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United Kingdom

Sun 12th Jul 2009

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WiisWorld commented on Pop'n Twinbee:

I remember owning this back in the day, flinging the player 2 ship around the screen. Decent, but I always preferred Axelay.



WiisWorld commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

When you sign up for YouTube monetization I'm sure it says that you're not allowed to include any copyrighted material in your videos, so I'm surprised to learn that LPers have been making money from their content.

I think this is a bad move by Nintendo though, it reeks of money-grabbing.



WiisWorld commented on Review: Pallurikio (WiiWare):

Sean hit the nail on the head with "lacks a bit of soul". 5/10 is a little harsh to me, but you can definitely get more fun spending 1,000 points elsewhere.