Nintendo hardware modder Shank is back at it, this time with a "reactive color-changing" Wii and GameCube portable system.

It's called the 'GloWii' and uses RGB LEDs & video processing to display lighting through the transparent GB case. Here's a quick highlight reel of it running all sorts of Nintendo titles:

This system is based on the design of the "GWii" - an open-source Wii portable unit designed by an individual known as Gunner (aka Gman Mods). It utilises a 5-inch 4x3 screen, original GameCube controls, along with a modified Wii motherboard.

As for the LEDs, they're controlled by a Raspberry Pi Zero W running on the free open-software Hyperion, which adds "configurable reactive ambient backlighting" to screen devices by analysing the edges of the screen.

You can get a much more detailed breakdown of how the two parts link together in Shank's full video above.

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