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Thu 29th July, 2010

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efaulk84 commented on Target and Best Buy Nintendo Deals Live Now, K...:

Target does have early access to the actual Black Friday Ad. Deals range from the 2DS for $99. Skylander Trap Team and Disney Infinity Figures for $10 each. Free $15 Target gift card with puchase of select Games (Wii U titles include Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8). This is just a small amount of what is on sale.



efaulk84 commented on Nintendo Download: 13th November (Europe):

I would like to know how the transfer will work with Golden Sun The Lost Age. It still seems vague. I guess I will have to wait until it is released here in America to try it out.



efaulk84 commented on North America is Getting the Limited Edition o...:

It does not bode well for Nintendo when they don't have the confidence to sell First Party Collectors editions of Games. I have to say I wanted to get the Mario Kart 8 Bundle with the Blue Turtle shell. Sadly I don't live in New York.



efaulk84 commented on Latest Mana Game Rises To The Challenge:

I don't understand Square Enix anymore. I have seen the games they have on iOS the remakes are totally overpriced. I did buy the complete Dimensions game that came out because I saw it as something new from them. It is hard to control though (I need a D-Pad to move). They have re-released Final Fantasy V and VI with graphics that are like the ones for the III and IV ports that were on the DS. Those DS versions are also on the App Store.



efaulk84 commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Web Framework and ...:

@Yellowgerbil It seems though that He is clueless to what The People want just like EA and Activision. I feel that the eShop should go back to 3 Virtual Console games a week. This will probably not happen though. To put GBA games on the Wii U but not the 3DS is a huge mistake on Nintendo's part.



efaulk84 commented on Talking Point: Moving To Smartphones Is Not Th...:

There is a new Final Fantasy title on mobiles. It is called Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is a good title, yet the controls are hard to get use to. I have an iPhone which is fine for puzzle games or mouse click type games yet it is not suited for RPGs.



efaulk84 commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

I have an iPhone I did look this product up and it seemed too expensive for me. I have seen this 8 bitty controller at Thinkgeek that seems pretty good if you are looking at a controller for your iPhone or iPad. It is also cheaper that this one.



efaulk84 commented on Star Wars Pinball Bringing the Force to 3DS on...:

I was thinking about the price and this game is priced fairly. Unlike Angry Birds for Console systems the Zen Studio Pinball games are reasonably priced. I wish some of these Mobile Game Ports would be closer to the price you can buy it for on your smartphone. I am more of a fan of the Pinball Arcade series and hope that that will come to the 3DS and Wii U,



efaulk84 commented on Asda Stores No Longer Stocking New Wii U Syste...:

I will agree that a Supermarket is not the place to sell Video Games. Where I live is a place called Hy-Vee which is a chain here in the Midwest. They at one time sold Guitar Hero and Xbox 360s. It felt odd seeing them in the store. They have also scaled back on selling Blu-Rays and DVDs too. I could see renting a game at a Supermarket but not buying one there.