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United Kingdom

Wed 4th May 2011

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SilverYoshi commented on Wii Owners: Microsoft Wants You To Buy The Xbo...:

Ahaha.... Xbox really doesn't have the widest varity of games, and Kinect has just made that fact even more clear. (when it comes to non-family exclusives anyway) a ps3 is a much better choice if they were to not get the Wii U.



SilverYoshi commented on How Did Nintendo Do At This Year's Golden Joys...:

Whoever voted in these awards wouldn't know good games if they kicked them up the ... I mean, how did zelda lose to Skyrim? I swear that is such an underrated game. I'll admit though Uncharted vita is pretty good, but still shouldn't of won.



SilverYoshi commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

Sunshine will always be my fav mario game. heck, maybe even my favourite game in general. It was one of my first true games and very nostalgic to me. honestly it wasn't that bad. I loved how it was free roaming. something recent mario games don't seem to have.