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Sun 7th Aug 2011

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MetroidMasher17 commented on Nintendo Comes Out On Top In Consumer Experien...:

A while ago, when I first got my Wii U, I couldn't get the included sensor bar to work on the system. After figuring out that the sensor bar being used for my original Wii worked with the Wii U, the guy on the phone ended up sending me a free replacement sensor bar.

That's not customer service as it has come to be defined; it's much better.

Once, when I called Apple for a problem I was having with the download manager on iTunes, I was greeted by a machine that could "understand" what I was saying. My question was never answered, and I ended up resorting to Google to resolve my problem. If Apple has as much money as it does, it can afford to invest in decent customer service.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Guitar Hero 7 Was in Development With a Six-St...:

Strangely, I have always found it to be very difficult to play Guitar Hero, or the guitar on Rock Band, for that matter. Even though I play classical guitar. Of course, they're almost completely different, but it still strikes me as interesting.

More to the point, I do remember the series and how it became progressively worse. I remember going to Best Buy and just being assaulted by the number of GH titles available. Since I never really got into the series, I can't really say when it started to go downhill, but it doesn't really matter, as it's old news now.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Feature: Olympics Fever on Nintendo Systems:

I never played anything beyond the DS version of Mario and Sonic, but with the Olympics being so big, gaming companies would be stupid not to release game tie-ins, with some having better gaming quality than others IMO.

@noxusprime06 It appears that the last Metroid is NOT in captivity, and that the galaxy is NOT at peace.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Take a Look at These Nintendo DS Testing Machines:

Oh, the HORROR!

Well, Nintendo's harware has almost invariably been very durable, but these tests are, sadly, necessary to confirm the structural integrity of Nintendo's products. The DSi consoles in the pictures above are sacrificing themselves for the good of consolekind.

May their greatness long be remembered.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 3DS XL:

Sorry if this has already been asked, but is the sound volume on the 3DS XL greater than that of the original 3DS? One of the biggest problems I had with the original was the sound output; it never did seem loud enough.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Feature: Sharing Some Hits at a StreetPass Event:

When I went to the Zelda 25th in LA on June 6th the StreetPass notification light turned on every few seconds; I easily got over 50 and I don't think it'd be an exaggeration to say I got around a hundred. You need to go to the right places to get hits.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

Friend Codes on Wii U are like cartridges on the N64. Nintendo stubbornly clung to a dying medium until it simply couldn't anymore. The GameCube dropped cartridges, so when Nintendo makes another home console (I should probably say "if Nintendo makes another home console. I'm seeing a lot of holes in Wii U already, I mean it's still awesome but it won't appeal to COD gamers and non-Nintendo hardcore gamers with the features I'm seeing now. Wii U will succeed but at a high cost to Nintendo.), unless Friend Codes are a huge success, (which, as I can tell from reading the comments above, they most likely will not be) they will be dropped.

Here's hoping.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Reaction: Your Opinions on Nintendo's E3 Confe...:

Nintendo's E3 wasn't that bad, but neither was it exceptionally good. NSMBU looks too similar to previous NSMB titles, and Nintendo spent far too long on presenting NintendoLand than it should have. On the other hand, we have big names like Mass Effect and Arkham City coming to Wii U, and that's definitely going to help the system in the future in terms of sales. Personally, however, I don't feel like Nintendo introduced anything shockingly new in terms of software; the third-party and games are going to be the backbone of Wii U sales.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

When you cut the golden goose into smaller pieces...
It dies.

This is what would happen with Zelda games. As pointed out in the article, you would have to wait years to finish the game because it would come out in episodes. Some things are best left as they are, and Zelda is one of them.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Finally 'Get' Dig...:

@Oddy I agree that Nintendo is learning how to play the digital game, albeit too slowly. By the time Nintendo gets to PSN-esque downloads, Sony and Microsoft will have something else, something better.

At the same time, it isn't surprising that Nintendo is too slow to catch up to the competition. Nintendo has never been #1 in technical terms, and they probably never will be. Digital downloads are very much a technical field because there is simply no way to mask things that aren't beautiful (graphics) or get around technological imperfections (gameplay > graphics); you need a strong, reliable infrastructure to perform digital downloads. Now that Nintendo has the power to do this, we can only wait and see how Sony and Microsoft will respond.

On the topic of digital vs. physical, I have to say that it depends on what system the game is for. NES and Game Boy games, for example, are prone to save-battery failures, so it isn't a bad thing to have the game on something that will guarantee the safety of your save file (Virtual Console).

For newer games, a good chunk of data is saved to the system anyways. The only thing that's missing is the cartridge itself in digital downloads, which is something that many gamers, including myself, would rather have than not. A few thousand blocks of memory can't compare to a cartridge IMO.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Nintendo Still Has Secret 3DS Games to Reveal:

Well, I obviously want a new Metroid.
A new Zelda wouldn't hurt.
Or a new Metroid, for that matter.
An F-Zero on Wii U wouldn't be a bad idea.
Neither would a new Metroid.
I really don't care if it's a 2D, 3D, or 2.5D Metroid, but give me something...ANYTHING!
Oh, and Smash Bros., of course.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Feature: The Evolving Role of Swapnote:

I don't see too many problems with this app other than, as mentioned, the junk mail. I get way too many notes from this guy (no one who I've met on this site, mind you) who can't seem to live without telling me how "Emo girls are weird...but hot!" or that he "Got a new hat!". And then, he told ME to stop sending him pointless mail. Granted, it was a message sent to a lot of his other friends who I don't know, but I cannot possibly imagine someone more annoying than he is.

On a side note, isn't it amazing how the Internet and communications in general have devalued the meaning of the word "friend"? I don't personally know 24 of my 27 3DS friends. I'm not trying to say that I haven't enjoyed the conversations some of my 3DS friends and I have had over Swapnote, I'm just saying that if you went back...oh... 20 years, the meaning of friend would be VERY different.



MetroidMasher17 commented on Review: Nano Assault (3DS):

I have no problem with this game other than the fact that there is no option to invert the y-axis. Either the option doesn't exist, or I can't find it. Or it's right in front of me and I'm missing it.