Alex Moukala Wii Shop Channel
Image: Alex Moukala

You may have come across Alex Moukala previously. Working as a composer, musician and YouTuber, Alex has developed a significant fanbase with his takes on gaming OSTs. Between reacting to Octopath Traveler and making Kirby music sound like One-Winged Angel, he recently took aim at the Mii Channel theme.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Alex added a new bassline to this classic theme and put out a call to other composers, asking them to join him. The response he got was simply outstanding.

Between Lena Raine, Tee Lopes, Ryan Lafford, Jayhan, Ro Panuganti and many more talented composers/musicians, everyone provided their own unique spin on the Mii Channel theme. You can find further contributions in the above Twitter thread.

Currently, each track is separate, but Alex is planning to compile them into a super-cut compilation later this week. It's a lovely collaboration and we cannot wait to hear how this all comes together.

Update: Here's the end product...