Super Mario Bros. 3

For those of you that have been playing video games for several decades, you probably remember the glory days of id Software. Beginning its work on the PC, the studio is arguably responsible for the modern shooter genre, with games such as Quake, Wolfenstein, and Doom all being products to emerge from the studio. While shooters may be the studio's bread and butter, it actually started out making platformers – such as Commander Keen and Dangerous Dave - inspired by those found on Nintendo consoles.

A little known fact is that one of the studio's first projects was actually a PC remake of Super Mario Bros. 3. The project began as a means of testing a new coding method developed by one of the developers, and it was pitched to Nintendo once they felt the game was up to snuff. Nintendo turned them down on the grounds that they wanted to keep Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles, but the prototype was never destroyed. John Romero - formerly of id Software - recently shared some footage of the prototype and it appears to be a surprisingly well done conversion. There are differences in the physics and the raccoon power up seems way too overpowered, but it's undeniably based on Super Mario Bros. 3. Take a look:

What do you think? Was Nintendo wise to turn this down? Where do you think id Software would be today if Nintendo accepted? Share your thoughts in the comments below.