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Wed 26th Sep 2012

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TheRavingTimes commented on Random: Fire Emblem 0 Will Be Getting Some Car...:

I'm just hoping we get Hardin in both his cavalier/paladin and emperor form. Honestly, Hardin was more memorable as a villain, but he was still amazing as the duke who destroyed Aurelius' slave trade and Macedon's rule over his home.



TheRavingTimes commented on Fire Emblem will be Getting an Art Book for it...:

With 14 entries (not counting Fire Emblem BS for the Super Famicom), it's evident that this book is not meant for western Fire Emblem fans. With the first 6 entries and Heroes of Light and Darkness on the DS having to of never made it to the west, only the hardcore fans of the series would have any sort of interest in this book (like myself).



TheRavingTimes commented on Nintendo Wanted A GoldenEye Sequel On N64 But ...:

The World is Not Enough on the N64 and From Russia With Love are great games, though the Goldeneye reboot was also great. It's a pity the series ended with the horrendous failure of Goldeneye Legends, but Activision only made it a pitiful Call of Duty clone.



TheRavingTimes commented on Here's Where The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force He...:

So for those not caught up, that would put Tri Force Heroes in the timeline where Link is defeated by Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. So in this branch that would make the official timelike Ocarina of Time > The Sealing Wars where Ganon is imprisoned by the seven sages > A Link to the Past in which the seal is destroyed by Agahnim > A Link Between Worlds > Tri Force Heroes > Oracle of Ages and Seasons in which Ganon is revived again > Link's Awakening which takes place a few months after Oracles of Ages and Seasons > Hyrule enters a rapid decline due to a lack of a proper successor of the triforce, Zelda is sent into an eternal slumber by a wizard associated with her brother and ANOTHER Zelda is kidnapped by the revived Ganon > The Legend of Zelda (original) > Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (taking place only 4 years later)



TheRavingTimes commented on Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Character...:

I can understand the inclusion of Xenoblade Chronicles characters since Namco Bandai owns them, but Fire Emblem feels a little out of place since they're full Nintendo characters (though compared to other characters in Project X Zone it's highly understandable). Here's hoping for a Link and Zelda (and Navi) duo and maybe Ike and Robin (even though they'll probably use the female version).



TheRavingTimes commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Wii U eSho...:

Shadow Dragon is a great remake of the original NES title, but compared to other Fire Emblem games it's one of the worst FE games of all time. Here's a run down of what's wrong with this game:

  • No skills similar to the past 3 entries (for its time)
  • Predictable story with the newly implemented scenarios adding nothing
  • Almost seldom character development for more then half the characters
  • A prologue that only teaches you the bare-basics
  • A reclass system that makes the value of most units (save for thieves, manaketes and those amazing ballistians) worthless
  • Almost every unit are either broken or completely useless (i.e. Tiki, Jake, Sedgar, Barst and Cadea in comparison to almost every pre-promoted unit)
  • Gaiden chapters can only be accessed by killing your units, making it impossible to obtain every unit in a single playthrough

Other then that, I'd highly recommend this remake. Mystery of the Emblem's Book 1 segment also served as a remake, but a lot of the content was cut including 6 characters (Wyrs, Darros, Roger, Jake, Beck and Gatoh) who were later added to the DS remake. Plus the music and the deep dialogue makes Shadow Dragon a fulfilling experience. Just be prepared to sacrifice A LOT of units for those gaiden chapters.



TheRavingTimes commented on Falco, Mewtwo, Mii Fighters & More amiibo Rele...:

Poor Falco, he was the second (after Ness) and first unlockable character in Smash Bros (if you unlock the characters by playing VS matches) for the 3DS and Wii U respectively, yet Wario and Lucina were released half a year earlier and Mewtwo comes out a week prior.



TheRavingTimes commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd July (North America):

In my opinion, I've always felt that the 3DS iteration of Ocarina of Time is the definitive version of the game, regardless of the costs. Aside from the many enhancements made (on both a graphical and gameplay standpoint of view), it also comes packed with the Master Quest edition of the game. On a final note; it's also portable.



TheRavingTimes commented on Star Fox's Iconic Blue-Marine Is Descending To...:

Iwata: We would like to announce the next entry in the Star Fox series ... Star Fox U: Slow Moving Blue-Marine Edition, now with Slippy's chances of getting tailed by the enemy tripled. You'll hear memorable quotes such as "FFFFFOOOOXXXXX" or "Get this guy of my tail" and who can forget that minute long scream of Slippy.



TheRavingTimes commented on Month of Mario Kart: Clones And Alternatives t...:

Though reviews state it's an awful game, Sonic R on the Sega Saturn and Sonic Drift 2 on the Sega Game Gear are titles I'd recommend. They're considered to be a 6/10 title, though I had a lot of fun playing those two titles in the Sonic Gem Collection compilation.



TheRavingTimes commented on Nintendo Will Have Plenty of Hoops to Jump Thr...:

Perhaps Nintendo and its distributors can be a little more fair with their consumers when it comes to releasing games. A console with Star Fox 64, Super Mario 64, Wave Race 64, and Ocarina of Time at launch (along with demos for each of these games and Dr. Mario 64 bundled up in the memory card) is nothing no launching matter for rival businesses, until you realize that only 14 titles are released in the console's entire history from a timespan of 2003-2006, when the initial console released its last game in 2002. On the brighter side of the spectrum, it did give China the Japan exclusives Custom Robo, Sin and Punishment and Animal Crossing on the NIntendo 64.



TheRavingTimes commented on Review: NES Remix 2 (Wii U eShop):

From what I'm getting at, NES Remix 2 falls victim to a more limited selection of games due to Super Luigi Bros. Yet compared to the original NES Remix, it would seem Nintendo has placed an emphasis on quality over quantity (lets be honest, Donkey Kong 3, Pinball, Ice Climber and Donkey Kong Jr are far less desirable then Zelda II) and the fact that these games came out around 1986-1994. I'm genially excited to try out this game, it's a pity that it comes out around the game time as Child of Light and many classic GBA titles (still clawing through Advance Wars).



TheRavingTimes commented on Month Of Kirby: Minigame Mania:

Kirby Quest is without a doubt the best Kirby game. It's essentially an "RPG" yet in name alone. The gameplay is generally simple and the only RPG element can be incorporated from experience points, the number of Kirbys you have (which calculates the damage in accordance to the number of Kirbys you have) and of course how much HP the enemy has. The music is another well renowned element with music similar to that of an RPG with a dark atmosphere. The finale possess a fast-pace track as the Kirbys duke it out with Dark Matter.



TheRavingTimes commented on The Wonderful 101 Saving Wallets on Wii U eShop:

I just bought the game 2 weeks ago .... Great game, it just has a dis-conjointed target audience with the looks of a game made for a casual audience, yet the gameplay is geared towards hardcore fans (unless you play on the easiest difficulty setting). Be sure to fail the quick-time events, they're hilarious.



TheRavingTimes commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

Anyone who's played Genealogy of the Holy Wars can agree that this Fire Emblem can be labeled as an incomplete title due to a lot of unused data, 20 stat caps from the titles with Marth, units that can become completely broken (Galzus and Sety for example), three units were never given any lines apart from escape and death quotes, chapters can be completed in one turn with the necessary items and the overall scale of the previous instalment leaves much to be desired. However, Thracia 776 despite its short comings is an amazing game, though really hard. Capturing units both generic, recruitable allies and bosses is a rewarding system, though the idea of units succumbing to fatigue really makes this game dicey for newcomers. Even without side quests (or gaiden chapters in this case), the main story can be cruel, especially when you're suppose to fight Rhinehard, Cyas and Coen who possess enough leadership stars to increase enemy units hit and evasion rate by almost 60%. Character-wise, I've always enjoyed many of the characters in this game and watching Leif grow up in the battlefield from a young inexperience knight to the prince of Leonster. Plus due to separate routes in the game, you're going to need an extra playthrough to venture through both of them (be sure to kill Owlen off before entering route A, Eyrios is worth it and if you decide to recruit Cyas be sure to be prepared for the worst). It's also the first Fire Emblem to offer playable dark magic users (and brigands), though Salem was never as good as other units unfortunately. Though this game never received the success of other Fire Emblems, it did an amazing job combining elements from Geneology of the Holy Wars and implement them into a traditional Fire Emblem setting. It's also an rare, yet interesting perspective that the Fire Emblem series took with projecting an entire side-story as the main plot of the game. Maybe Nintendo will offer this game a remake one day, the series finally had its first game in the series to hit a million copies, so all the more reason to follow in suit and cash in. A shame that the final boss can be killed by any unit (someone even manage to post a video on YouTube where he killed Berdo with Shanam, and that guy is pretty much garbage the moment you recruit or accidentally kill him).



TheRavingTimes commented on A Link Between Worlds Early Japanese Sales Sur...:

Though the 3DS is without a doubt Nintendo's golden ticket to fortunes, the DS was a ticket printed out of premium platinum coating. The DS found massive 3rd party support which brought a large audience of casual and hardcore gamers. It's apparent that the lack of a casual audience who were lulled by the original Brain Age(s) and Nintendogs provided large sales figures for many DS titles. If it weren't for the DS sales the Professor Layton series could have potentially ended by the third instalment due to smaller sales figures as oppose to the 5 million copies sold thanks to the first instalment alone.



TheRavingTimes commented on Feature: Our Nintendo Moments of 2013 - Part One:

Some of my fondest memories this year:

  • One of the earlier Nintendo Direct that reveal the Year of Luigi, X, and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
  • Exploring the second and third dungeons of A Link to the Past (that music was just beautiful and signifies Link's struggles)
  • Killing off the major Fire Emblem bosses after one of my units just barely survive a critical or skill
  • Recruiting Jack Frost and his relatives in Shin Megami Tensei IV
  • The final battle/Pikmin genocide in Pikmin 3
    The localization of Pandora's Tower in Canada (and America)
  • X and Zero killing Vile off permanently in Project X Zone
  • Playing Pokemon for the first time in 3 or 4 years with a more mature mindset because "Pokemon is for little kids"
  • Playing 5 player Rayman Legends and watching the slightest actions turn an easy level into something almost impossible to complete
  • Finally destroying a Man of War ship in Assassin's Creed IV


TheRavingTimes commented on Shigesato Itoi Says Mother 4 Would Be "Impossi...:

It's fair to understand why Mother 4 wouldn't be developed. Though many fans such as I would agree that there should be a 4th instalment, I do believe that Mother 3 tied up all loose ends and delivered the finale of the entire trilogy. Though perhaps a remake or side-story isn't out of the question.



TheRavingTimes commented on Weirdness: Try to Run as Fast as Sonic, For Re...:

Does Sega realize that most hardcore video game fans can't even run a mile without stopping to catch a breath. Though I do enjoy playing tennis and going to the gym to build some muscle tone, I fail to see who could possibly find something like this to be popular among many individuals.



TheRavingTimes commented on Nintendo Selling Refurbished 3DS and DSi Consoles:

@ACK Simply asking for another cookie to crumble. A scam in words simple enough for even some of the simplest to understand. It would seem that without the red ring Microsoft may have suffered many hardships by 2008 and possibly experience a dramatic decrease in sales by 2010 due to the PS3's uprising and the Nintendo Wii's best year.



TheRavingTimes commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Staff Favourites - Su...:

1) The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
2) Secret of Mana
3) Ogre Battle Let Us Cling Together
4) Fire Emblem Thracia 776
5) Donkey Kong Country 2
6) Kirby Dreamland 3 (bias)
7) Chrono Trigger
8) Final Fantasy IV
9) Earthbound
10a) Street Fighter Alpha 2
10b) Dragon Quest V

Please note that more then half these games came right off the top of my head.