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  • Random 'Mario' And Yoshi Spotted Flogging Vitamins In China

    Seems legit

    We're used to seeing Mario and friends adorning all sorts of products outside the sphere of video games, from backpacks to bottlecaps and beyond. Occasionally, we'll find them featured on unofficial products, such as this rather nifty-looking boardgame or on the sides of a bouncy castle - that sort of thing. On yet other occasions we...










  • News Blatant Splatoon Mobile Rip-Off Has Resurfaced in China

    When will they learn?

    Sadly, mobile clones of successful franchises are a strangely common thing these days. Despite the obvious copyright infringements, developers seem to have no shame in creating almost identical (but almost always weaker) versions of popular titles - one such Splatoon clone actually made its way to stores just over a...



  • Rumour Nintendo Releasing New Super Mario Bros. On The Nvidia Shield In China

    Cracking the big one?

    It could be that Nintendo's relationship with Nvidia goes beyond simply working together on the Switch; if a report emanating from China is to be believed, Nvidia has been given permission to release some of Nintendo's older games on its Shield hardware. The report was brought to light by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad:

  • News Pokémon GO Is Being Banned in China

    Security concerns seem to be the cause

    Pokémon GO took the world by storm when it came out this past summer, but in the wake of its launch, there came numerous negative reports. People were falling off cliffs, walking into traffic, finding bodies, and being mugged, and while such incidents were only experienced by a relatively small number of...




  • News Limitations on Console Manufacturing and Sales Lifted in China

    Once again there's talk of money to be made

    In 2013 it was announced that China would, very slowly, lift its ban on video game consoles. Implemented in early 2014, the process was exceptionally stringent, limiting manufacturing and distribution to the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Though stock prices of major game companies had a bump...


  • News Nintendo Ditches Plans To Create New Hardware For The Chinese Market

    Dedicated console no longer in the works

    Tokyo-based games consultant Serkan Toto has told Nikkei that Nintendo has decided against producing unique hardware for the Chinese market. The plans were revealed last year, with Nintendo seemingly poised to take advantage of China's removal of a ban on games consoles. Rather than launch the Wii U in that...



  • News Orders Open For Xbox One in China as Nintendo Looks On

    Is the big N missing the boat?

    Earlier this year China formalised its plans to allow dedicated game consoles to be manufactured and sold in the country, opening the door for conventional systems in a marketplace that had previously consisted of black market goods and legal plug-and-play workarounds; Nintendo has successfully utilised the latter with...





  • News China Removes Game Console Ban

    There is a catch or two

    Earlier this year we reported that China was considering a removal of its ban on video game consoles; it was a rule that was bypassed by TV plug and play systems, including a Nintendo offering called iQue which included Nintendo 64 games. Modern systems with separately sold retail games were, however, out of bounds. As part...


  • News Exclusive Chinese 3DS XL Models Revealed

    Feast your eyes on these bad boys

    Distributor of Nintendo products in China, iQue, have revealed 3 gorgeous 3DS XL models which will launch this December 2012 exclusively for the region. No price tag has been put on the models as of yet. Below you can check out the 3 models: Mario White, Mario Silver and Mario Red & Gold (Limited Edition), and...