Frankly, this Smash Bros. screen is the most fun Wii Fit image we could find
Image: Nintendo

It's fair to say that a number of us have some dusty Ring Fit Adventure Ring-Con controllers hiding in corners, wondering if they'll ever be used again. It's the curse of the fitness game - initial enthusiasm can easily make way for apathy within a matter of weeks.

Well, not so in one particular case, which is a rather nice story. George Perkins, founder of Super Rare Games (which specialises in Switch physical editions), shared an update on his Grandmother's streak in using the original Wii Fit; we previously covered her run of 10 years. The latest count? 4,764 days.

We've seen similar examples of commitment to Nintendo games, like over 3,500 hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, though this many days in Wii Fit is certainly an accomplishment!

Maybe some of us can use it as motivation to get up to a streak of 1 day in Ring Fit Adventure.