Phil Spencer
Executive Vice-President of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer. — Image: Xbox

Phil Spencer hasn't been shy about showing his respect for Nintendo in recent times, and now, as part of Crackle’s 'Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story' series, Xbox's gaming boss has been at it again.

As noted by VGC, Spencer appears in the fun but flawed show to share plenty of kind words about the Japanese giant. He mentions that the role Nintendo has had in "making gaming a safe and inviting family experience, while also bringing core game experiences to their platform," has shaped the industry as we know it, citing the company's innovations as an inspiration for the team at Xbox.

He also touches upon several of Nintendo's consoles, offering reflective comments on each. Interestingly, he notes that he "could have never designed the Wii," again praising Nintendo for being so "completely different."

"I remember seeing it and I’ll tell you, I could have never designed the Wii… I don’t have that in me. I don’t know if I’m not brave enough or whatever as a platform holder now to go and do something as just completely different, and to be just so all-in on a new paradigm was just amazing to see."

Does anyone truly understand this controller design? — Image: Nintendo Life

As for the Nintendo 64, well... Let's say he doesn't sound quite as keen. At least when it comes to its iconic controller design.

"I still don’t understand the controller, just being honest. I guess it’s multiple controllers in one, but you needed three hands to play that!"

You can read our full thoughts on Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story right here if you're interested in watching it. It's available now on Crackle in the US as a free five-part documentary series.