayword45 said:

lol, he does have every point right. The Xbox DOES have far more quality title then the Wii U launch line-up. And it's very accessible due to the quantity of titles and sheer options.

However, let it be known that it's been out for 7 YEARS. I have legitimate doubts that it's going to remain a current-gen console for long at all.



rayword45 said:

@Araknie Halo is not a Metroid Prime ripoff. Halo is not a Metroid Prime ripoff. Halo is not a goddamn Metroid Prime ripoff.

I don't like Halo, but this is basically completely falsified likely due to similar character design.
Anyone here being a fanboy rather then giving it a shot before making a judgement when you can't make a Wii U judgement outside of Rayman's two levels should stop.
I see Nintendo fans complain about how ignorant Microsoft/Sony fans are. We should stick to our word.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Ok, most Wii owners who wanted one either already got one or are at least probably going to focus on the Wii U and would only get the 360 when it's DIRT cheap. There are also people like me who doesn't want one. I know the guy is trying to sell something and needs to eat, but why is he even wasting the effort. All the Wii fans who listen to him are just going to giggle themselves and not change their position whatever it is. Also, don't know why but the way he tried to market the 360 to us seemed so, fake. Like more than already expected from business statements like this from any company. I am using Microsoft software with my Dell laptop, they should be happy with that.



BubbleRvolution said:

Seriously, you'd think they'd mention something like FEZ or Scott Pilgrim instead of Call of Duty. I think that would be more likely to win over Wii owners.



FriedSquid said:

Well I don't know about that Barlow, I already have an Xbox and would trade it for a PS3 any day. Though of course, whoever would trade me a PS3 for an Xbox would be a poor sucker.



grenworthshero said:

What exclusives does the 360 have that are actually worth getting? I've played Halo and it's extremely uninteresting to me. Okay, there's Gears of War, I'll give you that one, but other than that what do they have that isn't already on PS3 and/or PC? Plus, you have to pay to play online? Screw that.



TimboBaggins said:

I would buy a PS3 before I would even think about the 360. PS3 has the most exclusive titles, and I would highly challenge the notion that somehow all HD games play "best" on 360....yeah, skyrim disproves that rule.



Korbin64 said:

Microsoft executives: Wii think that Wii are going to have a better system with better games. Better than U will ever hope to make, find from a third party, or rip off from Nintendo for your "precious" 360. Good day, sir!



Mr-X9000 said:

Wii U>360
sega saturn(srsly)>360
imnot being a fanboy, ive sean all of them in action(other than Wii U) and i think xbox was the worst, what with it always RRODing and melting and scracthing discs, they still expect people to buy it? shut up and die microsoft, let ps3 and nintendo rule, besides i only play xbox for minecraft...



Shock_Tart said:

xbox is a absolutly horrible system, it caters to those ppl who only play call of duty, halo and madden and call themselves gamers. it has a massive breakdown rate and the kinect was a complete fail, ill stick to good systems like ps3, and wii.



TailsSonicDX said:

Not going to happen.
I'd rather buy a SEGA dreamcast then a xbox360. Plus, motion control is beter becouse it gets you up and moving ( at least some games do ) and unless you get a kinect with it your just siting there. So i'd rather play my wii. Plus, to me, wii has better games.



JimLad said:

Would... but I already bought one last year when Nintendo stopped making decent games for their own system.
So yeah... ya already got me.



JimLad said:

Trials, Splosion Man, Ms Splosion Man, LIMBO, Shadow Complex, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Fez, Minecraft (only console version so far), Braid, HD versions of Banjo Kazooie, Tooie and Perfect Dark, Iron Brigade, Castle Crashers, Toy Soldiers, ilo milo, Super Meat Boy, Mark of the Ninja...

Obviously they're all download games, which is why I bought the system:
It has the best selection of downloadable and indie games of all three consoles.

Also the Playstation controller is an uncomfortable piece of crap.



rjejr said:

Normally wouldn't post past 100 but I completely agree with the guy. I really want a WiiU but I'm going to hold out for a better deal next year when it has some games I want to play. I've never owned a MS console but my kids really enjoy the Kinect at their friends house. And $200 (see BF sales) for a 4GB Kinect system w/ 2 games sounds like the perfect under the tree present. For me, no I don't want it, but the kids have to get something under the tree, and $200 is my limit on a gift.

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