Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

While we were all caught up with the Wii U turning ten over the last week, there was also a big anniversary for the Wii which turned a wrinkle-inducing, hair-greying, grand total of 16 years old! Yep, that's right, the Wii is now old enough to drive.

Once you have finished staring off into space at the sudden realisation of how fast years have gone by (pfft, we're totally not doing that), there is some good news to be had in the shape of an anniversary video. The wonderful Felix and Zion from the Nintendo Life video team got together to chat about all things Wii and the result of their conversation is now up on YouTube.

With topics ranging from how the pair first got their hands on the console to some of its weirdest and most wonderful games, the anniversary celebration is a true blast from the past. You can check out the fill video below.

If the arbitrary number of 16 years wasn't enough to make you feel old, then perhaps the following stat will just about push you over the edge. As pointed out by @Bhaal_Spawn on Twitter, the Wii turning 16 now makes the console as old as the SNES was when the Wii was originally released. Yep, looking back on the Wii today, is exactly the same as it was looking back on the SNES in 2006 *gulp*.

Even with the last 16 years going by in the blink of a Mii's eye (if those guys can blink), we still hold the Wii dearly as a sign of Nintendo at its most innovative. If the above video has inspired you to dust off the old nunchucks and celebrate the anniversary in style, then check out our handy list of the best Wii games below for inspiration of what to boot up first.

What are your fondest Wii memories? Aim your remote at the comments below and leave us your thoughts!

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