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  • News Dear Nintendo, Please Let The Next Wario Land Title Look As Gorgeous As This

    D-Pad Studio's Simon S. Anderson mocks up some amazing concept art

    D-Pad Studio is currently hard at work on Owlboy, but that doesn't mean that the team behind it can't occasionally let their minds wander. In the case of the studio's painfully talented artist Simon S. Anderson, he's been filling his downtime with mocking up a screen from his dream...

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    Review Wario Land 4

    A treasure

    Wario is pretty good, for a bad guy. To look at him you wouldn’t think he’d have a heroic streak at all; he’s got the squiggly moustache of a pantomime villain and a nose that would put any alcoholic to shame. Despite all this he’s secretly a sweetheart: considering that the rotund treasure hunter started life as an antagonist to...