The Wii is a much-loved console, and was actually rather cute and dinky back in the day when compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Nevertheless, current-day modders and hackers often look for new ways to play the system, with last year's WiiBoy Color being a good example.

The market for shrinking the console down to Game Boy-size isn't closed yet, with StonedEdge squeezing a Wii into a Game Boy Advance SP case. It's a relatively tight fit but is smartly done; controls inside the case consist of a mix of custom buttons and Joy-Con sticks, which will be ideal for drifting in Mario Kart Wii. A neat touch is that it even has analogue triggers, taking us back to the GameCube era.

Take a look below.

It's another neat creation and might be pushing the boundaries of how small a Wii can go; you can read all about the build, also, in this forum post.

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