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Mon 22nd Oct 2012

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Yee commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:

I agree with this "The wiiu is the best gaming device ever created on earth", the problem is that nobody sees it, people must try the console, but I'm not talking about playing Nintendo Land in a random place, I'm talking about the other awesome features it has, like Miiverse, things that work only because of that touch screen in the controller.



Yee commented on Talking Point: Life Without Wii U Achievements:

Achievements add nothing to the game, actually they make gamers lazier, I remember having this weird competition with my brother in Ocarina of Time, we used try to stay alive as long as possible in Kakariko with the cuccos going crazy, not because the game told us too, because we think it was fun, we also did some other crazy stuff, like try to reach unreachable places in Mario 64, going in reverse a whole track in Mario Kart, we could do really crazy stutf with almost every game, now only Nintendo games let you experiment, but now gamers want everything in a silver platter, they don't want to think, they don't want to be creative, they just want a game that plays itself like CoD or Resident Evil 6.



Yee commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Not Have "Unwho...:

I've always said that games like Mario are perfect for DLC, instead of sequels, just give us new levels to download, but Animal Crossing is quite special, the only way they could charge us for new things, is if the game becomes free-to-play.



Yee commented on Pachter Pours Scorn Over Wii U Sales Projections:

Many here are missing one key point, people won't buy 4 games at launch, that is quite obvious, but they'll probably buy 1 game per month, that doesn't sound unrealistic at all, specially with games like Wii Fit (44 millions copies sold) and Mario (I think I don't need to give any number here) in the launch window.



Yee commented on MCV: Wii U Is A Stopgap System, Real Successor...:

Nintendo did a really smart move with Wii U, it gave the competitors a lot more time to make their new hardware and extend the life cycle of this generation by 4, or even 6 years ¿Why is that a smart move? Well, simple, there's no current technology that allows developers to create "next gen graphics" at low costs, the current polygonal technology is extremely expensive, they can't afford to put 100 dollars games in the market, so, the answer is "wait until the new technologies arrive".

Sony can't afford to put a new product in the market right now, if they do, and keep the trend of Vita and PS3 (Pooooweeerr!!), the system price will be outrageous, not a really good idea if you think of their financial situation. If they really want to stand out just in base of systems specs, as they did with two portable generations and two home-console, they'll have to wait to make it affordable.

Microsoft noticed that Kinect gave them a really big push in sales, I won't be surprised if the next "X box" is "Kinect focused", but they really need to polish the technology before making that step and it will take some time, time that Nintendo just gave them.