Though the Wii U Virtual Console is missing a few obvious platforms and release - ahem, GameCube - it has brought some goodies. One of the welcome additions has been Wii downloads; a number of excellent games have arrived, including some that are relatively hard to find or expensive in physical form. It's certainly had its successes in terms of sales, too, with one example being Metroid Prime Trilogy sitting at number 5 in the 'All Bestsellers' list of the UK eShop on the home console.

One of the Wii's biggest hits now looks set to be a New Year treat in Europe; the region's eShop is listing New Super Mario Bros. Wii for a 7th January arrival in the region, with the usual price of €19.99 / £17.99.

Let us know whether you'll be tempted to pick it up from the eShop, and in the meantime below is some awesome speed-running action for the game.

With thanks to Alli Meadow for the heads up.