We didn't think we'd be writing about new Wii Sports discoveries in 2021, but even the oldest games retain dedicated communities. After unseen E3 2006 footage came to light several weeks back, a new Wii Sports Golf glitch has just been discovered.

Found on February 18th, this was uploaded by YouTube account Plyd823. Having previously undertaken Wii Sports Golf speedruns – yes, you read that correctly – he revealed a new glitch that allows players to take shots from any location, even if it's out of bounds.

So, how does this work? If you disconnect your Wii Remote during a shot, your Mii character enters a "disconnected" state, inputting a new hit when reconnecting. This essentially tricks the game into thinking your shot landed on a fairway, even if it lands out of bounds.

By letting players take large shortcuts, we could be in for some ridiculous speedruns soon. You can check out the video for more details, and Gaming Reinvented has offered a full text breakdown, too.

Will you be trying out this Wii Sports Golf glitch? Let us know down below.

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