A look at the browser extension in action...
Image: via Corbin's Blog

One of the best things about the Nintendo Wii generation was its Wii Shop Channel - you could go and buy new and classic games, and listen to some upbeat retro-sounding music at the same time.

If you do miss this music while browsing digital stores, you might be interested in the Wii Shop Channel Music extension 2.0 - a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The original version was first released in 2020 and whenever you visited a shopping website (e.g. eBay or Amazon) on the internet, Nintendo's shop music played.

After a bunch of feature requests in recent months, the creator has now added in a settings panel - accessible from the extension's icon toolbar. From here you can access other new features like a button to turn the music on or off and select from other tracks.

The full tracklist includes Wii Shop Channel, Wii Shop Channel (Menu), Wii U eShop, 3DS eShop, DSi Shop and Coconut Mall from the Mario Kart series.

You can download this browser extension via the Firefox Browser add-on webpage. Google still needs to approve the version 2.0 update for Chrome. It's also available from GitHub.

[source blog.corbin.io, via mynintendonews.com]