Wii Sports Resort
Image: Nintendo

Lego has already said it wants to create more Nintendo-themed sets in the future - so what could be next? While The Legend of Zelda might seem like an obvious pick, how about one based on Wuhu Island from Wii Sports Resort instead? That sounds pretty relaxing, actually.

Lego and Nintendo fan 'Stacked Towels' has submitted the following creation to Lego Ideas - it features the clock tower from Wuhu Island and various two-player sports. Here's a brief rundown:

"The game has a heavy focus on multiplayer and general playability and that idea was brought to the model. Most of the games in Wii Sports Resort have been recreated in a two player competitive format, the rules of which are listed below. The exterior is modeled after the Wuhu plaza's Broken Clock Tower. There are ten Miis included and the model itself is 1600 bricks flat. In the future, I hope to add more Mii variety, suggestions are appreciated."

At the time of writing this project has received just over 1,000 supporters, with over 111 days left. If it reaches 10,000 - Lego will investigate and review the model further and maybe even consider a more official product in the future.

To cut to the chase, would you like to see Lego models based on Mii or the Wii Sports series? What do you think of this one? And would you like to return to Wuhu Island? We've had a strange desire to in recent times.

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