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  • Video The Original Starter Pokémon Look Simply Unreal On This Game Engine

    Watch Charmander breathe fire & run along sprawling green fields

    It wasn’t long ago we were teased with a video of Nintendo’s iconic Italian plumber in action on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. Showing Mario across a range of high-res environments, it was a stunning display that perhaps envisioned what a future Mario title would be like from a...

  • Video Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The Plumber's Adventures

    Utilises Unreal Engine 4 and goes viral

    Though we now have Mario looking fabulous in HD, most notably in Super Mario 3D World, fans and those keen to work on their coding still like to create their own flashy re-imaginings of the plumber's adventures. A recent example that went viral was a Unity-based recreation of one stage from Super Mario 64 in...