If you are unfortunate enough to have not graced Twitter in the past 24 hours (we don't necessarily blame you), then you probably will have missed the meteoric rise of Trombone Champ, and with it's Mii-style visuals, it had us feeling a bit reminiscent.

This Guitar Hero-inspired game from Holy Wow Studios is an absolute hoot (or should we say toot?) and the internet has gone wild for videos of people butchering musical classics such as Beethoven's 'Fifth Symphony' and the national anthem for both the UK and US.

Still confused as to why the hype is so huge? Perhaps the game's trailer will put your mind at rest — or maybe this beautiful rendition of the William Tell Overture. Welcome to the Trombone Champ rabbit hole.

Currently available to buy on Steam, people have been enjoying the game on PC and Steam Deck, where you can even play with gyro. With its sheer joy, the motion control gameplay and the fact that you are jamming out to classics on a flipping trombone, we are desperate for the game to make the jump to Switch.

We can't help but be reminded in moments such as these that Trombone Champ is precisely what Wii Music could have been. All of the pieces were there - musical orchestration, instrumental experimentation, playing the instruments by dual-wielding the Wii Remote and Nunchuck — it just lacked Trombone Champ's, for want of a better word, pizazz.

Going directly to Holy Wow Studios is not a bad shout by any means — when has politely asking the developer to make changes to their game ever been unsuccessful before? — but it looks like the team is a little snowed under by the success of their game at the moment. We use 'team' somewhat generously here — in a tweet from @HolyWowStudios itself, the developer reveals that the game has mostly been the work of one person, and one who works a full-time job at that!

The Switch deserves a second chance on the comedy music scene and Trombone Champ would undoubtedly be the winning ticket. A quick glance over Twitter only confirms our suspicions, with many people already catching on to the sweet song of the trombone and calling for a Switch port to come about pronto.

Sadly, that Switch port might be a few years down the line if the following statement on the game's website is anything to go by:

Trombone Champ has been released for PC via Steam! You can buy it here.
A Mac release is currently being researched. Further ports are possible but not currently planned.

Given that only one person is working on the game right now, we completely understand. Still, we can't deny that we're a little disappointed. However, for its family friendliness and deceptively Mii-looking instrumentalists, it has to be on the list for the future, right? Right?

Which Trombone Champ video has had you laughing the most so far? Drop your comedic classic in the comments below!