Wii Mini
Image: Nintendo Life

Remember the Nintendo Wii Mini? It arrived on the market in 2012, after the original Wii had sold millions of units all over the world. With the shiny new Wii U hitting store shelves around the same time, the intention was for the Wii Mini to provide a cut-price, $99 option for gamers on a budget. The problem was that in reducing the cost of the system, Nintendo had to take away many key features, such as online connectivity and the ability to store and load data from a SD card.

The removal of these two features has meant that hacking the Wii Mini has taken longer than expected, but in 2019, an exploit known as 'BlueBomb' was found. Now, it's possible to hack this seemingly unhackable system, and Modern Vintage Gamer has put together an excellent video showing exactly how you do it.

There are a few hoops to jump through – understandable when you consider the console lacks any internet connection – but once complete, you've got a neat little game box. Speaking of which, the video also looks at what you can do with a hacked Wii Mini.

Do you have a Wii Mini in your cupboard gathering dust? This could bring it back to life. Let us know if you've attempted this hack already by posting a comment below.