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Sun 2nd Oct 2011

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TornadoX7 commented on Rumour: New Sonic Title Dashing To Wii U And 3DS:

Why does the 3ds always keep getting a "suckier" version of almost every game!!! excuse my language but seriously cant they atleast try to keep the game generally the same even if the graphics get lowered down just give 3ds a chance!!! LOL no im serious



TornadoX7 commented on 7000 Wii U Systems Stolen in Seattle:

im in new jersey and seattle is on the complete opposite side of the country, but i will travel (walk if i had to) over there just to kick some crusty thieves' butt and give back those wii u's!! i mean seriously they have to be BROUGHT DOWN!!



TornadoX7 commented on Wii U Won't Include Trophies Or Achievements:

Honestly to me i dont see much of a differnece its not somthing to get sooo HYPED about if they do have really this doesnt even affect me in the least way in terms of buying the system or not im still gona get it.



TornadoX7 commented on Justin Bieber Surprises Just Dance 4 Fans:

i have to admit i used to hate JB becuz i thout his music was sooooo stupid,and evryone else did, and i thout it was funny (like in 4th grade) but now even thou im not a fan of him i dont hate him in every way possible..



TornadoX7 commented on Interview: 5th Cell - Scribblenauts Unlimited:

I really want this game this is one of my first games for Wii U. I dont mean to sound obsessed but i actually have all of their scribblenauts so far....i think this game would be really fun.Im disappointed though that they took away level editor i loved that feature



TornadoX7 commented on Hands On: Nintendo Land:

You know actually i thout that Mettroid Blast would be one of the best...but i kno nothing about how the controls work i cant come to a clear decision..whether or not the controls are extremely difficult i think id still like it..i think



TornadoX7 commented on Sony: Wii U Offering "Something That Vita and...:

HECK NO...i mean dont get me wrong here PS3 and Vita's connectivity thing is all nice probly quite fun to play but the Wii U offers it and expands that concept making almost all its games so far have assymetric gameplay honestly I think what Sony's doing is just a expensive spin-off. It may be becuz my friend has both of the systems but still it wont bother Wii U if it does it wont be significant.



TornadoX7 commented on Live: Wii U Preview:

Nintendo u managed to impress me yet again...(no pun intended) i want that deluxe set mainly because of the color and Nintendo land being bundled with it..i wonder if they'll make basic set be able to have a black color.