Mario Blind run.png

We've seen some hugely impressive speedruns and game clearance feats in recent times, whether it's beating games with unconventional controllers, clearing multiple games at once or setting record times. Blindfolded runs are also fantastic to watch, and Japanese YouTuber きらめきでどーだい has now pitched in with an extraordinary sub-15 minute run of Super Mario Bros.

Watching a blindfold run of the classic platformer is fascinating and rather enthralling - the player often counts beats and occasionally mumbles rhythmic ditties - or so it seems - in order to gather his bearings. He uses fireballs almost as an equivalent to a white stick, and there are some tricky moments where Mario's clearly not where he's expected to be. To say it gets intense in world 8 would be an understatement; this came after three months practice, and the level of emotion gets to the point that the player initially forgets to stop his timer when the run is done.

We loved watching this, and we certainly don't blame きらめきでどーだい for their emotion at the end. Check it out below.