The Last Story

Earlier this week, we heard how the mobile exclusive Fantasian could potentially be the last project for Final Fantasy creator and Mistwalker Boss, Hironobu Sakaguchi, before he steps back or at least takes a break.

In the same interview with VGC, Sakaguchi was asked if his company would be up for remasters or remakes of games such as The Last Story. While there are admittedly no plans right now, he's personally more attracted to new ideas featuring original stories and worlds.

The Last Story on the Wii has something of a cult following. Once both parts of Fantasian have been released, do you have any interest whatsoever in remastering or remaking it, or even other Mistwalker games like Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey?

To be perfectly honest, there aren’t any plans for any remakes at the moment. Although they’re called remakes, the amount of effort and resources it would command means the difference is basically nil between [developing] a remake versus a completely new game, and I would personally find myself more attracted to the idea of coming up with another original story or world, or building something new.

Apart from The Last Story, which arrived on the Nintendo Wii locally in 2012, Mistwalker has worked on other projects over the years such as ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat, Blue Dragon Plus, Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow and Away: Shuffle Dungeon for the Nintendo DS.

As noted in the question above, Xbox 360 exclusives such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were also some of the company's bigger games. Would you like to see any of Mistwalker's older games revived as remasters or remakes, even if there is a slim chance of it happening? Leave a comment down below.