No more counting the days

Nintendo's decision to release level design tools in Super Mario Maker over a slow, 9-day drip was apparently to guide newcomers up a learning curve. The reaction, however, has largely been negative, with many people seemingly more than eager to try pulling sick rodeo flips off that curve on Day One. It looks like Nintendo has listened, as a patch to the game now unlocks the tools in a matter of hours rather than day-by-day.

Reviewers who've had access to early retail copies of the game report that a downloadable Version 1.01 patch changes the criteria for having new parts delivered to your level design shop. Play time itself will now unlock new tools instead of the original "check-in" style that was previously employed. So the more you put time into the game, the quicker the options will roll in.

The exact time and elements that unlock the next tool set aren't exactly known, however. Some have reported getting new stuff in as little as 15 minutes, while others report a couple hours. The details will likely be figured out soon.

While getting everything in a much shorter amount of time may be seen as a reason for rejoicing, we still implore that you take the time to truly know the tools of Super Mario Maker. Contemplate the lowly block, for example. Square. Easily shattered. Yet hidden within its fragile core lies the mysteries of riches un--you're already trying to make Piranha Plants spring out of Clown Cars, aren't you. Sigh. We tried.