Berlin Byways Mario Kart Tour
Image: Nintendo

It's got to be painful being a Whomp. That's what we think, anyway. Imagine that your sole purpose in life is to fall flat on your face and body with some kind of force.

These towering stone creatures have been serving Bowser to try and turn Mario into a pancake ever since Super Mario 64 in 1996. So you'd think after 26 years they might be a bit fed up. But today, Super Mario Wiki shared some interesting information that highlights that the job might have started taking its toll on the Whomp for quite a while now.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2 the Whomps return after a brief absence from the mainline series, as does the infamous King Whomp. When you beat the ruler of all Whomps in the galaxy, he hits the ground face-first, revealing and his face changes expression shows the Whomp with some wounded pride.

King Whomp's Face
Oof, we hope you're okay there, buddy! — Image: via Super Mario Wiki / Nintendo

Then today, the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account shared a pretty unusual tweet to promote its current Metropolitan Tour — set in Berlin — where the Whomp makes his return. It turns out that Whomps are part of the Berlin Wall now. Apparently. Now two of them look fairly familiar to us — the left is the standard face and the middle is a slightly angrier one — but the one on the right... is he okay? He looks like he's hurt. And he's missing two teeth!

Super Mario Wiki then retweets this to share the revelation that the far right image is in fact a hidden texture for the stone slab, just like in Mario Galaxy 2.

So it turns out the Whomps do feel pain then! Thank you Mario Kart Tour for making us remember that even Bowser's minions feel fear and hurt! Perhaps we should be a little kinder to them, then.

But seriously, Whomps in the Berlin Wall? Who knew!