Metroid Other M
Image: Nintendo

Metroid Dread might have just been released for the Nintendo Switch (and it's outstanding by the way), but over on social media, the conversation is all about Team Ninja's 2010 Wii title, Metroid: Other M. While it was mostly well-received back then, as time went on it's fallen out of favour.

So, what's all the fuss about now? While many have been talking about MercurySteam's latest release, it seems an offshoot of this is about whether or not 'Other M' was a blight on the Metroid series' history. A lot of Metroid fans are apparently "defending" the title, while others still don't really like it. Here's a round-up of just some of the many responses to this topic, which has now generated more than 80k Tweets.

How do you feel about Other M after all this time? Have your thoughts changed towards it now that you've played Metroid Dread? We thought we would see what Metroid fans here on Nintendo Life thought, so vote in our poll and comment below.

Do you like Metroid: Other M?