Unless you've been living in an internet-free cave you'll be aware that the Super Mario 30th Anniversary is almost upon us, with 13th September being the big day. Super Mario Maker arrives on 11th September to kick off that celebratory weekend.

To celebrate we thought we'd revisit the key question for any Nintendo fan - which is your favourite Super Mario platformer? We ran this poll a year ago with incredibly close results, so figured a re-run for the big Anniversary is worth a look. With so many outstanding games to choose from it's a difficult vote.

This time around, to slide any controversy over to Nintendo, we've taken the game list from the official Anniversary website's 'History' page. That means core games only, no re-releases, and not even all of those with 'Super Mario' in the name that actually featured other characters; that means no Yoshi's Island or Wario Land. Both were in our previous poll but won't take any votes this time. That said, we are adding Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels as that should be included on Nintendo's website, in this writer's humble opinion.

We'll be continuing with lots of Mario-related content in the coming week, of course, including an article for the results of this poll.

Without further ado you can vote for your favourite below - which is the best?

Which is the best Super Mario platformer?