Silent Hill
Image: Konami

Ah, Silent Hill... We just can't seem to let you go.

In what appears to be a direct troll of publisher Konami, the domain has been bought by an unnamed individual, displaying a single tweet from series veteran Masahiro Ito lamenting the design of the iconic Pyramid Head.

The joke comes as a result of Konami failing to renew the domain, which seems to be a repeat occurrence for the company, with the last expiration occurring in 2019. In that instance, Konami managed to repurchase the domain. As for now, Konami has a Silent Hill portal on its own website, so it's possible the company doesn't consider a separate domain necessary.

As for the tweet itself — which says "I wish I hadn't designed [censored expletive which rhymes with 'ducking'] Pyramid Head" — he doesn't go into any particular depth as to why he regrets Pyramid Head's design, but hinted that Konami's continuous use of the design cheapens the character.

The Silent Hill franchise has been dormant since 2012, with the last Nintendo release being the excellent Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Nintendo Wii back in 2009. Famed developer Hideo Kojima attempted to revive the series in 2014 alongside Guillermo del Toro with Silent Hills, but Konami ultimately opted to cancel the project outright.

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