Image: BeyondtheBrick

The year's 2007. After months of searching for stock up and down the country, your family has finally gotten their hands on Nintendo's new Wii console, complete with a copy of Wii Sports, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz.

Wii Wrist Strap
Remember this?

Despite picking up these new games, you've actually spent your first twenty hours with the system in the Mii creation tool, recreating familiar faces like Darth Vader and getting far too much pleasure out of doing so. Then, out of nowhere, Dad comes in and tries his hand at Wii Tennis. He ignores the wrist strap warnings on-screen, goes for a killer swing of the racket, and sends the Wii Remote flying through the TV, simultaneously destroy both it, and the family's fun, for the rest of summer. Ah, simpler times.

Capturing this exact kind of moment perfectly, which was perhaps more common than you'd think judging by news articles published at the time, is this wonderful LEGO build created by Ian Summers. Complete with a Wii console, TV, and a Wii Remote firmly lodged into the poor TV's screen, the build has been on display at Brick Rodeo, a LEGO fan convention based in Texas that was up and running over the weekend.

Check it out in photo and video form thanks to the folks at @BeyondtheBrick:

Did you ever experience any Wii Remote mishaps back in the day? Any broken TVs or windows?

We'll leave you with this comment provided to the BBC by a disgruntled reader back in 2006 – is it just us, or does this sound like their imagination got the better of them as they tried to make their story a little more exciting?

"I got one of the first Wii but after a few minutes playing the strap broke and the controller shot off and hit my partner in the face resulting in two broken teeth. She slipped at the same time falling into the TV set and smashing the screen. The TV was plugged into the surround sound system and consequently pulled it over and smashing into my CD and DVD collection."

And then a tiger jumped through the window as well, scaring the kids and stealing my copy of Excite Truck.