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Tue 20th Mar 2012

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SonicMario commented on ATV Wild Ride 3D Skidding Into 3DS eShop March...:

It looks bad, as mentioned above, and being a fan of racing games, I notice that the turning mechanic seems crappy. This game looks to be pulling a "Need for Speed: The Run" for 3ds. On that game is was actually faster to ride the wall rather than drift.



SonicMario commented on Check Out The Wii U and 3DS eShop Titles That ...:

I don't believe that Zen Studios will release Zen Pinball 2 for Wii U, at least anytime soon. I was looking forward to Castle Storm for the 3ds, that they said would be out before the Summer ended, and it's going to be Winter in a couple weeks! They also promised Zen Pinball for 3ds would get DLC. It never did. I still want my Castle Storm...



SonicMario commented on Wii Owners: Microsoft Wants You To Buy The Xbo...:

That guy is a freaking idiot. If you go with Wii U, not only do you get the third party games that the 360 gets, but you also get all of Nintendo's games. So, you get more games, plus, a cooler controller, better looking features, need I go on? Seriously. No one try to defend the 360 about this comment. you can't.



SonicMario commented on Young Boy Thinks Gameboy Micro Is The Latest N...:

I'm sorry, but that kid is an idiot. Does he know what graphics are?? I have a little brother and he likes games like I do, and I taught him about graphics when he was six. He already could tell what graphics were good and bad, he just didn't know the term.



SonicMario commented on Feature: The Mistakes of the 3DS Launch:

Ok the 3d part was so not true. The 3d can cause I strain or whatever, but its not as bad as that person made it seem. And yes, I guess it would be bad if you were an idiot and you played with the 3d 24/7 and played your 3ds for hours everyday. But they warn you to take breaks. If the people won't take breaks, that's their problem!