Wii Mini
Image: Nintendo Life / Evan Amos

The Wii Mini was an odd little system. Released in Canada in 2012 before making its way to other regions in 2013, it was perhaps the most nerfed console we've ever seen. Nintendo pitched it as a cheaper option for customers who had either yet to buy a Wii or wanted an extra one in another location, but in order to reach the lower price, the company removed a whole bunch of features. These included component output support, GameCube support, Wi-Fi, and the SD card slot. In short, it played Wii games... Which, to be fair, is probably what most folks are after.

YouTube channel Macho Nacho Productions, however, has gone the extra mile to showcase exactly what the humble Wii Mini can do with the right mods applied. Essentially, the Wii Mini's motherboard came with all the necessary connections required to add Wi-Fi and SD card support, but Nintendo simply chose not to include these in the machine. This video takes you through how to apply these yourself.

The end result brings the Wii Mini more or less in line with the OG Wii, albeit without the GameCube or component support. It means, of course, that you can start to dive into the world of Homebrew right on your Wii Mini; something that simply wouldn't be possible on the console as it stands.

It's a neat little trick and something you might want to try out if you've got a Wii Mini lying around the house. Let us know in the comments if you plan on giving it a shot!

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